Your Questions About Weight Loss Pills

by Maricela on April 24, 2013

Ruth asks…

How old does someone have to be buying over the counter weight loss pills?

Is there a age you have to be to buy weight loss pills from Walmart® ?
Do they check at the self checkouts? Thanks for answering!!

Maricela answers:

The only OTC meds that I know that get IDed are cough medicines (because you can get high off it) and nicotine patches/gum and that’s just stupid. If someone under 18 wants to stop smoking that’s a good thing.

Mary asks…

What weight loss pills have you used and which do you recommend, if any?

I am a middle aged female and am looking to lose those stubborn extra pounds in my tummy area.

I have used some weight loss pills int he past with some success. I am looking to try one of these products on the market today but there are so many! Help me out with your experiences, if possible. Not looking for opinions, just facts. Thanks!

Maricela answers:

** You should try drinking 8 to 16 ounces of water before each meal, this will fill you up and you will eat less, resulting in less calories at every meal. Weight loss pills are not very safe, at least water is safe. I know it may be hard at first to drink water, but you can add more and more everyday until it becomes easier, ( you will get used to it. I lost 50 pounds in three years and kept them off , I also walk for 20 minutes at least 5 times a week. Patience is needed,, if you want quick, this is not it, better to lose slowly than too fast (not healthy for your body) Well good luck too you, hope this helps.

P.S. I also think that the younger you are the faster you will lose weight, 50 years and up will take longer

George asks…

What do you think to this weight loss pill?

I know healthy eating and exercise is the best way to loss weight but however i want something to help me lose weight quickly and easily, im thinking of buying these weight loss pills called Grenade they have the following ingredients in –

500mg Ma Huang
300mg Caffiene
200mg Tyrosine
10mg Chromium polynicotinate
200mg Coleus forskhlii

Does anyone know these pills and do you think that they will be safe?
Serious answers only please!

Maricela answers:

Okay, well lets go through the ingredients.

Ma Huang is Ephedrine, which is a stimulant, which increases your metabolism, so encouraging weight loss.

Caffeine is the ingredient in Coffee that stimulates your body and mind. The increased stimulation should make you excercise more and help you lose weight.

Tyrosine is converted to dopamine in the body which increases stimulation, helping excercise, and also can lead to the production of an appetite-supressing chemical, making you less hungry.

Chromium polynicotinate helps you to metabolise glucose, cholestral and fat and promotes the loss of fat.

Although Coleus Forskohlii hasn’t been proven to encourage weight loss, it is thought to promote the production of testosterone, which leads to increased stimulation.

So basically, as long as you take the recommended dosage, this should be perfectly safe. It could make you very stimulated and jittery though, but except for that it should be fine and help you to lose weight.

Sharon asks…

What do you think are the best weight loss pills?

Trying to find the best weight loss pills that are the most effective with the least side effects.

Maricela answers:

Phentermine or meridia

I am currently taking the 30mg (blue pill) of Phentermine
it is working nice lost about 10 pounds the first week but most of that is probabliy water weight.

Meridia is good too but it is too expensive for me.

Don’t try Diethylpropion it is worthless compared to the other two
its not time released so you take it and it works for like three hours then your really hungry and end up bingeing out.

I would say Phentermine but don’t forget while you take it even though you aren’t hungry still try to eat some healthy stuff every 4 hours of so nothing big. I do like an apple or a few pieces of Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky is a miracle with Diet pills cause its not very filling but still has the protein to kick start your metabolism.
Always eat some protein about an hour after taking it.

And don’t listen to that James Guy he probabliy has never had weight issues but you should only take them if your Morbidy Obese which means its a matter of prolonging your life.
Diet Pills WILL help you get where you want to be just don’t abuse them and be smart.
Once your down to your healthy weight ween yourself off slowly.
One every two days, three days, four days and so on.
Take them about 12 weeks tops then take a month off if you still need to get down.

Daniel asks…

Is it contradictory to use weight loss pills with protein shakes?

Just wondering because i want to go on weight loss pills but my wrestling coach recomended everyone use protein shakes.

Maricela answers:

You should take the advice of your coach.

Diet pills are a waste of money, don’t work, and some are actually bad for you.

All you need to lose weight is a good healthy diet and exercise – you will be getting lots of exercise by wrestling 🙂

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