Your Questions About Weight Loss For Teens

by Maricela on May 2, 2013

William asks…

i need a REALLY good website that gives good weight loss for 17 year old girls?

help, im overweight, probably obese, i want to loose weight for myself and im very determined to loose weight, HELP please, i need a good website for weight loss for teens and tips for it

Maricela answers:

Increase you protein!!!! Trust me uit helps the food cravings sooooo much.

Joseph asks…

Should I play High school Football next year?

I really love playing football but i’m overweight and I don’t think I could make the team, so I didn’t tryout in Grade 9. Should I tryout in Grade 10? Also, if anyone knows some good weight loss diets for teens that would be greatly appreciated.

Maricela answers:

When I was in high school I was 6’3 and 320 lbs and played offensive line. I wasn’t the biggest lineman.

Sandra asks…

Does anybody know a good weight loss spell?

I’m a teen pagan witch. A couple of my friends know about me and accept me. I was recently asked by Adam for me to do a weight loss spell on him. Does anybody know how I can do this for him?

Maricela answers:

You get 1 white, 1 blue, and 1yellow candle. Light them all in front of a mirror and say this chant:

Lighter thinner
that I say
Make me my right size
this very day

When you finish this chant, pour the wax from the candles into a small glass with a new wick in it. Repeat this day after day until your new candle is made. Burn your new candle until it or the wind puts the candle out. When you’re feeling overweight again light the candle and let it put itself out.

Carol asks…

What is a good work out specifically for a teen, that I can do about 3 times a week?

I am 15. 5’7″ and about 125. I just want to get into shape, no dramatic weight loss. I need a workout routine I can do in about 30 minutes.

Maricela answers:

Running is a great way to get exercise. It helps most of your body. Just starting out going shorter distances and increasing distances as you get in better shape.

Nancy asks…

Is a sauna a good way for a teen girl to lose weight?

I am 15 and weigh 160 lbs. I want to get back down to around 140-145 lbs. There is a sauna at my gym and I was wondering if it would help increase weight loss or if it wouldn’t make that much difference.

Maricela answers:

No saunas are mainly designed to help your blood circulation, you may lose a bit of fluids due to excess sweating but you will put it back on as soon as you re-hydrate .
To lose body fat you need to be increasing your heart rate through cardio exercises at least 30 Min’s minimum 3 x per week to start with.
By all means go in the sauna after your workout as it will help relax your muscles and help prevent soreness but it definitely won’t aid fat reduction at all

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