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by Maricela on January 15, 2013

Ken asks…

How do you break a weight loss plateau in the elliptical trainer? Tips,please?

I haven’t been losing weight recently and I’m pretty sure I’ve hit a weight loss plateau. The only exercise machine I have is the elliptical trainer. What changes can I make in my workout plan for the elliptical machine to break this plateau?

(Don’t tell me to run outdoors cause I just can’t do that and go to a gym to try different machines. The gym is too far away from my house. 35-45 mins away is the nearest gym.)

Thank you!!

Maricela answers:

It’s probably your diet, you should eat 500 calories less of your maintenance. Drink only water and stay away from junk food. Try to do 30 second intervals but warm up first. 30 seconds as fast as you can and then 90 seconds moderate pace. Do this for 15 minutes 3x a week.

Ruth asks…

How to break a weight loss plateau?

does anyone know how to break a weight loss plateau?
over the past 3 months ive lost about 12 pounds, and am trying to lose about 8 more.
im stuck though.!
im working out harder than ever and not eating nearly as much as i used to and im still not losing.

i know using a diet pill would probably work, but id like to keep that as my last resort option.

im 18, female, 5’2, 98lbs..if that helps.

Maricela answers:

I understand the problems you’ve gone through when trying to lose weight, my friend is in the same situation as you, and nothing worked for him until he came across the diet solution program. He’s been having great success with it; maybe this is something which could work for you.

Good luck..

Lisa asks…

How to break a weight loss plateau?

How can I break through a weight loss plateau? I am 5’8″ and 160lbs. I want to be more like 110-120lbs. Is there a way to break it? And please don’t give me any links or simple answers. Just a nice detailed answer.

Maricela answers:

It sounds weird but I was eating really healthy exercising the whole 9 yards and I hit a plateau…I couldn’t get down for nothing so, I was mad and it had been 2 weeks since any weight lose so I said screw it and ate a cheeseburger and fries and I SWEAR something happened and I started losing weight again, I finally reached my goal of 120 from 140 and it was SO weird! Just that one day of eating a cheeseburger and fries and it kick started something in my system! Not sure if it will work for you because I wouldn’t have believed that if I heard it but I SWEAR it did happen to me.

Carol asks…

Can I get over my weight loss plateau without increasing calorie intake and excersize?

I excersize 1 hour each day, and walk about 1:30 hours. I think that’s more than enough really. I’m not about to do more. And my calorie intake is low because I’m a raw food vegan and I really don’t want to stuff myself with tons more of veggies and fruit when I don’t have the taste for it.

I am reading that these are things I do have to do though, in order to lose more weight.

I don’t believe that.

Well how then do all those anorexic girls lose weight? I’m sure they don’t eat more to lose more weight.

I’m not comparing myself to a diseased woman, I’m just asking if I can continue with my normal excersize/diet plan and get over this weight loss plateau?

Maricela answers:

Try this…
I found this artical called “50 Habits of “Naturally Thin” People
How to get Started:Decide how much you want to loose and see how many calories a day it will take to make it happen by year’s end.Then, work into your routines however many of these eating tweaks and exercises you need to achieve your goal.
Slash 250 cal.s a day to lose about 25 lbs. In a year, Slash 500 cal.s to loose 50 pounds.
This is based on a 150-pound person: you may need to cut more/ fewer calories depending on ur weight, age & gender. It also assumes your normal calorie intake essentially stays the same and your weight is stable.
* I’m only going to give you the ones that are most helpful and burn calories. If you want more then email me*
1.Wake-up Workout – When your eyes open, sit up slwoly w/out using ur hands. W/ legs straight out, lean forward until u feel a gentle stretch in ur back & hamstrings. Hold. Then, Using ur abs, lower urself flat. Rest & repeat 2 more times. BURNS 10
2. Balance Booster – While u brush ur teeth, alternate standing on 1 leg as u switch mouth quadrants(every 30 seconds). BURNS 10
3.Be a Ballerina – As ur coffee drips, stand sideways, put 1 hand on the counter, and lift the outside leg straigh out in front of u, keeping it extended. With upper body straight, hold for a few sec.s and move it to the side: hold and extend it behind u. Do 5x on each leg. BURNS 10
4. Talk It UP – Every time u grab the phone, stand up & pace around. BURNS 50
5. Carry Some Weight – When ur grocery Shopping/ running erands, wear a backpack with 5-10 lbs bag of sugar inside to increase resistance & burn more calories. Add purchases to ur load as it becomes easier. BURNS 20 (FOR AN HOUR OF ERRANDS)
6.Pump at the Pump – While ur getting gas, With 1 hand on ur car, Stand on the balls of ur feet & slowly rise up & down for as long as it takes to fill ur tank. BURNS 10
7. Shop till the Pounds Drop – at the mall try on at least 10 outfits- pants and shirts.BURNS 60
8. Jog for Junk Mail – For every piece of junk mail u get each day, do 1 lap around ur house/ building, / up & down a flight of stairs. BURNS 35-140
9. Play Footsie – After Dinner, while u are sitting at the table, extend your right leg out & slowly bend it up & down, squeezing & holding in the up position for at least 5 sec.s. Repeat 5x for each leg. BURNS 10
10.Ease into Evening – sitting with feet uncrossed, grab ur wrists & raise ur hands above ur head to lengthen the spine. Take a deep breath in as u reach & hold the position, breathing slowly in & out for 20 sec.s, taking longer on the exhale. BURNS 5
11. Sing a Song – Spend sunday morning belting it out in the church choir. BURNS 70 PER SERVICE
12. Catch This! –
Spend 30 min tossing a ball or a frisbee with ur kid/dog BURNS 90
13. Make Whoopee – Instead of a bowl of ice cream as a bedtime snack, have a robust tussle with your spouse. BURNS 300

Sharon asks…

How can I kick start my weight loss again?

I’m stuck at a weight loss plateau. I keep losing/gaining the same 3 pounds. How can I start losing weight again?

Maricela answers:

If you’re under 1200 calories, you need to be eating 1200 calories minimum. Less puts you into starvation mode.

Exercise more.

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