Your Questions About Weight Loss Programs For Teens

by Maricela on April 23, 2013

Carol asks…

What would be a good workout for a teenager?

I need a workout to strengthen my arms legs and core. I don’t have like a weight set so I just want a good amount of sit-ups, push-ups, etc to make a good workout for a teen. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Maricela answers:

Doing an effective whole body conditioning and weight loss workout
can be done entirely at home without any fancy equipment. A couple of
dumbbells is all you will need. (Even if you don’t have dumbbells
there is usually something lying around the house that is heavy enough
to substitute in for them).
Here is a list of 20 exercises you can do right in your own home for
a great whole body conditioning and fat loss workout.


Group 1:

Bodyweight Squats
Bulgarian Split Squats
Prisoner Squat
Reverse Lunge
Step Ups
One Leg “Get Ups”

Group 2:

Push Ups
Push Up and Point
Mountain Climbers
Decline Push Ups
Push Ups/Stick Ups
Step Up and Press
Squat and Press

Group 3:

Side Plank
Curl and Press
One Arm Rows
Bird Dogs
One Leg Deadlifts

Pick one exercise from each group and do them all back to back for a
mini circuit of 3 exercises. Do each exercise for a timed interval of
10 seconds for a total of 30 seconds per mini circuit.
As you get better at them work up to doing each exercise for 20
seconds for a total of 60 seconds per mini circuit.
Take 30-60 seconds rest between mini circuits.
For beginners do a total of 3 mini circuits to start. Working up to 4
or 5 as you get better at them.
Once you’re ready to move to the next level add a second mini circuit
by choose 3 different exercises (one from each grouping). Do your
second mini circuit with the same time of work to rest ratio as your
If you feel you are already at an advanced level you can add one or
two more mini circuits up to a total of 4 mini circuits. These 20
exercises are just an example of what is possible, there are dozens
more that would work in this mini circuit style, you can incorporate
any exercise that you like into these mini circuits. This style of
workout is a great complete whole body conditioning and fat loss
program you can do right at home in under 45 minutes.

John asks…

Can I get some advice for weight loss of an overweight teen girl?

have been overweight all of my life, and now it’s really bothering me. I am 5’7″ and weigh 168 lbs. I was thinking of doing weight watchers. My ultimate goal is to be able to wear a bikini by Summer ’12. I need some motivation,exercise, and cravings advice.
I’m thirteen. I don’t remember one time I was at a healthy weight.

Maricela answers:

Diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight. Weight Watchers has a sensible program.

A healthy diet is eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruit (7-9 servings a day are recommended. That’s a lot of food!), lean protein, whole grains, low fat dairy and plenty of water. Go for variety so you don’t get bored.

Many people lose weight by eliminating processed foods (white bread, white sugar, white rice). Doing so increases your fiber intake and can eliminate cravings. You might also need to eat something healthy more often, every 3 hours for instance.

For exercise you can pick an few activities you enjoy. One could be walking (biking, swimming, roller skating, are other simple activities). Walk fast enough to break a sweat, but still be able to talk. Take the stairs when you can. Aim to raise your heart rate for 20 minutes a day. It’ll help with the eating.

I bet you’re motivated enough to do it. Don’t set big goals, just focus on keeping up the healthy habits. I bet you’ll be surprised to see where it gets you.

Thomas asks…

Is this a healthy diet and exercise program to lose weight and gain muscle?

I’m an 18 year old male, roughly 218 pounds in weight, and 5 feet 11 inches in height.

For about a month now I’ve been intermittent fasting 12:00- 5:00 pm eating 1200 calories a day. I’ve been walking briskly on the treadmill for 45 mins a day and 6 times a week (usually in the morning). Also performing 3 sets of maximum pushups with 60 second rest 5 times a week. I’ve lost 14 pounds with this routine. I’m taking no supplements (i.e can you recommend any). I’d appreciate everyone’s knowledge! Thanks.
@Matt, thanks for answering my question twice. The reason I ask again because I tried the 6 small meals per day meal frequency diet and it didn’t work. You’re a nutritionist, but I can give you some advice for your job, you should know that everyone has difference genetics and there isn’t one diet out there for everyone.

