Your Questions About Weight Loss Plateau

by Maricela on March 31, 2013

James asks…

How do I use the calorie shifting method?

Hi! I’m 19, 5’2″, weighing 110 pounds and I would like to weigh 101 pounds. I’ve been at a weight loss plateau for the past month, due to consuming less than 1400 calories a day. I was wondering how I could use the calorie shifting method to speed up my metabolism? Also, I jump rope and run for an hour 5 days a week.

Maricela answers:

There is no such thing as calorie shifting. There is calories in calories out. Eat less exercise more and you will loss weight.

Betty asks…

How much would I loose if I jogged a mile a day?

I ran to break this Weight loss plateau I am stuck at. I NEED to exercise. So I am not sugar and flour. I am 166. Ive been stuck for a month. So if I went from no exercise a day to a mile a day how much will I loose? Will it make me loose fat and gain a lot of muscle? And will it make me tone up?

Maricela answers:

You need to make sure you maintain a healthy diet, and dedicate to it. Anyone can run a mile a day and not lose any weight if they eat unhealthy foods

. A diet plan can be Breakfest: Oatmeal with Fruit, Lunch: Salad with Vegetables and or Fruit, Dinner: Protein like Lean Turkey/Chicken, Snacks, Walnuts/Almonds, Fruits and Vegetables.

And if you want to tone up, lunges, squats, crunches/sit- ups, lifting weights and other things depending on what you want toned.

There’s much more you need to do other than just run a mile everyday. Good Luck, I hope I didn’t sound mean, that’s not what I intended!

Carol asks…

How can you get past a weight loss plateau?

I have been steadily losing weight and am 19 lbs. lighter. However, over the past week, I have stopped losing. I haven’t changed my diet. What do I need to do to get the weight loss started again?

Maricela answers:

OK, how to break a weight loss plateau. I’ll tell you exactly how – but first, let me explain why you’re in a plateau right now, because it’s important in the overall scheme of things. Think of the body as an extremely adaptive organism. When you go on a diet, you lose weight initially. Sooner or later, your body adapts to the fact that you’re now taking in less and since the body has a fundamental desire to be in homeostasis (i.e., it wants to stay constant, the same) it will do what it needs to do to adjust and therefore you eventually hit a point where progress is hard to come by. OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us address your question – to kick start your metabolic furnace, try and change things up on your body. Try modifying your diet. Try changing up your workout routine (and if you don’t have a workout routine, add one). If you’ve been focusing on cardio workout regimens so far, then ignore the cardio for a while and hit the weights instead. Basically, do everything that you’re not doing now. This will send your body the message that you mean business, and should get the ball rolling again. Also, you could try manipulating your diet somewhat. Try alternating your caloric intake – “low” and “high” days, to keep your body guessing. Keep me posted on your progress! — ANDREW

Daniel asks…

Will this help my weight loss that much?

Hey! I’ve reached a weight loss plateau, and I’m wondering if I take a couple 10 pound dumbbells in each of my hands while I’m on the treadmill if it will make a big or small change on the weight loss?

Maricela answers:

It might help a little, but it is more likely to make you build muscle, which could make you gain or stay at the same weight.
I have a 2 pound weighted belt that I wear when I work out. It helps! You can find them with workout videos, etc.

Mark asks…

How do I get past this weight loss plateau?

I lost 15lbs over the course of the last 3 months averagin 1-1 1/2 lbs lost. I am 5’5″ and I am now down to 142 lbs. I still want to lose another 15 lbs (is this okay?).
I have tried eating whatever I want to jumpstart my weight loss but that did not work. Currently I am on a semi-low-carb diet. I have to have some carbs because I get too dizzy. I also work out 3-4 times a week. Cardio for 1/2 hr and then strenghening exercises.
How can I get past this weight loss?
The scale hasn’t budged from 142lbs in 3 weeks.

Maricela answers:

Our bodies are smart, they will do everything they can to stay at the bodyfat it feels it needs to function, therefore losing the last 10-15 lbs is always the hardest. Make sure you’re eating CLEAN, no processed or fast food, eating whatever you want is only going to set you back. We need good, clean carbs to help in weight loss and don’t forget your essential fatty acids, & healthy fats. I could go on forever, but if you already feel you’re eating healthy than simply cut your calories –anywhere from 250-500 calories a day should work, if you’re losing 1-2 lbs a week then it’s working if not adjust slightly more every two weeks. Do not go too low or else your body will go into starvation mode and it will want to hold on to every last calorie, so the weight loss will be hindered. Keeping track of calories does help, another technique to calculate how many calories you need for weight loss would be to take your bodyweight x 12. Therefore for you, it would be 1,704 calories a day. Divide this between 5-6 meals a day, with every meal have protein, carbs and a healthy fat. OR you can also try carb cycling, with this you would eat a higher amount of carbs on your training days, will low carb days on non-training days. You might also try making your cardio workouts, interval training. Where you sprint for 30 sec, jog for 60 sec, so on and so forth for 20 minutes. It’s a pretty intense workout so start out slow! Keep changing things in your workouts it will give your body the kickstart it needs and yest you do have to lift heavy, you are NOT going to get bulky and heavy reps with light weights are really a waste of your time.

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