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by Maricela on May 10, 2013

Steven asks…

What is the best weight loss diet out there?

I’ve tried some fast weight loss programs but haven’t found the one I need yet. I have even tried weight loss pills. Please help me!

Maricela answers:

The reason you haven’t found a fast weight loss program that really works is because it doesn’t exist.

Weight loss (or weight control) is really about making long-term changes to your lifestyle. This means the food you eat, the amount and type of exercise you do, your mindset about yourself/your weight and your stress levels.

The problem most people make is they bounce between different fad diets, losing weight and then putting it all back on again. Understanding how habits are formed and how to integrate new healthy habits into your life would solve this problem.

The reason you don’t hear about these long-term solutions is because the weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry that makes money by keeping you fat and selling you new fad diets every year. To break the cycle you must learn how to control your weight.

I’ve written a free report on this whole topic that explains this in more detail, and provides you with some easy solutions. You can get a free copy at

Best of luck!

Donna asks…

Does the Nutrisystem Weight Loss Diet Program really work?

I plan on getting on the weight loss program in November (after having a baby). I would like to know if it really works???!!!! Just checked out their website and started looking around. I can’t find a price without letting them know my personal information. Does anyone know about how much it cost? Did it work for you? My plan is to drop about 50-60 pounds. The reason I am considering Nutrisystem is because the food is already made. With having a new baby I will be pressed for time. Please only respond if you have tried it or know someone that has. Thanks everyone!

Maricela answers:

I just ordered Nutrisystem on Saturday 8/25/07 and I recieved my box of food yesterday 8/29/07. I have been on it for 2 full days! The first day I hated the first 2 things I ate and I was pretty pissed off and thought I would deffinatly quit. But today, however, everything I ate was actually really good!! I oredered the variety pack and my next month I’ll get to choose which meals I like. You get ALOT of food and you eat like 6 times a day. They give you one week free…so it’s 5 whole weeks of food. I paid exactly $293.90. It just was charged onto my credit card today. The people on the site are really cool and there are chat boards and free online classes. There is a lot to do on the site and it’s quite fun making friends that are doing the same thing you are. I work ALOT, so I think that this is the best diet plan for me. I have gained 45 pounds since having my daughter 9 months ago (in November also). So far i feel like i have more energy and I’m happy with it. Don’t just take my advice though….I’ve only been on it for 2 days. Best of Luck!!! : )

Ken asks…

What is the most effective affordable weight loss program?

I was interested in curves, but it seems to be kind of expensive…and I’m not ready to invest into somthing that I’m not positive is worth it. I need suggestions of weight loss programs and such that arent as pricey…but are effective:) Any ideas are welcome:) THNX:)

Maricela answers:

This is not specifically for weight loss, but it is for absolute health. And if you are over weight, it’s not healthy, and you WILL lose weight by “FASTING”. It is the most (bar none) heathiest thing anyone can do for themselves. Not only will you lose weight, you will be, and feel heathier than you ever have in the past. Read up on it as much as you can, but a few tips you must do are:
Drink pure fluid, double strain all fresh juice (NO pulp)
Drink plenty of distilled water
Make a vegetable broth (double strain it) and drink everyday
NO solid food at all
You must do an enema everyday to get rid of toxins
Scrub dead skin aff your body daily

Do this for a week. You will be hungry for 2 days, but when your body realizes you aint giving it any food, it will begin to eat the fat stored in your body. First it will eat any cysts if you have them, then it will eat other fat, including the fat around your gut. You will be most importantly healthier, and of course leaner.

Read up on Fasting as much as you can first, as it is important that you do it right. The enema sucks, but it is very important.

Ruth asks…

Where can I find free weight loss programs online?

I’ve been searching for free tips and advice on how to lose weight online. So far, I’ve only found paid websites. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I could go to find free weight loss programs online? Thanks-

Maricela answers:

Hi J – I had the exact same problem! Last month I was doing some research and I found a great online source for free weight loss programs…

The reason I like this particular website so much is because it offered me several options and free tips for my weight loss. I’ve been overweight for several years now, and it’s really a difficult thing to live with! I was really glad when I found this website. You can find it here: The home page has lots of great information and advice on how to lose weight (the free tips are really helpful).

Just a little advice: you may want to do a search for “free weight loss programs online” (use the quotations). This might help you find other websites that can help in your weight loss goals.

I wish you all the best in your weight loss…


George asks…

Is anyone on the Medi Slim Weight Loss Program?

I can’t find much information about the Medi Slim weight loss program (not the pills) online other than from their own website. Is anyone out there on it or know someone on it with some good info? What kind of results are you seeing? Or is it as sketchy as it seems online? Any help would be amazing!

Maricela answers:

I just started on the MediSlim program a week ago yesterday. I know you said “not the pills’, and I am supposing you mean the appetite suppressant. I am taking the appetite suppressant. I started with half a tablet daily for a week and then one table daily since then. I had lost 5 pounds at my first appointment at one week and have been thrilled so far. I need to lose a total of 40 pounds on this program. I had already lost 20 on my own, but couldn’t get any further.
I do not use any of the meal shakes which I think some people use.
I am very happy with this program, but I will say that it takes determination and commitment. It isn’t always easy to consume such a lower caloric intake than I am used to, especially when going out to eat or to the movies, but thinking and planning ahead can help with that.
I have been really hungry at different times during the first week, but since I am seeing results, I can deal with the temporary and occasional hunger pangs.
The weekly injections ( I have had 2 so far ) are painless. I have noticed more energy than normal, especially the first day after injection. There is some swelling under the skin at the injection site, but it isn’t painful any more than a mild bruise would be, and fades fairly fast.
I am keeping a daily food diary, which has been necessary in order for me to keep up with my calories. I meet with a nutritionist again at my 2 week appointment next week.
The only negative thing I am experiencing is some aching in my hips and legs, which is from the rapid weight loss. Fat holds toxins, so you can be sore and/or achy when the fat is released into the body for excretion. It’s the same kind of aching or soreness people get after a first massage, and I expect it to get better after this initial couple of weeks of fast weight loss. The injections contain vitamins and amino acids to aid with the effects of and assist the weight loss.
I am looking forward to seeing what week 2 will bring. People have already noticed something different and have told me that I look amazing. All my size 14 pants are getting too big and I expect to fit easily into a size 12 by the end of this week. I was able to easily pull on and button a pair of my friends’ size 12 capri pants yesterday and couldn’t believe it.
Let me know if this helps at all or if you have any other questions.

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