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by Maricela on March 9, 2013

Helen asks…

Am I anorexic? Please help!?

I’m a 14 year old girl, I’m 5’10”, and I’m 121 pounds. 3 months ago I was 131.5 lbs., but my friends always made fat jokes & I wanted them to stop. I track everything I eat, I have a daily limit of 1,318 calories & I’m active for an hour+ a day. I’m beginning to become obsessed with my weight loss & I’m scared that its going to take over my life! My parents and sister keep saying that I need to gain weight but I’m so scared that I’ll become fat! What should I do? Am I anorexic? Please only give serious answers.

(BTW I have never made myself throw up)

Maricela answers:

Sounds like you believe you are developing a problem. I believe you should up your calorie intake, ask your doctor or nutritionist for more info. You can probably get that information for free at your health department. Most teenage girls do have body image problems, and most like to poke fun at others. You’re not fat! Your friends are probably shorter than you and just going off your weight alone. *It’s because you’re tall,* your body weight probably won’t match your friends. Try your best to brush off the mean comments. Healthy is much more beautiful than bone skinny. Focus your energy on eating a normal amount of healthy foods instead of limiting your calories. Drink water, eat apples and other fruit for snacks, limit greasy food, that should help you feel better.

Mary asks…

How much weight would i lose with this diet? (Teenage Girl)?

Age: 14
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5’6 and a half
Gender: Girl
(and yes i know that im the right weight but i reallly want to get slimmer for summer…to lose the bit of fat from my thighs, legs, stomach and etc)

30 minutes everyday first thing in the morning (20 mins of Cardio, 10 mins of Toning)
PLUS: my regular Gym Class once a week in school.

-BREAKFAST: 3 tbsp of sugar-FREE and salt-FREE museli, one third of a SMALL banana and 3 blueberries in a little Low-Fat Milk sprinkled with cinnamon. (small bowl!) (30 grams of muesli is about 108 calories so…)
-SNACK: Low Calorie Rice Cake with a thin spead of peanut butter and half of a SMALL banana on top. (about 100 calories) / a Go Ahead bars (3 per pack) (150 calories) (any other ideas?)
-LUNCH: ONE slice of brown bread (70 calories) toasted topped with a LITTLE chese and a few small sundried tomatoes …OR… a cup of spicy tomato soup (low calorie) with a slice of brown bread (any ideas of what i could have with this lunch?)
-SNACK: an Alpro Soya Yogurt (99 calories) …OR…1 apple (around 75 calories)
-DINNER: whatever my parents cook, though hopefully not over 500 calories (dinner is our biggest meal of the day and i cannot change that.)
-DESSERT: Cup of Tea and 1 biscuit.

-Drinks: 4 liters of water, 2 cups of tea (no calorie tea with NO sugar and low fat milk) and 1 carton of 189ml of milk.

any advice or ideas? 🙂 thank you 😀 oooh and how much weight would i lose with this per week? 🙂
im also a vegetarian.
btw, people tell me all the time im skinny its just i want to feel more comfortable on the beach this summer because i dont see it as much as they do.

Maricela answers:

I entered all this into the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app on the iPhone, its reeeaally useful so if you have a smartphone then I recommend it highly. Basically you type in all the excersise and everything you eat each day and it counts the calories and you can set a goal, and it will guide you on how much to eat to reach that goal. For yours I entered your information and set your goal weight to 100lbs, although you definately shouldn’t attempt that, but hypothetically.
So anyway, the food on the list came to approximately 940 calories, minus around 139 calories from excersise, this comes to a net of approximately 801 calories a day.
The app says that after five weeks you would be 106.9lbs, however this is just an estimate.
It also says that the amount of calories you consume on this diet is too few, if you increase your calorie count to approximately 1,200 a day, this will help you lose weight faster. By putting your body into starvation mode your metabolism slows down, making it extremely difficult to lose weight fast. Just stick to a balanced diet with alot of fruit and low-fat foods. You could remove the peanut butter, biscuits and cheese as these contain unnecessary amounts of fat. You could also talk to your parents and suggest that you all go on a diet together to get healthy for summer, this would mean having healthier meals for dinner, which would speed up the weight loss progress. Also try and stick to low-fat milk if you’re drinking 189ml a day!
Good luck, have a good summer!

Donna asks…

2 Quick Questions Plz Answer!!!?

Question One
How many grams of sugar should
a teenage girl eat per day?

Question Two
How many grams of fat should
a teenage girl eat per day?

Thanx 4 ur help!!!

Maricela answers:

I’m trying to lose weight too and it’s sooo hard. My aunt is using a weight loss product and it’s really working for her. I’m gonna try it and I recommend you try it too. Check their website at , my aunt got a free trial and paid only $6.95 shipping and handling.

Ruth asks…

Good foods to eat vs. bad foods?

Im a typical teenage girl…who happens to be insecure about her body ( no big surprise really) i have tummy rolls which i dread, fat thighs that drive nuts, and chubby cheeks that make me want to rip off my head. ( not really but still..thats how much i hate them ) its drives me crazy trying to rid the weight that make me so insecure! Ive tried plank, wall sits, riding the bike and such. Dieting …agh i love food and hate being hungry. Which foods should i focus on more and which should i try to stay away from ..? ( ya sweets i got that ) also any excersises that actually work because im pretty plank is a scam …help would be appreciated . Thanks for your dear time!!

