Your Questions About Weight Loss For Teens

by Maricela on March 12, 2013

George asks…

Is there a generalized disorder for these phenomena?

The phenomena is characterized as obessive weight loss but not losing enough weight to call anorexia nervosa, and general feeling of trying to be young– as if in the teens, when the patient is in their middle ages, and once drinks mouthwash to get drunk, and has a history of depression and alcohol and drug abuse, but has been clean, and this is a sudden onset. Is there a generalized disorder for these phenomena?

Maricela answers:

It could be ednos, but that depends on the severity of the weight loss

David asks…

Does eating too much calories for a snack mess up your metabolism?

I heard you’re supposed to have 200 calories or less for snacks. Most adults who are on a diet only need 3 meals and 2 snacks a day and consume less calories than teens. I’m a teen and I eat 1,800 calories. I have 4 snacks per day. Is this healthy? How often should I eat snacks to keep weight loss going?

Maricela answers:

Yes, eating smaller meals/snacks more frequently is good for you and helps with your weight. You can pretty much eat as often as you want as long as the total amount you eat during the day isn’t more than you need.

You can also check out the website below, there’s some good information about speeding your metabolism up naturally.

William asks…

What are the benefits of not eating after 7pm?

I’ve heard a lot of weight loss experts say that you shouldn’t be eating after 7 at night. I wondered, why? What are the benefits?

Maricela answers:

There accturally has been a recent miscall on that myth.
A report went out in the last-month or so about eatting -time’s.
They corrected themselve’s with the recent studie they had brought out.

* “As long as you’re consuming a healthy lifestyle of calorie’s that you can maintain, and enought – espesically during teen- childhood years under the age of 19 you must be getting you’re XX ammount in.
It doens’nt matter when you eat- or where you eat as long as you eat it.”

You also burn alot of calorie’s while sleeping and you’re body need’s to have some fuel inside of it since you’re fasting all night – until breakfast which (breaks- the- fast)

Hope this helps!
I wouldn’t eat within half-an- hour before sleeping thoe due to stomach circulation’s

Charles asks…

Are there any good weight loss sites for teens that arn’t obese?

I’ve tried searching google and everything I find it for obese teens I only want to lose 15 or 20 pounds.

Maricela answers:

I don’t know any sites.
I suggest doing some exercises that get the legs moving, such as walking, jogging, running, swimming or bike riding.
These exercises that really get your heart pumping will burn the weight off quickly.

I like push ups, yoga stretches, pull ups, crunches, curl ups, leg stretches, calf raises, and squats as far as being good toning exercises that use no equipment and cost zero money to perform.

I like taking some dumbbells and doing some easy bicep curls, military presses, and lateral raises.

I think diet is important also and try to eat healthy home-cooked meals with lots of vegetables in them.

I try to stay away from the pop and sugar, candy, white flour products, and fast food.

I try to get a good night’s sleep each night.

Ken asks…

What are the best aerobic exercises for teen girls to reduce weight ?

I want to lose fat from my whole body,please tell me some aerobic exercise to achieve weight loss

Maricela answers:

Stop the fizzy drinks.
Exercise for about 15 mins or more everyday.
Eat healthy food
Drink ALOT of lemon juice or make it yourself and drink it instead of fizzy drinks and its much better.
Whenever you have nothing to do go for a walk or for a run, jog or even take the cat or dog out
also go to the gym

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