Your Questions About Weight Loss Plans That Work

by Maricela on January 14, 2013

Ken asks…

How do I shed the holiday weight gain fast?

Okay, its holidays, and I’ve eaten junk, and haven’t exercised much, but now I’m worried I won’t lose the weight I gained (I gained 6 pounds!), how do I lose it fast? I am ready to take action, meaning no junk, more exercise, etc. So what is a good plan to lose this weight quickly?

NOTE: ** I gain weight/lose weight fairly easily, so those weight loss plans like lose 2.5 pounds a week don’t exactly apply to me.

Maricela answers:

Okay, here’s what I do. I drink plenty of water and drink only diet soda. I don’t use butter or oils to cook my food in, I use spices and herbs. Eat a good breakfast filled with carbs and a healthy lunch. Dinner time I eat chicken or fish and a vegetable to go along, no carbs. When I’m craving something to eat for a snack I have rice cakes, popcorn (no butter) fruit, celery or carrot sticks. Again, this is what I do. Hope some of my tips helped. Good luck!

Chris asks…

How can i lose 50 pounds in 4 months?

Im a female,15, a sophomore in high school, i’m 5’6″ and i am overweight. I have missed out on a lot of dances and parties and things because of how insecure i am about the way i look. So, next school year starts in 4 months and i want it to be different. Therefore, i need a 4 month weight loss plan that doesnt involve any dietary supplements. Any suggestions??

Maricela answers:

Eat according to the food pyramid, minding your portion sizes. If you eat 5-10 servings of fruits or vegetables every day that alone helps to “push” some of those less healthy options off your plate and out of your diet (or at least reduce them). Cut back on junk food and sweets, and get more physical activity.

Paul asks…

When on a diet and working out, why do we hit plateaus?

All of the science of weight loss I have studied says that it’s simple math…burn more calories than you take in and you will lose weight. So how can plateaus be possible if you continue to burn more calories than you are eating? The energy we use has to come from somewhere. If we are not consuming enough calories in food to sustain the energy demand, it has to come from stored fat. So again, I ask, how can someone hit one of those frustrating plateaus when they continue on a weight loss plan that burns more calories through exercise than are being consumed through food? This should be impossible according to what weight loss science tells me.

Maricela answers:

The body is an amazing machine. Eventually it will adapt to the way you exercise and the amount of calories that are taken in. The body becomes very efficient at processing and breaking down the food as well as adapting to the way you work out. If you change up the foods you eat the body will react differently, it is a sense, shocks the body. Some people “carb cycle.” this means that they go maybe a period of 4-5 days eating low carbs, under 60-70 g per day and then for a 2 or 3 days increase the carbs to about 250-300. It keeps the body guessing. The body becomes efficient at metabolizing the same food everyday. As for exercise, if you lift the same 15 lb weights everyday, eventually you will be strong enough that the weights make no difference. If you walk for 30 minutes everyday eventually you will stop breaking that sweat and it becomes easy, because your body has adapted to that kind of work. The key to the plateau is switching up what you do every few months. Also taking a break from working out for about week can also shock the body (in a good way) when you start worknig out again. Did that help?

Helen asks…

What are some good websites for weight loss?

I’m not looking for diet plans, just websites that encourage and inspire weight loss.

Maricela answers:

Below website teaches you all about how foods affect your body making it easier to be thin. It teaches how to develop new, good habits so staying thin will not take hardly any any effort.

It has a whole different way of dealing with this since current teachings of our society on this has made obesity (according to Atlantic Monthly) the #1 health problem in the world replacing hunger and infectious disease. Isn’t that terrible that while many cannot afford to buy enough food, our extra money is killing us and ruining our health?

Joseph asks…

What one food should I incorporate into my diet to raise my metabolism and burn fat?

Is there one “magic food” that should be incorporated in every weight loss plan? If so, what and why?

Maricela answers:

No such thing as magic.

Whole grain bread and veggies with lots of fiber

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