Your Questions About Weight Loss For Teens

by Maricela on January 3, 2013

Helen asks…

Is it legal to buy weight loss supplements as a minor?

Such as the Acai berry pill thing (does that actually work by the way?) and other weight loss pills, shots, milkshakes, etc. I am 13 and I wanna loose weight so I am wondering if they will let me buy these things.

Maricela answers:

They advise that you need to be 18, but any age restriction will be printed on the container. Some stores make their own rules.

At 13 you really need a doctor and/or a dietitian’s help to lose weight.
Unless you are obese it’s better to aim at not gaining more weight because as you grow taller your BMI will level out.
Read this advice…

William asks…

How to get rid of stretch marks from weight loss?

i have lost 25 pds since the beginning of this year.
i have tons of stretch marks under my upper arm and
sides of my torso and thigh area.i applied suave cocoa
butter lotion for a couple weeks and no differences.i
heard cocoa butter reduces a teen so i cant afford

does it have to do with the fact im still trying to reach my goal weight?
should i try applying after im done with my weight loss journey?

Maricela answers:

Well….Unfortunately some can go away naturally by weightloss
and some may not, I know when I lost my weight much of them faded away, Now unfortunately some on the thighs or between the groin may still be there do to the skin has grown to fast at the time. As far as my arms goes, Yeah some vanished ( but not all of them) they do have solution tht can cause them to go away, some creames ***MAY*** work……but mostly i think getting them injected and or lasered may work as well…It will cost prior to location and where it is done at. I think the more weight loss will tend to lose most of them overall, unless you decide to eat like a pig and let them grow and grow. But just be aware NOT ALL STRETCH MARKS GO AWAY.

Richard asks…

Is it safe for teenagers to use weight loss products?

This isn’t an ethical question, but quite literally asking if it is safe for a teenager to use weight loss solutions like weight loss milkshakes and other things of that nature.

Thanks in advance!

Maricela answers:

This question is a very open-ended question in which there is not a single answer to. Weight loss products can be as mild as meal replacement bars or shakes to appetitie suppresant pills. The answer to your question is going to depend on which products that you are speaking of. As a very general answer, you need to look at the nutrients that a teen needs to get everyday. If the product is restricting this, or preventing the intake of this, then no – they are not safe.

As far as “weight loss milkshakes”, look as the nutritional content in each of the shakes. If this shake is providing the proteins, carbs, and good fats that are needed in good proportions and amounts, then there should not be a problem. The problem arises when you get into some of the replacement drinks that are nothing more than an apetite suppresant with no nutritional value.

Good luck!

Betty asks…

Weight loss problems! Any methods of weight loss for a teen who needs to tone up?

Ok, well i am 14 and i would never usually be concerned with my weight. But i have gained a huge 40 pounds in 6 months. Im not pregnant i just got really fat and due to another medical problem my doctor told me i have to lose weight.
unfortunately my medical problem means i have to be very physically fit otherwise i will have trouble! so any methods of weight loss for a teen who needs to tone up?

Maricela answers:

To “tone up” you need to lose body fat. To lose body fat effectively and fast, do the 12 day program from the Fat X 101 website. My cousin and I did it and got great results. The workout videos are challenging but doable. Good luck to you!

Sharon asks…

How can I lose my weight in spite of having ovarion cyst? Can this affect all my weight loss efforts?

I have ovarion cyst (Chocolate cyst) and my weight is 64 kg and height is 5feet 2 inches. I have tried many of the weight loss efforts including herbalife product (using currently) but in vein. I am really tired of my belly fats and waist fats. Pls suggest me a good way for weight loss. Tried balanced diet, Gym, different diets.

Maricela answers:

You must read “The China Study” by Professor T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University. His three decades of research shows strong correlations between dairy consumption and growth of tumors.

After trying every diet under the sun, I finally discovered “Eat More, Weigh Less” by Dr. Dean Ornish. I started eating a “whole plant based diet” that is devoid of refined food products and animal based products. My health improved noticeably within one week and I lost 90 pounds over a period of three years. I feel alert, alive, and healthier than I have since my teen years. The scientific research is clear. People eating a whole plant based diet have fewer tumors, longer lives, and better health.

This is your answer to better health and a slimmer waist line.

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