Maricela answers:

1) Eat fresh whole foods. Avoid as much processed and refined food as possible. They are loaded with additives, preservatives, salts, sugars, and simple carbs. Very tasty. Very bad for us. High fiber foods reduce transit time and increase metabolism.
2) Moderate exercise as simple as brisk walking for 30 minutes help weight loss. We have been convinced we need to “kill ourselves exercising” to lose weight. Not true.
3) Stay well hydrated. All cellular and body systems work better when we are well hydrated. Try hot or iced green tea with a splash of orange or lemon juice. Soda and fruit juices are basically liquefied sugar. Yes fruit juice has almost as much sugar as soda. Eat the fruit and get the fiber.
4) The only supplement we need is an age appropriate multivitamin. Maybe a fish oil capsule if you have cholesterol issues. The majority of supplements cannot contain any controlled substance and cause excess work for the liver and kidneys.
5) Get enough sleep. Every recent sleep study connects cravings for “cheap calorie” foods with poor or lack of sleep. If you are serious about weight loss and good health, same time to bed every night for 7-9 hours depending on your age. Teens need 8-9 hours. Quality sleep helps weight control, cognitive function, improved immune system, and positive attitude.
6) Have a splurge meal once in awhile. Schedule these around your social calendar so that your weight loss and fitness are the focus not what you are eating. As metabolism increases we can easily deal with the occasional excess calories. A splurge meal – not a splurge or cheat day!

Best of health.

Ken asks…

Can someone give me the link to a FREE teen weight loss program?

I’m a teenage male. (14). I’m 5 foot 6, 175lbs. If you can, please help me.

Maricela answers:

I don’t know if it’s for teens, but I highly recommend the website. Ha ha, I know what you’re thinking! “I don’t want to drink shakes at every meal!”. Well, their site is actually a lot more than that. You can enter in all your foods for the day, and in addition to telling you the fat and calories, it also tracks stuff like protein, calcium, and iron. It’s a great way to diet, but also make sure you’re eating healthy.

The other great thing about that site is that it’s free! There’s a lot of advertising for their products, but you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to.

William asks…

How can I, a morbidly obese 41 year old female, get motivated to lose weight?

She weighs 370 lbs. She’s not working. She has trouble walking and shows no interest in keeping active. She used to be very fit in her twenties but after her schizo-affective diagnosis and the medication she’s taking, she’s gained at least 150 lbs in 7 years. She is very reluctant to do anything help herself. Please we need advice.

Maricela answers:


The actual quantity of food you eat is not the issue. Food is not the enemy and it isn’t the reason why you are overweight. In fact, food is the most powerful fat burning tool. The reason why you’ve failed to lose weight and more importantly keep it off is because you’ve been eating the wrong types of foods and the wrong type of calories at the wrong times of day!

Your thyroid gland produced a hormone called Thyroxine that raises the metabolic rate of almost all the cells in your body. The increase in metabolism helps you to feel more energetic, burn more calories, and therefore allows you to lose weight faster. The activity of Thyroxine is controlled entirely by the type of food and the time you eat. Therefore, if you eat the correct foods at the correct times of day, you will subsequently “super-charge” your metabolism and lose weight! By manipulating this concept, your body has virtually no choice but to dissolve those immovable pockets of fat that you’ve been trying to rid yourself of for years.

When I was a teen, I was slim, I could wear whatever I want, my body looked good, even my face was slim. I’m 31 now, and I get disgusted and hate it everytime I look in the mirror. I was fat, my face looked like a watermelon. God knows how sad I was since all the good and nice clothes out there didn’t carry my size. Each and every time, I came home from shopping depressed, upset and I ended up hating myself even more. I’d tried low carb, low fat, extremely low calorie diets mixed with running but it never seemed to work. Whenever I would go back to eating a normal amount , I gained back the weight I had lost, and then a few pounds more. It was so discouraging!

I was searching through the Internet looking for fat loss programs when I came across a web site. After reading about the program, I felt some hope that I could get back into shape. I will admit that I am skeptical about weight loss programs but this program offered a money back guarantee, which gave me the chance to try this without fear of wasting my money. I tried it and I am so thrilled that I did. I have lost 58 pounds so far since 8 weeks ago, and feel great about continuing to lose the fat and reach my goals. I’m never hungry with this program. It seems that I eat more than ever before.

My advice is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to reach your goal, just like i do. If you really want to change then surf the link at the source below or else you will get ripped off from online weight loss scam and stay fat forever.

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