Your Questions About Weight Loss For Teens

by Maricela on January 18, 2013

Donald asks…

Are there college scholarships available for teens who have had weight-loss surgery?

I had weight loss surgery in October 2008, i was wondering if there were any scholarships available to me, and others like me for a 4 year college education.

Maricela answers:

Why on earth would there be? Did the surgery make you any smarter or more suitable for any particular degree program?

Mandy asks…

what are good weight loss camps that arent super expensive?

I really want to do a weight loss camp over summer but i cant do a super expensive one. I live in arizona so anywhere around here would be nice, i would accept california too cause its not that far. Im 15 so they would have to accept teens. if you know of any place please help me and answer the question.

Maricela answers:

You should do a program yourself.The best solution is here :)Check out !

Thomas asks…

What are your thoughts on teenagers receiving weight loss surgery? Denies the real problem or life saving?

After recent increases in the number of teenagers getting gastric bypasses and other types of surgery, it is widely becoming accepted quickly. However, is it right? Do you think if it saves lives, of course! Or, alternatively, do you think that these kids should approach weight loss from a wholistic perspective (dealing with their emotions through psychological counselling, complimented with education about proper nutrition and exercise?)

Maricela answers:

I think the surgery is an extreme measure, and not really appropriate for teens. Teens can still change their lifestyle fairly easily. The surgery is the easy way out. Not only that, but 6 out 8 adults who have had the surgery that I know personally gained all the weight back within 5 years. Surgery is an extreme measure, but you still have to change your lifestyle. Without that change, it doesnt matter how many or what kind of proceedures you have, you will always gain the weight back bc you are still living the same unhealthy lifestyle.

Nancy asks…

What weight loss medicine can 14 to 16 year old’s use?

I am a 14 year old girl going on 15 and i am sick of my weight, i always get called fat, and all those mean words, i have been trying to work out but its not working for me, and my parents always buy junk food. Is there any medicine i can take like weight loss pills to loose weight?

Maricela answers:

Weight loss medications aren’t really safe, especially for kids and teens. Try talking to your parents about your weight concerns and ask them to not buy all the junk food. Eat a low fat diet and exercise.

Jenny asks…

How does rest factor into weight loss?

I have been working out and losing weight, but I don’t know how to properly rest or how it will affect my goal of weight loss. I do about 40 minutes of elliptical one day and leg lifts, rows, and pectoral flys plus 20 minutes of elliptical the next, alternating days.

Maricela answers:

You’r also doing wt training that’s building muscle along w/ cardio/aerobics for fat loss [not weight loss; very different] and building aerobic capacity.

Rest and nutrition are crucial.

Take at least one day/wk off.

I dont see what leg lifts would do for you, it they’r what I think they are: lying on back, raising leg(s) w/ knees locked. The six-pack ab muscle doesnt attach to the legs.

You dint post age, gender, ht & wt.

Your routine sounds ok if you’r not feeling overtrained in the legs.

Optimize your diet.

================= Scientifically sound fitness programs National Institue of Health’s health info page according to body system/location, & population groups: teens, women, seniors, etc.

Http:// Linus Pauling Institute National Institutes of Health, interactive grid for finding how many calories in user-selected food items, snacks or full meals.

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