Your Questions About Weight Loss For Teenage Girls Naturally

by Maricela on February 19, 2013

Michael asks…

Losing weight for teens?

I am in my young teenage years, on the short side (around 5’1ish) and weigh somewhere between 108-113 pounds depending on the time of day. I would like to lose weight since I find myself chubby, especially on my legs. So in July I started biking up hills and around the neighborhood 6 times a week for about 40 minutes. That helped, but my weight stood the same, even though now I’ve started running 4-5 times a week for half an hour. I don’t like how I look, there are girls the same height in my class who are wicked skinny and everyone likes them. 🙁 I’ve tried lowering my calories to just one food item per meal (i.e one cup of cereal for breakfast) and that’s helped but not on my thighs. Just my stomach. *Sigh* and then I binge when I’m bored and now I hate myself for doing that. Is there anyway to stop snacking when I bored or tired and to lose weight fast, like 12 pounds?

Maricela answers:

I’m also a teen struggling with weight loss.First off, you actually sound quite healthy for your height and [assumed] gender. My biggest tip: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT OTHER GIRLS. YOU ARE NOT THEM, AND YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO BE THEM. They’re probably naturally twigs. Make sure your diet includes a rainbow of vegetable and fruits, as well as grains and a lot of water. Check food labels. Check for trans fats, added sugar, corn syrup and anything that ends in ‘-ose’, like fructose or dextrose. Try to cook when you can instead of eating take-out. Check the serving size, and take a small bit less than it, as the calorie counts are estimated, and are usually lower than they usually are. If you live near a library or bookstore, look for a book titled, “Eat This, Not That.’ It shows slightly healthier alternatives to candy, ice cream, and other indulgences. Try not to stress yourself out, as that can cause binge eating and retaining of fat.

William asks…

Anyone else sick of the “rail thin” look?

When are we going to embrace a more realistic and healthy standard of beauty?

I would never want to go back to my high school days, I had absolutly no shape at all. Now I’m actually have breasts and a butt . . .and I love it!

Women are beautiful at any size and we were meant to have curves!
crazy sexy cool:

Sweetie, there is nothign wrong with you. I fully aware that some women are just naturally thin.

What I’m am “sick of” is the way society is telling women that “stick thin” is the ONLY way to be beautiful.
For those of you who are naturally thin,
my comments are NOT aimed at YOU but at society’s view of beauty in general, so PLEASE read before replying, thanks!

Maricela answers:

I agree!
It’s also disgusting how teenage girls are becoming obsessed with being ‘rail thin.” I can’t even remember how much times teen girls have either posted their pictures or body measurement/weight on yahoo!answers asking if everbody thought they were fat!? And they were always thin and were around 115 lbs!! Since when is that considered “fat??”
Sometimes when a woman is naturally thin and has never had any fluctuations in her weight, they may still think they need to lose weight, and then those that aren’t very thin but are either voluptuous or obese have a goal to look like Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie. Nothing against women who are as thin as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, but IF one is basically starving themselves to look that way, that is unhealthy(I also realize that many woman are naturally very thin, therefore that last line would not pertain to them). Also, each woman does not have to be a certain size in order to be considered healthy. We all have different body frames which means we have different weight loss/gain goals. It’s unnatural for every woman to be the same size.
There is also a misconception that thinner woman are automatically healthier than one who is not so thin.If you are thin and not actively walking,running,working out regularly and/or eating healthy(it’s not ONLYfor the benefit of weight loss, everybody needs exercise for cardiovascular and overall health)or you are full figured or obese and exercise regularly,and eating healthy- who would you think is healthier?
Like you Nefertari-I’ve also got curves and I embrace them. I was meant to have them and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Mandy asks…

Which Mental Illness do I have? Help!?

So this how I have been feeling this for a good while now, around 6/7 months or more. I’m 14, girl, and my aunt has depression.
-Most of the time, i’m very sad sometimes for no apparent reasons and sometimes for actual reasons.
-I have had toughs of suicide and I have scratched my arms and legs when i’m mad ,sad.
-I have taken around 12 pills of advil or panadol when I had gotten anxious, scared or sad and sometimes I mix both of them and I don’t care about the consequences, and I have done this a few time( 4 or 5 times).
– I don’t like to go out, I like to stay home and alone, doing nothing, i’m not social, and I have this hatred to awards most people.
– I have mood swings, for an hour I get sad for an important and life changing situation and I get teary and really sad, and then out of the blue or if someone says something funny, I just change up my mood and I get happy, and then later, around 4/5 hours I get sad again and so on…
-I take rejection very harshly, I get very protective.I feel very tired and worthless at times and as i’ve said i contemplate suicide, but never have the drive to do it.
-I have a very sad, hopeless mood while at the same time feeling extremely energized.
-I get anxious often, And sometimes, when I should be anxious, I get totally mellow.
-I have had a panic attack once(felt very dizzy like I was going to become unconscious and My breath was getting heavier so it was harder to breath).
-I have a high blood pressure,( ever since I was small).

