Your Questions About Weight Loss For Teens

by Maricela on February 22, 2013

Lizzie asks…

is anyone interested in joining a teen weight loss buddy group?

I am trying to start a weight loss buddy group for teens.
If you are interested, please email
or just put your email on this so I can email you.

Maricela answers:

Donald asks…

Why do my menstrual cramps get worse when I loose weight?

When I first started my period, my cramps were really bad, and remained bad through most of my teens. They got better as I got older, but I also was gaining weight as I got older. I have lost about 60 lbs because I became obese, and my periods have been getting much worse. Can anyone tell me if this is a coincidence or if weight loss and sever menstrual cramps are related. If so, is there anything I can do about it?

Maricela answers:

If you are starving your body then its not reacting. So your cramps could be getting worse. Exercis though lessens cramps and periods wont be as long

Daniel asks…

Website for teens who have undergone bariatric gastric bypass surgery?

I am 19 and I’m considering bariatric weightloss surgery, but I would really love to hear from people (specifically teens) who have already done the surgery. Is there a website for teens who have undergone gastric bypass?

Maricela answers:

Hello, I am not a teen, I am 26 but I on a member on and there are plenty of teens on there who have gone threw this.

Joseph asks…

Foods and exercises to gain muscle but not lose weight?

I am an underweight teen who has been told by my doctor to be more active, for my joint health and anemia. What are some exercises I can do and foods I can eat that will prevent further weight loss? I have a fast metabolism, as well as joint and nerve damage. Thanks!

Maricela answers:

Red meats are a good choice, seeing as you’re trying to gain muscle weight and since you’ve got anemia, think beef and pork.

Stretching every muscle you can move each night has been shown to decrease muscle degeneration, and is helpful for people trying to gain more muscle weight, this will also reduce stress and help your joints.. I typically take about 5 minutes each night to do this, originally it was to help wind down after the day, but there were un-founded benefits to it other than better sleep.

You say you’ve got a fast metabolism, the only problem I see with this is that you’re thin, meaning your metabolic rate can’t possibly be that high because people with a fast metabolic rate are also prone to being physically active.. Getting a bike would be a good choice, it’ll help your heart and lung function and will help your fore arms/legs/stomach without hurting your joints so much.


Hypothyroidism (causes obesity/lethargy/low body temp/difficulty concentrating) is a silent epidemic in the States and GB, over 95% of American’s have it but aren’t diagnosed, those that are diagnosed aren’t given the cure-they’re given a treatment that they have to take for life.. In your case it’s not the cause of obesity, yet, but it’s likely the cause of your poor metabolic function.

The above link will be to an article that explains hypothyroidism and what it does, and how you can get rid of it.. Read it carefully and apply as instructed, within about 6-8 months of continual dosage your thyroid should kick back into gear.

Chris asks…

Are chest exercises really an efficient way to lift breasts?

I’m still a teen, and my breasts are sagging due to a lot of weight loss. My breasts are only B cups, so since they’re small, would chest exercises lift the sagging breasts until they’re perky again? Or would there only be a tiny improvement?

Maricela answers:

It would improve by tightening the skin and reducing the actual weight of the breast but dont expect to much of a dramatic change
they have surgerys to fix this type of problem and this device they invented a really long time ago i think its called…. A bra?

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