Your Questions About Weight Loss Plans That Work

by Maricela on February 11, 2013

Donald asks…

Is it normal for me to considering purging?

I mean, i need a good weight loss plan, but Ive decided that‘s the only way that my firends and family wont realize im losing the weight, is by purging. Is this a good idea?

Maricela answers:

Well depends how you plan to purge. If you plan to vomit then no, it is a very bad idea because of the damage it will do (loss of teeth, torn stomach lining, spitting blood, hamster cheeks, burst blood vessels in your eyes…)
Purging by excersizing after eating what you consider too much is the best option.
Use one of these to find out how many kcals burned by doing a certain activity:

Steven asks…

How to loose weight in time for summer?

I’m 10 years old , and I’m fat. Don’t give me the “Oh you’re beautiful the way you are , hon!” Can someone please give me a detailed weight loss plan for Feb-June/July. I’m 174 pounds and I’m 5’4 1/2 .. My birthday is May 8th , and that‘s when i hit a growth spurt…I need to loose about..54 pounds. How can i loose 54 pounds in time for summer? I want to be able to fit in a bikini! Thanks.

Maricela answers:

You’re too young for any diets and they might hurt you. However, what you can do is to reduce eating of food that isn’t needed. For example, don’t eat chocolates, candy bars, chips and anything similar. Try to avoid it as much as possible. Of course, eating this in small portions once a while won’t hurt you. Eat less than you usually do. Eat half of your normal meal (eating half plate). If you are hungry, drink water and water only. For dinner, eat fruit and/or vegetables only.

Michael asks…

How will I maintain the weight without losing more?

I started my weight loss plan about 2 months ago. Im 14, girl, 5’1. First I weighed 140-now 122. I want to get to 110 but after that no more, should i stop exercising?
im afraid of becoming anorexic or something.

Maricela answers:

No, definitely don’t stop the exercise plan. Keeping up a solid exercise plan is key to maintaining weightloss and the fit tone you get along with it. Instead, up your calories. I don’t know what you’re at right now, but you’ll probably want to put yourself at around 2000 per day when you’re done losing weight. If at that you are still losing weight, add a few hundred more at a time until you stop. There is no way to tell for sure how much YOUR body will need to maintain, until you figure it out. If you’re a very active person, you can probably eat a lot more than the average person without gaining anything.

Good luck, and good for you for wanting to stay healthy, rather than going overboad..

Nancy asks…

How can I get my body back into hormonal balance?

I am 28, I was really stressed, but its getting better. I am addicted to sweets, I yo-yo diet alot. It’s hard for me to stick to a weight loss plan. How can I get my body back into hormonal balance to conquer sweet cravings and other cravings so that I can drop the 50 pounds that I need to lose?

Maricela answers:

You are probably not hormonal. You’re just a carb addict. Carbs are good. Complex carbs – not simple ones from refined sugars. Avoid anything “white” and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.
Here’s what I’ve done with the same problem:
Do a complete cleansing diet for 7 days. Your cravings will be gone on day 3.
Cabbage Soup Diet, General Motors Diet, etc. I think they’re all the same. First day is full of fruit and you feel the up and down of the glucose levels. Make sure you eat fruit every hour.
Some people have claimed that this “shock” to the system is terrible for you. I can’t see how it could be. You’re eating all natural foods. Fruit is the perfect food, full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. If you have some intestinal problems with this, I’d be surprised. You’ll be totally cleaned out, however, by the end of the second day. I did not get diahrea nor was I gassy. I wasn’t at all uncomfortable. Just sick of fruit by 6PM and ready to go to bed so I could eat a potato in the morning.

Second day is potato and veggies. 3rd, fruit and veggies. The cravings are pretty much gone by then. You’re certainly a little lighter. You should have consumed the calories you need by eating until you’re full all day long. Then there’s the banana and milk day, the beef and tomatos day, and more. After the end of that week, you can reintroduce some of the balanced choices you need back into your diet. Then follow Weight Watcher’s points program or the American Heart Association recommendations to keep the pounds coming off.
Side effects: The fruit day is tough because of the glucose levels going up and down. You must nibble fruit all day to avoid it. You are constantly thirsty for water. It’s a good thing really. I had muscle cramps on the fourth and fifth days the first time I did the cleanse. I took a calcium and potassium supplement the second time and it took care of the problem.
Best benefit is that my psoriasis went away within a few days. I lost about 8 pounds and didn’t put it back on, but I follow WW Points program pretty strictly.

As a side note: Like most Americans, you are using food for an unnatural purpose. Food provides energy, vitamins and minerals for your body. It’s necessary that you eat, but it’s not necessary to be full, to have preferences for certain foods, or to use food as a tool to be social. Any associations your eating has in these areas are choices. Luckily, you can choose otherwise as well.

Sandra asks…

How can I get a flat stomach without having to go to the gym?

I want to know a REAL way to lose that lower belly fat, and not just a fake weightloss plan. If I need to diet, what do I eat? What do I avoid eating? If I need to exercise, what exercises do I do? Please please help, I’ve been trying to get a flat stomach for a long time now, and the only time I have one is when I first wake up in the morning and I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. ):
Oh and just fyi: I am a teen, 5’6, 123 lbs. I know you’re probably thinking I shouldn’t be worrying about it since I am so young, but I’m just worried that if I don’t solve my weight problems now, it might be even worse in the future, and by then it might be too late. Thank you in advance!

Maricela answers:

The best way I have found to have a flat stomach is to walk and while you are walking forcibly ‘hold’ your stomach in! That make the stomach muscles very strong & gives the appearance of a flat stomach!**

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