Maricela answers:

It’s tempting to say “It’s all apart of growing up,” but I know first hand that depression is anything but natural. It’s just as likely that what your experiencing is normal, but how could any of us know from an Internet forum. Generally, if those symptoms your having are bad enough that others notice or they cause significant problems in your life (judged by others than yourself), it’s possible you are depressed.
Not everybody personality’s are the same but, some people are naturally less social, as a result of the environment they were raised in. I’ve certainly never had this problem as a child. I’ve seen children with some of these issues, but not all of them, and they surely didn’t think they had a problem.

From Wikipedia, see links below.

“Atypical depression is characterized by mood reactivity — being able to experience improved mood in response to positive events”

“Despite its name, “atypical” depression is actually the most common subtype of depression — up to 40% of the depressed population may be classified as having atypical depression.”

Official Symptoms:

a) mood brightens in response to actual or potential positive events

b) At least two of the following:

* Significant weight gain or increase in appetite
* sleeping too much
* heavy, leaden feelings in arms or legs
* Long-standing pattern of interpersonal rejection sensitivity that results in significant social or occupational impairment.

“patients with atypical depression are more likely to suffer from other psychiatric syndromes such as panic disorder, social phobia”

My response continued

In the case that you are depressed, I’d say that you sound more likely to be dealing with this type of depression over melancholia. See link below. Although, it’s possible you don’t fall into any specific subtype, you definitely listed depressive symptoms. Feeling sad and happy in response to positive events is classical atypical depression. Tearfulness is also a sign of atypical depression, especially in teenage girls. Sensitivity to rejection is another classic symptom. And, anxiety is highly associated with atypical depression.

The difference between atypical depression and melanchoilic depression is that people with melancholia usually feel overly guilty for no reason, they have a distinct feeling of gloom or misery that is unlike anything you’d experience normally (not your regular blues). They feel hopeless and they absolutely never feel happy or even remotely normal (how they felt before depression occurred). They may have severe insomnia, weight loss, anxiety or agitation. This type of depression is probably more likely to cause significant problems in their work (disability or no job), social life (isolation for years), and family (can’t support their kids). Melancholia is more common in older adults.

The dizziness and breathing problems could be caused by high blood pressure. I think it’s pretty common. Then again stress and anxiety may cause high blood pressure periodically.

If your parents haven’t brought up the issue of depression, maybe your doing better than you think. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to bring up, especially when you’ve told us. Perhaps you could tell your school nurse. I’m sure you and whoever can come up with a plan. And, please make sure you get your blood pressure in control.

Good luck.

Betty asks…

I need advice about my hair?

I’m chubby , so I don’t know if I should grow my hair long.. At the moment it’s shoulder length , and at the back it gets really hard to manage.. I have naturally curly hair , so if I straighten it it’s lovely. I think short hair with a full fringe suits chubby faces. So the first question is , should I grow my hair or get it cut? Also , I had a phase when I was 12.. I asked my mum if she could dye my hair blonde , so she bought a blonde highlighting kit , and in the end managed to dye my whole hair Blonde. Then , I wanted to go red.. My mum warned me that it would go ginger , but I went there. Then , I got it dyed brown. My hair is currently brown , with gingerish bits on the sides… How do I go about turning my hair black?.. What colours should I use before black , I don’t want to get something silly like Pink hair LMFAO.

Okeh , thankchu ^_^

Maricela answers:

