Your Questions About Weight Loss Programs

by Maricela on February 24, 2013

Richard asks…

Are there any free online weight loss programs or support groups?

Are there any free online weight loss programs or support groups – kind of like a weight watchers online FREE?
I just want someone or some program that will ask me what i ate and how much i weigh to help me lose weight. I would like to lose 40 -45 lbs

Maricela answers:

Theres its not really a weight loss program but it keeps track of how much calories u eat in one day and how much calories u burn from doing activites u should try it im using it and its helping me

Lisa asks…

Has anyone had any succes with the weight loss program Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle?

Anyone have a Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle review? It is a weight loss program by Tom Venuto…It looks great on the website but they all do. I have tried weight loss programs before but never really had long term success.

Maricela answers:

Hi ?

Incredible, I actually had the very same problem, i’m also seeking for a good solution regarding this. Wish we may be able to get any answer right here.
All the best!

Nancy asks…

What is a good weight loss program that will help me lose weight fast?

Well I am 13 years old and I weigh 155 pounds. I want to lose about thirty pounds before September. Any links to any websites that will help me start a weight loss program. If you need any more information just email me at Thank you for taking the time to help an obese teenager try and lose weight.

Maricela answers:

Don’t try to lose weight fast, the only way to lose weight safely and effectively is to lose it slowly. You should read this article to build a good meal pattern

Mandy asks…

is there any good diet weight loss program that really works?

hello there everybody:D, My name is Toni,i am seeking for a good diet weight loss program that really works.I’ve have tried a few,but none of them work for me.
i don’t know i am doing it wrong,or just that the diet weight loss programs that i constantly choose aren’t so good after all.
I want your help,to guide me to something that really works.give me your success story.

thank you:)

Maricela answers:

Gina Kolata “Rethinking Thin” –> Commercial weight loss programs fail over the long term
Dean Ornish “Eat More, Weigh Less” –> Healthier diet (whole plant based) results in weight loss

I lost 80+ pounds by eating a healthier diet. My blood work and blood pressure are now perfect thanks to a healthy lifestyle and diet. I need no drugs.

For information on this diet, I recommend Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s books.

David asks…

What can I name a “rabbit weight loss program”?

I need to make an advertisement about a rabbit weight loss program, but I don’t know what to cal it. What should I call my weight loss program for rabbits?

Maricela answers:

Health hoppers
bunny losers
fluffy fit
bunnyy/rabbit models

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