Your Questions About Weight Loss Programs

by Maricela on January 17, 2013

Ken asks…

I am looking at trying a weight loss program – I have recently started gym again?

I’ve finally found the motivation to start gym again, but I want some help along with the excercise.

Can you suggest a weight loss program?
I am looking at Celebrity Slim – how do I do it and what do I need?

Maricela answers:

i found website about weight loss program. I hope its usefull for you.
Visit this site, may you can find something or important information that you need.



Steven asks…

Does anyone know any good weight loss programs that are good for diabetics?

A friend of mine is interested in starting a weightloss program, but is type 2 diabeties. She cannot handle any sugars whatsoever, and has to limit herself to VERY few carbs. With this being said, does any know, preferebly from experience, any good weightloss programs for diabetics? Something where the food can be ordered, such as NutriSystem, where you don’t have to go to the place to participate. Thanks in advanced~~! Links would be much appreciated,

Maricela answers:

The South Beach Diet is really good. Try to do this with her. It’s always nice to have somebody to diet with for support. You can also do Weight Watchers on the internet. Both are good.

James asks…

How to get the best weight loss Program?

I tried a lot of diets but very little of them used to help. Please give an advice of some good solution/method on the internet to get the best weight loss program.
Thank you.

Maricela answers:

Exercise. Exercise can boost your results ten-fold, especially if it includes weight training. Not only will weight training help you build lean muscle, which helps burn fat, but it can also help strengthen bones. Be sure to consult a health-care professional before starting any exercise program.

Extra protein. A shake may be sufficient to provide an extra boost for supporting weight loss.

Snack right. We all snack. Just avoid snacking on high-calorie, nutrient-deficient foods. In other words, keep the cake, potato chips and ice cream out of the house. Make “better bad” eating choices. If you’re out at a fast food restaurant and a greasy burger is calling your name, just choose a single-patty with lettuce and tomato and hold the cheese and mayo.

Dietary fiber. Be sure you are receiving sufficient amounts of dietary fiber daily. Fiber helps keep you feeling satisfied longer while also keeping bowel movements regular. I recommend gradually increasing fiber to 25-30 grams daily, in line with current National Fiber Council recommendations.

Weight loss success is often about making better choices.

Avoid sugary drinks. These can add “no nutrition” calories quickly. It’s best to drink plenty of purified water and/or nutrient-dense sugar drink alternatives.

Say no to “bad” fats. The “bad” includes saturated and trans fats. “Good” fats include olive oil rich in oleic acid and fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids. To take ultimate advantage of omega-3 fatty acids, it’s best to take a high-potency, high-quality fish oil supplement daily. New research also shows that dietary omega-3 fatty acids may be linked to lower bodyweight.

Mix it up. We all have individual differences. Something that may work for one person may not work for the next. Be sure to try a few different things and see what works best for you.

Whatever you do, it’s important that you don’t become discouraged. Shoot all scales. Pay attention to your body. As you continue to enjoy a reduced-calorie diet, providing your body with quality nutrition, and building muscle through exercise, then the weight will begin to come off safely.

Paul asks…

What weight loss programs have helped you?

Are there any weight loss programs that you’ve used to help increase the amount of weight you’ve lost? I’ve been on MediFast Health for awhile now and want to know if anyone else has used similar programs.

Maricela answers:

You have to combine healthy diet with adequate exercise. The adequate part depends on the individual. Any diet pills are only supposed to be used a supplements and not actual replacements for any healthy eating habits or exercise. Good old hard work is always the safest way to go

Lisa asks…

Does someone knows about a good weight loss program at a clinic or hospital in the Boston Area?

Does someone knows about a good weight loss program at a clinic or hospital in the Boston Area?

Maricela answers:

You have one of the finest hospitals in the country in Boston: Brigham and Women’s. If you call there, they may have such a program, or be able to refer you.

Having said that, weight loss is under your control. It is ALL about calories taken in vs. Calories burned. If you eat more than your body needs, you’ll gain weight. If you eat less, you’ll lose weight. And you are probably taking in far more calories than you realize simply by snacking. By adjusting your meals to wholesome, filling foods without empty calories such as gravies and sauces, and then eliminating ALL snacking and “treats” such as dessert, candy, sweets, etc., you will lose weight at a sensible rate over time. Meanwhile, get out and move. Walk around the block a few times every single day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. For short trips, walk, don’t ride. If you do these simple things to modify your daily behavior, you’ll lose weight. No question about it.

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