Hey Tiger … Check out the girl with the blue hair!!
She is 17 and her hair is bright blue and long and she is in love with a boy who plays the violin and she saw him at the pumpkin festival …(((believe it or not))) … “Blue-Bell” = my nick name for her, she has a “Passion” for Doctor who and still lives at home like you do!
Let it grow Tiger … Like your mane = your crowning glory and a little story … All about you!
How hard do you think it is to “Manage” my hair when it comes down to my butt = sometimes it gets stuck … And I can even pin myself down when I’m laying on it … “Oh help!= I can’t move because my hair is stuck under my body!” = A new reality that sounds like fiction?
My hair has been long ever since I was ten years old and scissors are a fear of mine, untold!
Fact about dying hair black is that black will cover any color as it is darker than the rest!
Fact about weight loss is that meat sits in the stomach and takes longer to digest than living foods such as raw salads and raw fruits and vegetables … So what you said about eating only one meal a day is true for you but what the meal is is even truer than how much you eat.
Example is … Breakfast is one glass of pure fruit juice and a small bowl of muesli or a few pieces of fruit, such as one banana and an apple.
Lunch is a salad darling and you can make a salad out of lettuce with grated carrot and and a bit of chopped onion plus a diced tomato but salad can be more or less anyway you like it = I even wrap a lettuce leaf around a slice of cheese and call it a sandwich so we can make these things up as we go along.
Dinner or tea = your main meal can be a hot meal of steamed vegetables with just a bit of butter and salt and pepper on them. Or another interesting salad that you concoct all by yourself via your imagination = nuts are great in salad and sprouts and fruit like apple is yummy in salad and flavors are enhanced and spark new ideas in your mind just by one simple little change.
Drinking lots of water flushes your body out and cleanses the tummy and you will not be unhealthy if you cut back on food intake.
The main foods to avoid are the fatty foods cooked in oil, so deep fried foods with batter and chips and bread is also a food that stacks the weight on so cut back on bread and bread products = you do not NEED to stop eating it all together just cut back on it and swap a lettuce leaf for a slice of bread.
My daughter always suffered from migraines as a child so her lunch box always had a salad in it everyday as well as yogurt and a packet of dried fruit and nut mix and anybody else would think the poor girl would be undernourished or not develop properly … But here she is at age 28 and looking great and mother of a five year old and slim … But other people think she is anorexic or she has an eating disorder but she can eat like a horse too … “believe me you”…
Imagine in your minds mirror exactly how you want the refection in the real mirror to be and it will be tiger girl! = what do you want to look like?
= Gorgeous …? = YES!!!
Boys love long hair even on chubby females!
Look up my network and go to Amy with the blue hair = you can’t miss her because she stands out like a lighthouse flashing a sign that says “Look at me!”
Answer one of her questions and tell her that Shazy sent you to say hello because she thinks we would make great internet friends or mates!
And why do I think so = because you are both teenage girls who dream the same dreams and as different as you both might be … You will see … How close you two may be!
Amy might have some great ideas in her little “Blue-Bell” head and you might like some of those ideas and see how she copes with the world and growing up!
This profile also feels suicidal sometimes and endures a few heavy realities that she has to live with and climb above the issues in her life … So check her out mate?
Nobody is ever the one person who saves us or gives us the only answer but rather we are all reflecting truths to each other by the way we express ourselves and we are all enlightening each other by the expressions we reflect to the world and to others eyes.
Silly blue hair got this girl into a cafe where she drank hot cocoa with her dream boy and he said the words to her “I like your hair” and wow = Romance = chance and dance!
I will show you my hair in another profile photo I have in just a few moments or within a bit of time …okay!
Be patient because I’m an old granny here and don’t know how to use this computer very well … To me it is just a magic spell … So wish me well?
Within one year you can change the way you look completely if you want to Tiger girl and it is no where near as hard as you think it might be!
I’m so glad you have a Tiger heart and strong mind young Lady!
Love from your mate shazza…xxx…

Ruth asks…

Whats a good diet for an active 15 year old?

Im a 15 year girl who is very active. I run alot weekly. ( I just ran a half marathon yesterday) and Im a martial artist. I work out about 10 to 15 hours weekly. However, due to unhealthy eating as a child, I am about 15-20 pounds overweight. But, I have a lot of muscle too and would like to keep it. So basically I need a diet that will help me lose weight, keep my muscle, and give me energy for my work outs.

Maricela answers:

I’m a very active teenage girl and I exercise +15hrs a week too! Your so lucky. One of my new years resolutions is to run a half marathon..

I suggest you load up on the protein. Foods like skim milk, 0%-1% cottage cheese, nonfat plain yogurt/Greek yogurt, lean meats, beans, eat more protein after you workout to repair your muscles

eat ONLY whole grains, oatmeal, whole grain cereals, rice, pasta, crackers, Kashi granola bars. Eat carbs mainly before your exercise, so you have energy!

Load up of fresh fruits and vegetables, eat these to substitute any bad food you may want, instead of having candy, have some mixed fruit chopped up in yogurt! And instead of chips have some veggies dipped in hummus or Greek yogurt, by doing this you cut out hundreds of calories. Helping you to lose some weight

and EAT A GOOD PORTION OF HEALTHY FATS. Fats get such a bad reputation. But they are NOT bad for you. They don’t make you fat! Unhealthy fat that’s in junk food can make you fat if you eat alot of it.
Healthy fat regulates your hormones, it helps your skin, nails and hair. And keeps you focused. Foods like, eggs, natural peanut butter, avocados, unsalted nuts (almonds, cashews, etc), and olive oil..

Drink pleennty of water! 8 glasses a day! It helps with weight loss and metabolism (it helps your skin too)

since your a teen, it’s not best to go on a diet without adult supervision/doctors orders.. You may be fine for your age.. Since you told me that you have a lot of muscle. All that extra weight could be muscle weight..No one on here can tell so I recommend you see a doctor about this is you really want to know..

Keep exercising, and eat right. Your body will probably lose any weight you don’t need naturally as you get older..So don’t mess with anything

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