Maricela answers:

We all have our insecurities, don’t sweat it! Lucky for you, body composition (fat to muscle ratio on our body) can be improved with diet and exercise! At least you’re not insecure about something that you CAN’T change, right?

Anyways, there is a TON of information I can give you, so I invite you to check out the nutrition section of my free website (since I’ve already written all of the articles). Check it out here:

In short, stay away from processed foods, stick with whole foods (lean protein, fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy fats).

As far as your workouts, here is the exercise section of my website:

There’s also a women’s weight loss section if you’d like to check that out as well. An important thing to remember is that in order to lose weight you need to eat less calories than your body needs each day. For example, if your body needs 2000 calories per day to maintain the weight you’re at now, you’d want to eat about 1500 calories per day to lose around 1 pound of fat per week.

Hope that helps and feel free to contact me!

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

John asks…

how to get skinny FAST ?????????? ( for a teenage girl ) ?

Alright, so im 134 years old and I weight about 144 lbs. I consider myself not to be “fat” but I know im not skinny either, i consider myself to be on the heavy side. I need any tips, tricks, or advice that can get me a thin, hot, FLAT tummy in about 3 months. i really, really want to be thinner and weigh much less then i do right now. If it helps i am 5’2 (short, i know)

I can’t get any diet pills or surgery, but if you have any eating or exercise tips that would be a life saver!!
( I also want to get down to about 105-110)

I thank anyone who will take the time to help me out it is very important to me to become thin FAST <3

and please no comments telling me this is stupid or I have an eating disorder, because I don't…and It's not like im skinny now, so me wanting to shed some pounds (okay 30 pounds =] ) is no big deal!
sorry not 134 :)) i am 14 :)) x

Maricela answers:

Umm I don’t know a lot about fitness and I’m not a dietitian or anything but there are a few rather easy things that will help with the weight loss… Most of them you probably already know but I’ll say them anyways! Drink lots of water and completely cut out soda (I personally wouldn’t even waste calories on diet soda), try to cut down your sodium intake (so no soy sauce, no microwave dinners, season your food with mrs. Dash and other salt free seasonings), eat whole grain breads and pastas, lots of green vegetables…

I live in Canada (not sure where you’re from) and we have the Canada Food Guide that recommends how many servings of the different food groups we should have per day (I’m sure wherever you’re from has something similar). When I was around your age I lost 15 lbs JUST by following that guide (not even exercising one bit). It becomes so easy to plan your meals and makes it easier to eat healthy. I’m not a big salad eater but what I used to do was for lunch I would have a huge salad. Sounds boring but I didn’t just have the usual just lettuce, no flavour salad. I added shredded carrot, different types of lettuce (as well as spinach), shredded cabbage, cherry tomatos, cucumber, broccoli, green pepper, red onion, sugar snap peas, grapes, apple, dried cranberries, unsalted sunflower seeds, pine nuts, almond slivers, boiled egg, shredded cheese (just a bit), chicken breast etc. And it was soo good! I only needed a really small amount of light dressing because it already had so much flavour and, because of the tomato and fruit, it wasn’t dry at all. The other great thing about going all out with your salad is you’re getting servings from a bunch of different food groups instead of just the vegetable group. It’s so filling which is important since you’re in school and need to be operating on a full stomach so that you can concentrate and make it through the day!

Try to plan your meals in advance and don’t leave the prep until the last minute because if you’re running late it’s easier to grab junk food than worry about finding something healthy.

Eat a good size breakfast (cereal, fruit, yogurt, fruit juice, etc.) and a good lunch (sandwich, fruit, granola bar, salad) and a snack every 2 hours (fruit, yogurt, handful of nuts and seeds, boiled egg) and then by dinner time you aren’t starving so you can have a pretty small dinner (tossed salad with some chicken breast, or fish with steamed veggies etc.), and then don’t eat past like 7:00 (VERY important!)

It’s so important to follow a meal schedule and to eat LOTS of healthy snacks because if you try to starve yourself by eating the bare minimum each day you’re going to constantly be thinking about how hungry you are and it will be so hard to focus on anything else until you reach the point where you just cave and go nuts and eat tons of junk.

I don’t know much about exercise, though it’s obviously important as well (especially since you want the flat stomach) and I’m sure someone else will post workout tips. I think that it’s not just about going to the gym and working out, the little things help as well. Take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators, walk to and from school (if possible), help out with yard work and put more effort into doing your chores, join a sports team or dance class, even walking around the mall for a few hours on the weekend. All easy things to do and they all help you to lead a healthy life style.

I know I kind of went on and on there but I hope you get that it’s about changing your lifestyle, being more active and taking care of your body. Crazy detox diets and hardcore exercise will work too but the moment you stop with the diets and cut back on the exercise all the weight you worked so hard to lose will come back in no time at all! Plus while you’re doing those fad diets you will be so hungry and it will make you miserable. Good luck, I hope you do well!!!

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