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by Maricela on January 1, 2013

Carol asks…

I am 5foot 11 inches tall and weight 230lb. Can any body give me some weight loss tips or diets?

Hi. I am a 15 year old kid, who is 5’11, 230lb. And I need some weight loss tips before school starts. I work out alot. I play high school football, and competitive baseball in the summer. During football I lose all of my weight, but after that I gain all of my weight for baseball season. Please HELP!!! What can I do?

Maricela answers:

No fats , no sugars and no junk food plus all the exercise you can manage ,

Richard asks…

What are your best weight-loss tips and motivations?

How to get up each morning and go for a jog?
How to avoid the cravings?

Tell us your best weightloss tips/motivators/play lists…anything!

Maricela answers:

When it comes to losing weight, staying motivated is one of the hardest thing to do. You tend to want to give up after not seeing results early in your program. However, you should keep you eye on your goal. Whether it is to lose 10 pounds, 25 pounds or even 100 pounds. You see the only person that knows what you really want is you. Tell yourself you can do it and follow through with your program. Below are some tips to help you stay focus and lose weight.

Tip #1- Avoid going on the scale on a regular basis. For most people the is a bad habit. You see the scale can be very discouraging. If you constantly go on the scale and do not see a decrease in your weight you will feel like giving up because you may think that your program is not working. But note that the scale can be misleading. You see while you are losing weight, you are also building muscles. Therefore it will not show on the scale since the mass of your muscles will replace the weight loss. So to avoid feeling discouraged, you should avoid the scale.

Tip #2- Do not compare your body with others. Everyone has a different genetic make up. Some people can lose weight fast while some people will take months. Now if you are comparing yourself with others, you will only discourage yourself more and not focus on your real goal that you want to achieve.

Tip #3- Treat yourself after you cross small milestones. This will motivate you to continue. So break down your long term goals into smaller goals and once you achieve one of your goals, treat yourself to something nice.

Ruth asks…

Do you have any weight loss tips, advice and ideas for me?

I am a 5’1 female and I currently weigh 146 lbs. My doctor told me that an ideal weight for me would be around 100 or 110.
I need weight loss tips and advice!
If you have lost weight please tell me how you did it!
Money is kinda tight right now so please don’t tell me to get any diet pills or expensive exercises equipment or anything like that.

Maricela answers:

I am very thankful when i read this website, it helped me to loss weight. I hope it will help you too:

Joseph asks…

Can somebody give me some weight loss tips?

I’m sixteen, six foot one and play Volley Ball like nine months out of the year between School, Club and my Advanced Volley Ball gym class, but I can’t seem to get my weight under 200lbs. I know it’s not terribly bad because of my height but just knowing that I’m over weight puts a real damper on my self esteem can anyone help by giving me some weight loss tips whether they be exercise, healthy foods, or anything else you’ve used to lose weight?

Maricela answers:

Of course, physical activity helps lose weight, but do not over exert yourself. Do not skip meals either and do not try and starve yourself! There are plenty of healthy foods out there to eat. You can just stay away from fast foods, fatty foods, foods with lots of sugar and lots of salt. You can stay away from carbonated drinks. Water is really good for you. Do not try and lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, usually a rebound effect will happen and you will gain it all back. So, lose weight in a reasonable amount of time. I’m trying to drop some weight myself. I try not to eat as much, because I love to eat! It is better to eat in smaller portions more times a day than eating 3 huge meals daily. Like you can have a little breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner but in smaller portions. I like to get on my Wii Fit Plus because it records my weight and the exercises are not that intense. But you can try walking, running if you are in shape for it. Do not do more than you can handle. But while exercising make sure you drink plenty of water but NOT too much water! Just enough. You dont want to dehydrate yourself or overhydrate yourself. Plus it is a lot of online tips out there for weight loss. Hope this helps and Good Luck!

Donna asks…

does anyone know how weight watchers figures out their POINTS system? Or any weight loss tips/tricks?

I’m 5’6 and 190 lbs. Just curious if anyone knows how many points i should be eating in a day. I try to stay around the realm 1500-2000 calories a day, but i don’t get much exercise. If anyone has any weight loss tips that helped them I would love to hear it! I’ve had two babies and the weight just doesn’t wanna seem to come off. And has anyone heard of the weight loss drug Phydremine? Thanks for any suggestions!

Maricela answers:

Hi Ash! There are two links below that will help you out. The first one is an article that explains how to calculate your points and do weight watchers. The second link is a great reference site for people doing weight watchers that has points for dining out, recipes, articles and more. Good luck with your goals!

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