Your Questions About Weight Loss For Teenage Girls Naturally

by Maricela on January 26, 2013

James asks…

whats wrong with me why cant i eat?

Im 5 foot 1 and i naturally weigh 95 lbs, i don’t have an eating disorder, i don’t think i look fat and im not scared to get fat… I now weigh 88 lbs and i am so hungry, but i don’t have an appetite at all. Like, i want to eat a buffet but once i sit down to eat i have to force myself to. My stomach is probly so small right now, and whats a doctor going to do for me but call me anorexic? Which im not. I even smoke pot on a daily basis and i never get the muchies lol. And when i tried to quit smoking it made it worse. Any suggestions? I want to be at least 100 lbs, since that is average for my height and age. Im probly the one out of a million teenage girls who wants to gain weight, not lose it.

Maricela answers:

Best is to ask your doctor instead of Yahoo Answers, but….. 🙂

Read up on the effects of Candida in your body. Too much candida (a yeast) can lead to loss of appetite and it’s actually quite common.

Otherwise, just schedule meals. Make something healthy and at least 500 calories per meal. Make a point to eat everything on your plate even if you don’t actually feel hungry.

Laura asks…

teen weightloss programs?help I’m overwight?

I am 16 5 feet. yeah i know i’m short. I weigh 139. are there any good weightloss plans. please help I’m tired of being overweight i have low self-esteem and very few friend. I’m tired of not fitting into the latest fashions like at urban outfitters, and etc.

Maricela answers:

Fix your self esteem first, that’s actually the bigger problem.

I know this sounds cliched, but do you really want friends who only want to hang out with you because of your clothes size?

Stress and depression take a horrible toll on teenage girls and weight loss is not the solution that people often think it is.

(Also, depression tends to make people gain weight. Become a happier and more active person and you will probably lose some weight naturally without devoting your life to diet. Because really, the only people who want to hang out with brainless diet-obsessed girls are OTHER brainless diet-obsessed girls.)

Paul asks…

How can a teenage girl lose weight?

My weight has been a constant issue, and although I’m not severely overweight, my size gets to me sometimes. I want to naturally lose a couppla’ pounds before Christmas, but I know I can’t shred too much weight is such a short period of time.

I do netball twice a week (2hrs total) and badminton once (an hour). I’m also considering walking to school, which will take roughly 35 mins (its just under 2 miles away). I plan to do this daily – but I’ll take the bus home from school. Would this help me lose weight? Also, I’m trying to eat healthier by eating fruit instead of crisps etc. What else could I do to lose weight? Btw, I’m not that into swimming and the nearest pool is a few miles from me, so preferably not…

Any advice is appreciated :]

Maricela answers:

Do you have an Iphone? If so, i recommend an App called “My Net Diary”

its free, and I use it all the time just to control my weight while I’m at college since I don’t have a lot of time to cook well or work out. The key to weight loss is calorie control. In the app, you put in your weight, your goal weight and the goal date to be at the ideal weight. Lovely thing about the app is that it will not let you set your goal at an impossible level. Its purpose is to help you set a reachable and healthy goal. Each day you punch in your excercises, food etc and it analyzes everything for you!

Weight loss is sensitive. Take a bit of advise from a former chubby girl: if you obsess over your weight, you will make yourself miserable.

Tips to be healthy and keep weight off:
– improve your relationships, get a lot of sleep. Both of these reduce stress, blood cortisol (stress hormone levels can cause increased weight.
-dont drink diet sodas. Chemicals and sugars help hold on to fat.
-take the stairs! Climbing to my third story dorm MELTED my weight off

Good luck 🙂

Nancy asks…

How many calories is a teenage girl suppose to have in one day?

