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by Maricela on April 6, 2013

James asks…

How can i lose weight fast? Can you suggest me a weight loss program for a 13 year old?

I am 13 and i weigh 73 kg(160.6 Pounds) and i tried all kinds of diets but i didnt lose any weight? Can anyone please suggest a weight loss program? (with exercise ~minutes or hours a day~).
I don’t really eat junk food anymore, i eat healthy food but i eat chocolate a little 🙁
I am 13, and i weigh 73 kg and i am 155 cm tall

Maricela answers:

Diets don’t work. Eating right does. Don’t eat all that junk food and Mc. Donald’s and Taco Bell, and stuff. Start running but don’t overexert yourself trying to lose it quick, it will take time but you will notice that you are gradually getting results. Go to the gym, running on the treadmill and doing the bicycle, although running outside will give you better results than a treadmill. Do it with a partner, find someone that will help you out because doing it on your own isn’t always fun and it gives you a better attitude. Stay motivated, don’t give up on your goal to achieving weight loss and don’t cheat yourself, also stay positive and I hope everything works out for you… Good Luck

Sandra asks…

A weight loss program should have all of the following characteristics except?

A weight loss program should have all of the following characteristics except
A. use MyPyramid as a pattern for food choices.
B. the plan should adapt to habits and tastes.
C. the plan should have a weight loss goal of 3 to 5 pounds per week.
D. the plan should be socially acceptable, allowing attendance at parties and restaurants.

Maricela answers:

C- 3-5lbs is too much weight to lose in a week.

William asks…

What are the ‘secrets’ behind weight-loss programmes?

I’m doing a piece of work where I have to evaluate the claims of two weightloss programmes?
I am doing Slim-Fast and Pu-erh (a Chinese tea drink).

They are apparently all clinically-proven to help lose weight but there’s always a catch. I need to write about that!
What could the problems with these two programmes be?


Maricela answers:

They are clinical proven to work if you don’t eat junk food, or any high calorie foods and exercise.
Basically the same way you would lose weight without them.

George asks…

Can somebody give me a weight loss gym workout program for women?

I can’t find a free weight loss program for women that we can do for a week. Everything is for men.

Maricela answers:

Gym workout routines for women are specially categorized as there are certain physiological differences between a man and a woman. A woman needs to work out on her gym routine so that she can benefit the most. However, the workout routines should answer the following questions:

* First, how to select the best and convenient place for the workout
* How to kick-start the workout routines efficiently
* How much time needs to be invested in exercising every day
* What aspects one should consider while opting for a exercise schedule

The workout schedules which would help you to lose weight safely and comfortably are as follows:

*Workout schedule 1: Exercises should tone up each and every muscles of the body. In fact, this first routine would be very beneficial for the beginners who have very little time to spare in such work-outs. You must use the first five days of week in carrying out this routine. The first 3 days would be concentrated in weights whereas the next two days would be concentrated in cardio.

* Workout schedule 2: It can also be referred to as the split schedule. However, this routine would help you to reap huge benefits at a very steady pace. As per this exercise your lower and upper body part gets involved in intense work-out. It would help you to lose weight quickly.

*Workout schedule 3: In this routine you exercise to lose weight from targeted areas. In this routine you can exercise with weights for 5 days and get indulged in cardio for 2 or 2 days.

Further, you must be cautious that your workout schedule is effectively toning up your muscles, helping you to lose weight and burn fat etc. It should not matter what your goals are but you should focus on specified exercises to tone up your body and lose weight at a steady pace.

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Paul asks…

Help with free online weight loss programs?

I need help finding a good free online weight loss program that will help me track how many calories I need to lose and the amount of excerise every day, but every one I go to either makes me pay or won’t let me lose 28 pounds in 8 weeks. Help? Please?

Maricela answers:

First of all “they wont let me lose 28 pounds in 8 weeks.” They cant control how much you lose, and neither can your body. You can lose 28 pounds in 8 weeks in a healthy way but thats ONLY if you’re about 250+ pounds. (My starting weight was 258 and I lost 20 pounds in my first four weeks.) Also seeing they say you shouldnt lose 28 pounds in 8 weeks, that means it is unhealthy for your current weight to try and lose. Sorry to tell you this but you took the years to put on the weight and it isnt going to take 8 weeks to get it off. There is NO magic pill.

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