Your Questions About Weight Loss Plans

by Maricela on March 3, 2013

Michael asks…

Do you ever wish you’ll get the flu so you can jump start your weight loss?

I know it sounds HORRIBLE…. but sometimes I hope I get the flu so I lose my appetite and can jump start a weight loss plan. Any other equally horrible people who agree with me?

Maricela answers:

I am right there with you. While I hate having the flu, I don’t mind it so much because of the weight loss benefit. I know it is a horrible thought, but I think many others are also secretly guilty of thinking the same thing.

Charles asks…

How does coffee affect weight loss or weight gain?

I drink a lot of coffee throughout the day, and I was just wondering how that may affect my weight loss plan. Thanks.

Maricela answers:

It raises blood pressure. It makes you pee. It dumps too much caffeine into your body. If you drink it in place of water, you are doing yourself no favors healthwise. Drink water, too.

Helen asks…

My muscles are sore from exercising, but I have to keep at it every day for my weight loss plan. What to do?

I know this is a normal stage when you first start an exercise routine, but is there any way to avoid the pain in my legs and arms? (at least enough to be able to keep going, since exercise is an important part of my weight loss plan.)

Maricela answers:

Hi, You can try this site which is honest and all natural diet and nutrition program in the internet.
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Hope it helps you. Good luck!

David asks…

where is the place to find weight loss meal plans ?

I’m 6 ft and fat aha. i just joined a gym and work out 4x a week for 3O mins. I just need guidance on how to eat . i would really like to see some weight loss meal plans or something. My doctor said just eat right and work out but where do i start ?

Any weight loss tips will be helpful. Thanks.

Maricela answers:

I find that drinking water helps a lot in shedding weight. It isn’t so much the water but the lack of sugar that’s in drinks that does it.
I also walk whenever I can. Walking is very good for losing weight, so is eating less,.. Try it.

James asks…

Does anyone have any good meal plans for weight loss?

I need some meal plans/recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that aren’t too expensive and not too complicated to make. I plan on combining these together during the day for a healthy weight loss plan. When it comes to meat, I only eat poultry, fish fillets and calamari. If you could please help me out, I’d greatly appreciate it!

P.S. If you have any cool, filling and healthy snack ideas – please share! 🙂

Maricela answers:

I have the perfect diet plan for you but before I jump on to the meal schedule i will tell you a quick tip first. It is scientifically proven that if you eat 5-6 meals a day rather than your regular 3 meals, you will burn almost twice more fat. This is because when you consume a meal the body is designed to absorb all nutrients and contents(first the vitamins, then mineral, and finally fats and sugars) from that meal UNTIL you consume another meal. So if you eat 1 meal, wait 3 hours, then eat another meal, your body wont absorb as many fats and sugars as compared to 1 meal, wait 5-6hours, 2nd meal. I hope this made sense. 😛

Below is the daily schedule diet:

Meal 1(Breakfast): 2 egg whites, 1 cup of cooked oatmeal
Meal 2(Snack): Fruit or Nuts
Meal 3(Lunch): Tossed Salad with 4oz Chicken strips
Meal 4(Snack): Fruit or Nuts
Meal 5(Dinner): Grilled fish with boiled spinach

Follow this diet everyday. Eat each meal within 2 1/2-3 hours in between. No meals after 9pm.
*Note: This was just an example of meals that you can eat, you can change each food category with another meal of the same category(i.e for your dinner you can substitute any other white meat such as chicken or turkey instead of the fish and for the boiled spinach any other vegetable will do)
Hope this helped!

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