Your Questions About Weight Loss Supplements

by Maricela on May 8, 2013

Paul asks…

What kind of results have people had from taking MEGA-T Green Tea Weight Loss Supplements?

I’m trying to loss weight for my 10 year high school reunion that is coming up in the next 8 months from now and i want to try to be 115-120lbs like i was in high school again. I’m 5’3 and 153lbs right now. I want to loss about 35-40lbs before the reunion so i can get back into my old prom dress that is a size 6 just for fun. What are some great workouts and diets to do when taking MEGA-T Green Tea Weight Loss Supplements? What where your results like after you took this weight loss supplements so i have a good idea on how it may work for me. Thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

Maricela answers:

Probably not much, because the hardest way to lose weight is by putting something ELSE in your mouth. It sounds like you have a good goal and a realistic sense of time. Focus on your diet, as that accounts for aout 85% of weight loss, and leave your workouts for cardio conditioning, strength, and muscle tone. They’ll also buy you a little extra wiggle room when it comes to eating, because they’ll burn off SOME calories.

Focus on a diet low in carbs, less than 45g per meal, and focus on several small meals throughout the day. Throw out your big plates and eat off saucers. Seriously! That’s whta I did.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in their natural form and lay off processed starches and sugars.

Regarding your workouts, a good rule is that if you can talk on your cell phone while you’re doing it, then you’re not working out. Get a heart rate monitor, get a trainer, and get a balanced workout and diet plan from them.

Yes, I do take supplements, but as a weight loss strategy, they really suck. All they do it take your money and make you feel like it makes a difference.

Steven asks…

What weight loss supplement should i take?

I am looking to take a weight loss supplement because I need to loose weight fast. I’ve never taken a weight loss supplement before and I would like something thats going to work well with me dieting and exercising.

Maricela answers:

Exercise is the BEST treatment. Those supplements are just to boost the metabolism. Any supplement is okay. Not sure about acai berry. Heard got side effects.

Lisa asks…

What is the best weight loss supplement to take?

I really need to lose weight bad and I will be working out 7 days a week and I was wondering what is the best weight loss supplement to take along with exercise and healthy eating? Preferably a fat burner and or metabolism booster.

Maricela answers:

K so try to eat less good
if u wanna lose weight but dont hurt yourself a lot i got some tips that i figured through my long termed diet and that way u can eat more!
Drink a lot of water
DON’T eat any food for 3hours after u exercise
dont take cold showers after exercising tht will stop ur metabolism
eat a lot of vegetable and fruit before main food so u wont be hungry and u will eat less
2glasses of water after each meal
dont eat food for an hour before u sleep
im a 15 year old girl and im on a diet,all that stuff i told u work

Daniel asks…

What weight loss supplement is right for me?

I’m a college student, 20 years old, 77 inches (6’5), and currently weigh 310 or so. In high school when i was 17 i weighed 225, so not even three years and gained close to 100 pounds. Unfortunately I’m somehow realizing how awful that is and how disappointed i am in myself and want to change it. In high school i played football and ran track and not doing those activities is probably what did it.

Like I said I’m currently in college. I have started dieting and working out more vigorously again and have lost 5 pounds in about two and a half weeks. While i understand that this is fairly decent progress i am still looking for something to take along with dieting and exercising that will help speed up the process. The only product i could think of is Hydroxycut but I’m not sure if that is a good option for me specifically. I know that all weight loss supplements are probably not the best option but I’m close to desperate. I’m not looking to become dependent on it, i just want something to sort of kick-start the process.

Being big runs in my family (my 16 year old sister is 6′ tall and my 13 year old brother is 6’1 200) but being overweight is’nt. My dad was always skinny and my mom runs marathons and is training for her first Iron-man or whatever the triathlons are called. I want to be healthy again and i know i can do it i just don’t know the proper way to go about it since I’ve never been overweight or had to lose a significant amount of weight.

My goal weight is about 250 (i think thats an okay weight but idk) and i would LOVE to be at that by the summer but I know that is pretty unrealistic. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated

Thank You,


Maricela answers:

No diet pills can help you lose weight, only temporary perhaps and its unhealthy for the liver and kidneys.

I suggest going to natural exercise, but in my case, i cant do strainous activities so im using this device called aurislim which is an earring you wear and causes weight loss simply by wearing it for 3 hours a day.

Chris asks…

What do you recommend for a weight-loss supplement?

I am trying to lose weight (30-40lbs), I currently work out 4 times a week and burn around 1,000 calories each work out session. I have lost a significant amount of weight before but have gained some of it back, I am at 255 now.

I have looked into Clinicallix, Lipofuze and smiler’s like it. I have also looked at Alli but i don’t think its for me. What are your recommendations for a weightloss supplement?

Maricela answers:

Hey U actually don’t need to work that hard for loosing weight. I am not joking, there are loads of foodstuffs available by which you will start losing weight and gain your abs back.
I too was suffering from the same problem a few months back, and i was so fat that i couldn’t even do crunches. Just try this program that i came through and it will definately help you.
I swear by it.
Just tell me if you liked it or not

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