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by Maricela on December 25, 2012

Linda asks…

What are some good exercises for getting rid of tummy?

I’m on a weight loss plan and have been during lots of cardio, but I was wondering if anyone had any favorite exercises for flattening your belly, besides regular crunches?
I really want to be bikini ready this year!
Thanks!! 🙂

Maricela answers:

The key for losing weight is simple – consume less food and move more – the issues surface when we actually try to put that into practice! There are a lot of temptations in the real world aren’t there?! The sole method which clearly worked for me was wu-yi tea, it can be viewed in the resource box underneath, they have a few free trials remaining, it has been highlighted in Fox News and USA Today. I melted away thrity pounds, it clearly does produce results!

Helen asks…

Has anyone lost weight by eating less/healthier and drinking more water? How much & how long did it take?

I know I need to exercise, but I have to do one thing at a time. Once I get good eating habits down I plan on including exercise in my weight loss plan. Its just in the past I always failed when I tried to do it all at once. Kinda looking for a lil motivation to keep up the good habits I started for the new year. Thanks for any responses!

Maricela answers:

I lost 65 pounds in 4 months i cut out beef and pork and anything fried!! I did not eat after 6 pm I lost weight fast and still drank wine ! I ate 1 Breakfast jack w/o meat and took off the top bun,
for lunch a chicken salad from whataburger with fat free italian dressing, and for dinner a chicken breast with veggies or side salad! I would drink a lot of water and when I went out I drank red wine. I went from a size 18 to a size 8!!! These guys in my class use to make fun of me being fat, and in 4 months they were asking me out!! I said no because by then I was out of their league!!! For snacks I ate pretzles only a few!!

Betty asks…

I want to lose 20 pounds in 19 days is that possible? What diet plan should I follow?

I am going to Florida on March 19, 2007. I weigh 120 IBS. What is the best thing I should do? I want to lose weight in my stomach and mainly in my thighs!

I would like website that have free weight loss diet plans online or your personal plan as well!


Maricela answers:

To lose weight successfully,you should know:

Low Fat Foods DON’T WORK………
You cannot lose weight using Low Fat Diets. Low fat foods have been popular for more than 15 years, but yet our society is getting more overweight as each year passes. This fact alone should tell you that eating a purely low fat menu is not the answer to losing weight.

Low Calorie Diets DON’T WORK……..
You won’t lose weight using a Low Calorie Dieting Plan either. In fact, eating low calories is the worst thing that you can do to your body, since that will only slow down your body’s fat burning engine and ruin all chances of losing weight (low calorie diets may allow a few pounds of weight loss for the first few days, but then after that all weight loss comes to a halt — known as a dieting plateau). You can never get slim by starving yourself.

Low Carb Plans DON’T WORK…….
You’ll probably find it extremely difficult to get slim using a Low Carb Dieting Plan. Low carb diets have recently become popular over the last couple years, but the problem with low carb menus is that they are too strict and TOO HARD TO FOLLOW for average people. Low carb menus tend to rob your body of too much energy (carbohydrates) and make it nearly impossible to remain on the program for very long. This is why so many dieters find it difficult to follow a strict low carbohydrate menu.

In fact,the food that you eat can either make you THIN or FAT!!!

GO to the source below,,

It will tell you the whole secret of weight loss and tell you how to lose weight by eating Chicken,Fish Filet,Cottage Cheese,sandwich and so on.You can find weight loss is so easy and so happy!!!!!

Robert asks…

Can a person with diabeties eat weight watchers snacks?

I am thinking about joining weight watchers to help me with my weight loss.
I may be diabetic and I am getting my test results from my last blood test soon.
I wanted to know if weight watchers is a good weight loss plan for people with diabetes?
And are the snacks they have ok to eat?

Maricela answers:

I have diabetes and have been doing WW for about 15 weeks. At my last doctor’s appointment my sugar levels along with my cholesterol had all come down into the normal range. I am still on my medications but he cut back my cholesterol meds and may do the same with my blood sugar meds after my next appointment if I show that I can maintain the progress that I have made.

You do not have to eat WW snacks (or any WW food) to do weight watchers. You just have to figure out the points for the items that you are eating, add them up throughout the day, and don’t go over your daily allowance. Throw in some exercise and you are good to go. It is really quite easy and no food is prohibited.

Here are some snacks that I eat:
Sugar/fat free pudding cups
Sugar free gelatin
Lays light potato chips
100 snack packs (lots of varieties)

I have actually never eaten any official ‘Weight Watchers’ foods. Good luck with the ‘diet’ and with the test results.

Lisa asks…

how do i break a weight plateau?

I have been on Quick Weight Loss plan for 4 months. I dropped 35 lbs in 2 months and then nothing. I have been wavering in between 10 lbs for 8 weeks now and have not gone down a pound. I am eating eggs, one other protein(chicken, salmon, mahi mahi, tuna, turkey…) TONS OF VEGGIES, LOTS OF WATER, NO SALT, 3 fruits a day, and a protein bar. I am not starving myself, infact i eat ALL DAY LONG. I work out atleast 4 days a week. No weight training just cardio. I swim, run, or bike atleast an hour a day. I have 50 more lbs i need to loose before i get married but i can’t seem to get over this hump in the road!! Any tips?

Maricela answers:

YES…I HAD the SAME problem as you are having…So, here’s what I did to kick my weight control up a notch! Follow these suggestions:
1.) Drink ice cold water fast! Ice cold water makes your body burn fat to heat the ice cold water back up to body temp.
2.) Eat peppered beef jerky! The spices in the beef jerky, can actually speed up your metabolic rate…And also, there’s A LOT of protein in beef jerky, which really helps suppress your appetite!!
3.) Kill your cravings! Foods that kill cravings: veggies (raw, preferably), fruits, water, and like I just mentioned…Incorporate lots of protein-enriched foods, like fish, lean meats: chicken (no skin), turkey, and protein bars…Try a brand called, “Pure Protein”…there’s 20grams of protein in 1 bar!
4.) Drink green tea! This tea helps to increase your metabolism to burn more fat!! You can drink it cold/bottled, or hot.
5.) Limit carbs! This is an EMERGENCY weight loss trick. If you stop eating carbs. (or limit them) you’ll lose an extra 5lbs. Or more really quick by burning up all the stored carbs in your body…This is a trick not many people know about, but I’ve learned from my personal trainer! However, don’t stop eating them for the long-term basis, as complex carbs. Help to fuel your body, and provide energy! Just limit them.
6.) Exercise in the morning! Do about 30-60 minutes of aerobic activity…If you have the time…do an hour. The reason for working out first thing in the morning–is that your stomach is pretty empty from the night before, so your body is actually forced to feed off the stored fat in your body for energy!
7.) Get in the habit of walking for 10 minutes after you eat! Your body burns the calories to digest the foods you eat, and if you walk for 10 minutes after you eat, you will increase the amount of calories you burn during digestion! Plus, if you eat 3 times a day…and you walk 10minutes after you eat each time…There’s 30minutes of exercise right there!
Also, feel free to email me, if you have any questions, or concerns!

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