I’m a 15 year old young women and in Health class this year for junior high.
So since I’m in this class I’ve been really interested in all the information I didn’t really know about for my body and what it needs. I’m kind of naturally a health freak because A: My mom taught me her ways.. and B: I want to be in the cosmetology and make up design business and I figure that a eternally healthy body is a beautiful body. I want to make my body more healthy than I thought it was, more fit and active as well…I understand how much exercise I need and how long I need it for and how to take care of my skin.
All I need to know now is how much calories am I suppose to have each day…I think it’s around 200 or something..Plus…me and my mom are both Gluten sensitive…meaning that we get sick off of eating wheat products “/ So….Any kind of advise would be awesome 😀


Maricela answers:

I,d say 1800-2000 for an active teen, if athletic, much more. 1500 is the minimum most people are allowed for gradual weight loss.

Mandy asks…

How does a teenage-girl like myself get rid of chubby cheeks and a fat face non-surgically?

Okay, so here is my problem. I have just turned 15 on September 16 of 2009, and I am still having weight and face issues! I wouldn’t say that I have always been a heavier girl, but I have always been a “healthier” girl if ya know what I mean. I weigh about 150 sumthin pounds, and I used to be in my 160’s, but I lost a lil so I guess that’s good. I feel as if I’m in my 140’s now though because ever since school has started(I’m a freshwoman, 9th grader now), I have been walking/running around alot throughout the school building, home, and gym class everyday. I also only eat like 1-2 times a day now, because I don’t get as hungry. See, da thing is that I wouldn’t even care about my weight if I didn’t have a fat face. I know many bigger girls with pretty slimmer faces, but I’m da bigger girl with da bigger face. Even though I’m pretty as well, I hate having a fat head, It makes me look ugly a lil, especially when I have a breakout on my face or when my booty-chin starts to come in. I know that I have a fat face because when I bend over or look down, all my fat on my face falls down as well, and it makes me look like i have a chipmunk face! I really hate this, I just don’t know what to believe. People say to exercise and your face will lose with your body, but I don’t really think that is all da way true because I have a skinny cousin with a fat face. I just really want to get a slimmer face by facial exercise, not by pills, by drinks, by surgery, I am only 15!!! I wanted to try that perfectcheekbones program thingy, but my mama said that I can’t do it yet until I at least turn 18 because my body is still growing! She says that it is just a phase, my fat cheeks will go away like hers did, blah, blah, blah, well what’s taking so long?! I am very unpatient, and a girl’s teenage years are her most emotional years of all, it’s da years when girls start to grow more into their beauty, it’s like a competiton, if you don’t look better then da other then you think that your not pretty. At least that is how I feel. When I was a kid I never thought about my looks as much, why now? Boys and girls say that I’m cute and pretty all the time, but than they have to throw my “fat cheeks” in the sentence though, and I’m tired of being noticed for that girl. So please, if there is a way can you please help me because I’m tired of being sad, unhappy, and wishing I was someone else that I’m not. I cry alot, sometimes all the time. What should I do, should I talk to my mama more (which won’t help because she keeps saying that I’m beautiful the way I am) or what?
P.S. For those who wanna know, I’m 5’3, sorry for not mentioning.

Maricela answers:

No offense, but at your age, you still most likely have a lot of “baby fat” and your face will probably slim down as you get older. However, if you have relatives that are OLDER, not just thinner and they still have the same facial trait, it may be just be heredity. If your mom says hers went away, ask to see photos of her when she was your age and judge for yourself. In the end, no matter what, you have to accept how you look. In the meantime, I wouldn’t rule out healthy weight loss unless you are very tall, as at 150, you could lose a lot and still be a healthy weight. If you are so miserable you cry a lot as you said, put that negative energy to watching what you eat and being physically active. It couldn’t hurt as long as you eat healthy things and don’t starve yourself. You’d also have a lot more energy.

I am 5’8″ and average about 120-125 and am naturally thin despite eating a ton. When I look at photos of myself at 15, even though I was much thinner then, my face was much fuller than it is now at a greater weight. With age, a lot of times the chubby “baby fat” as my mom always called it, goes away. Big difference in photos at 18 as it started to get slimmer and more defined if that makes sense. You are still really young.

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