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by Maricela on February 6, 2013

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know of a good site that helps plan and manage weight loss?

I need to find a good site or a combination of sites that will help me to plan and manage some MAJOR weight loss…I am talking 130+ pounds so I need something to help with calorie counting, meal plans, exercising, etc. To make this even better, it needs to be free or REALLY cheap. Any ideas? No fads or pill advertisements please…I want to work this off and keep it off.

Maricela answers: is a good place to look. They give you plenty of workout tips and they recommend different foods to eat and calorie counters. Good luck.

Steven asks…

Will eating what I like one day a week affect my weight loss?

I have just started an exercise and healthy eating plan to lose weight. This week I lost 2 kilos. Im going to the gym 5-6 days, an hour each time sometimes cardio, pump classes, weights etc and eating healthy. Would having a free day on Sundays eating what I want affect my weight loss?

Maricela answers:

Not really!
Just be reasonable!

That might work, and help you loose more wait,
on health and diet sites I’ve heard that shocking the motabalism by eating something your body is not used to eating all of a sudden, can actually make you loose more weight than the usual.
So suddenly eating what you want one day a week might help!

Try looking at some food and diet website. They may also be able to give you a few tips.

Linda asks…

I need a weight loss diet plan that actually works. I need help?

Is there any weight loss diet plans that really work. I need to lose weight and I am willing to do what it takes. Are there any websites that provide this service for free?

Maricela answers:

There is a really great online program called The Weight Loss Jungle. They help you find the best methods to lose weight. There are programs designed specifically for your weigh loss needs, recipes, forums, blogs, e-books, and even free trials of many diet programs.

Lisa asks…

where can i find a forum or community for women that are dieting or trying to lose weight?

i’ve been trying to stick with a diet for the past month or so, but find that it’s a lot easier for me when i have other people to talk to about tips and progress and such.
does anyone know of a community or forum where women can discuss their diets and weight loss plans with one another?

Maricela answers:
Helped me out!!!
I LOVE the members on there they are all sooo helpful!!!
You’ll love it!!!
I have lost 20 pounds thanks to them!

Ken asks…

How many carbs should I intake a day to see fast weight loss results?

I’m 5’7, 164 lbs and watch what I eat. I work out 30-45 mins 6 days a week, but i’m not seeing weight loss as quickly as I would hope to. How many carbs should I intake to maybe reach a 4-5 lb weight loss goal per week? Also what are some good foods with low carbs?

Maricela answers:

Stop….before you try any programs you should know a few things about food. One is where the food you eat falls on the glycemic index. This is important for your body to function correctly. Usana Health Sciences has a product called Reset, this product has a weeks worth of meals to reset your bodies sugar levels and a complete meal plan for after the first week. It is awesome and worked well for me.

There is also a great supplement called Acai Berry Select, this will also help you jump start your weight loss. This product gives you a month supply for free as a trial. I added this to the reset and wow did it work. After the first month if you want more of the Acai Berry Select it does cost, but they don’t require you to keep going after the free trial it is all up to you

I hope this helps and good luck in your adventures

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