Your Questions About Weight Loss Pills

by Maricela on April 9, 2013

Mandy asks…

Do you help me to give the correct information of natural weight loss pills which are safe and effective?

I am overweight and I want to get rid from this condition and want to look slim, trim and healthy. Please give me the information of natural weight loss pills.

Maricela answers:

Weight loss pills are a waste of money – they just don’t work.

All you need to lose weight is a good healthy diet and exercise 🙂

Maria asks…

What is the most recommended weight loss pill?

What is a good weight loss pill to take with diet and exercise?

I’m 18 years old, 19 soon. And if you recommend the Acai berry and cleansing pill I will report you. Do not spam my question with scams and cons please. I am very serious about this.
When I said no cons or scams I meant it. PLEASE do not send me marketing scams! I am 100% serious about losing a few inches and I really don’t want to waist money on something that isn’t going to work.

Maricela answers:

Go to a Fat camp(boot camp programs only) , or get HCG(injections, oral doesn’t work even half as well) and go on a VLCD (very low calorie diet). DO NOT go on a VLCD without a nutritionists help.


That or cut all the bad stuff out of your diet.

Good luck! (also don’t buy it off the internet, find a doctor who will help you with HCG, natural remedy type doctors are best.)

Sandy asks…

do weight loss pills only work on people who are overweight?

please no lectures on health- i’m not considering using weight loss pills, i’ve just been wondering about this.
i thought i said this already : I’m NOT trying to lose weight. I was just curious about how these pills work.

Maricela answers:

Weight loss pill is a generic term. You can lose weight with medication in several ways.

1. Increase metabolism (e.g., caffiene, ephedra). Burning more calories than you take in makes you lose weight.

2. Decrease appetite (e.g., fenfluramine). If you don’t take in as many calories as you burn, you lose weight.

3. Block absorption (e.g., chitosan). If you can’t absorb fat, you will have trouble taking in more calories than you burn.

4. Lose water (e.g., Lasix, diuretics). If you lose water, you lose weight, up to a point. Lose too much water and you get sick.

Losing weight happens when you use more energy to stay alive than you take in through your diet. Weight loss pills that cause this effect by any of the above means will work on anyone.

Carol asks…

What weight loss pill can I get at a regular drug store, that will actually work?

PLEASE don’t answer this telling me not to use weight loss pills.
I want a weight loss pill that I can conveniently get at any drug store that is safe, and actually works…
Has anyone had any experience with them, and know some that work?
Thanks in advance!

Maricela answers:

There is no ‘magic’ pill. Eat less,move more is the only real way to lose weight.

Steven asks…

I have appt at weight loss clinic, with a BMI of 36 will the doctor prescribe me weight loss pills?

I go in tomorrow for blood work, urinalysis, and ECG. When my results come back I go in and speak with the doctor. I already know my BMI is 36 that means highly obese. But I am no sure if he will give me weight loss pills, even though it is a weight loss clinic. What kind of of weight loss pill could I expect to get? And about how much does a prescription cost?

Maricela answers:

Listen friend, whatever you do , donot take weight loss pills, I’ve seen too many cases of side effects including hormonal changes. I’ve the perfect solution for you if you’re serious about losing weight. I lost 15 lbs, a friend lost 40lbs using the same method.I got into marketing this programme after having personally found success.This is no DIETING, in fact you are encouraged to eat your regular evening meal (anything you want)in limited quantities of course, and rest of the day you take what I prescribe. If you could email me your height(in centimetres) and exact weight(in lbs or kgs) i will be able to personalize your programme for you. Its very simple and you’re gonna love it! See results in days and experience amazing energy and health benefits. Email me at, Iam here to help people like you! And most importantly its safe & herbal

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