Your Questions About Weight Loss Plans That Work

by Maricela on April 19, 2013

Carol asks…

What’s up with all the advertisements that show people dancing in place?

I see them all over the web. Advertising for everything from weight loss plans to auto insurance and higher education. Personally I just find them annoying? Anyone else feel the same?

Maricela answers:

I know right? It’s so annoying! I mean why in place, can’t they go somewhere?

William asks…

What nutrient is missing from an all bean diet?

I’m trying out a whole new diet, consisting only beans, for my weight loss plan, because bean has 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, extremely low sodium and sugar, high fiber and protein, some calcium and iron, high carb but that is needed for energy, so I plan on eating only beans all day long, drink only water and work out at the gym many hours and take a multivitamin a day.
Now is there anything that I lack that I can take as a supplement?

Maricela answers:

I think it is best to avoid these extreme diets, they almost never work and could be bad for you in the long run. Eating nothing but beans, will not only make you very gassy, but make you feel “deprived” and probably result in you not sticking with the diet very long. For best results, eat a variety of healthy foods, but in moderation. You want a slow & gradual weight loss, trying to do it too fast never works. Make sure you get plenty of exercise (find something you enjoy doing).

Joseph asks…

How can i lose 30 lbs in 3 months?

I am overweight and my goal is 30 pounds lighter than I already am. Is there any free weight loss plans online and good exercises that actually work and what are good foods to eat? I know that those are a lot of questions but I really want to lose the weight by February because I am going on a vacation. Please Help!

Maricela answers:

All you have to do is run alot or take a walk every fish chicken and salid only

Mandy asks…

Is there a website that will formulate a weight loss meal plan with the food i already have?

I need to loose weight already bought a lot of healthy food just wondering if there was a website FREE that will formulate a weight loss meal plan???? No i am not able to go to a nutritionist

Maricela answers:

Try some of these websites with health related weight loss plan

Susan asks…

How do you keep weight off without losing even more?

I’m 14 and today is the day I begin my weight loss plan. I know that you have to exercise to lose weight, and I’ve heard you have to exercise to keep it off. But I’m confused, how can you do that without losing MORE weight after you’ve reached your goal? I don’t want to gain it all back, but I don’t want to be anorexic.

Maricela answers:

You can try all kinds of ways to try and keep the weight off, but most of them require that you keep dieting and lose more weight.

There is a proven plan that has a program that wll alow you to eat what ever you like and still lose weight, plus it alows you to keep the weight off, not only that but this plan has a weight gain program to, and it also has other programs for related health problems connected with both weight loss and weight gain.

These programs are backed with a team of doctors and a very impressive staff. This staff take the programs themselves to asure that everyone gets the best results posible. You can even hear some of their results with the programs that they are taking.

There are even true facts about some of these people being able to get off some of their meds for different health problems, and now they are living amazing lives, and sharing their stories with others.

There is also a team of mentors backing you up every step of the way, that are willing to help you through the programs and advise you on what programs are right for you. These mentors are also taking these programs to lose weight, gain weight, and to live healthier and happier lives.

Ok, but enough of all that. It is up to you on what to do next. This plan and these programs are exploding all over the world, and alover the internet. You don’t have to believe me, just check it out for yourself.

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