Your Questions About Weight Loss For Teenage Girls Free

by Maricela on February 16, 2013

George asks…

How to go through a summer transformation! (Teenage girl)?

I am 17 years old and going into Grade 12 for the 2012-2013 year. I weigh 175 lbs and I’m 5’6. I really want for this year to be my glory year, so I want to do the works. Hair regimes, skin routines, style changes, weight loss, everything. I know there’s the whole “inner beauty” movement, and it’s not like I’m bullied about being fat or ugly, what have you, I just want to be confident in myself and acheive my goals. I want to lose at least 20 lbs this summer, and I want to fix my hair, because it’s straight, but kind of frizzy at the ends. Suggestions on any area is appreciated!
Also my hair doesnt have split ends, I trimmed off 4 inches because I thought that was the problem, but my hairdresser seems to think it’s turning curly..
Also my hair doesnt have split ends, I trimmed off 4 inches because I thought that was the problem, but my hairdresser seems to think it’s turning curly.. Right now I’m using Herbal Essences None Of Your Frizzness, and if I blowdry with a brush the frizziness is better than airdry!

Maricela answers:

Change your diet first. Ditch any unhealthy food.Gotta start new to start a new you.Nobody gets a nice body sitting on the one they got ,so frequent exersice is a major factor amongst dieting. Do not ever starve.Iv been brought to the attention by my docter i had bordeline anerexia nervosa.. I know what your thinking why take advice from a 14 year old anerexic girl.Im just saying dont take this path,im just recovering but im telling you wont help.Might skrink your body but it eats you from the inside out.And you wouldnt want that.Just simply eat correctly,breakfast -eggs,oatmeal,blueberries,strawberries anything with protien.Breakfast is the most important meal to sustain energy and keep you going strong until of course lunch,consisting lean meats,chicken breast,broccoli,vegies,soup,salad, whole wheat pasta.Just go easy on carbs.Never go after white breads pasta,ect.Opt for whole wheat! For dinner i usually enjoy salmon:) Aside from healthy dieting an restocking with fresh fruit veggies wholegrains yogurts,lowfat milks, plenty of water..its time to get moving! Cardiovascular training will burn fat.DANCING /zumba will seriously do the job.Look for a zumba class!! They burn 100’s of calories,they build energy,and dance your way into shape. Now beauty? Healthy eating and healthy exersice will defanitly increase your appearance because of the certain nutriants ,viatimins packed in them,that junk foods dont have. Making sure you get plently of water everyday.Sleep a full 8 hours ,will keep your body going strong .The less sleep the worse your body will react.Ruining all your dieting/exercising work. For hair ,foods like nuts ,really create healthy hair ..and nails.Make sure you trim it keep it clean,wash it with good products.Treseme works fantastic if your looking for a friz free hair.Go try..”Vibrantly smooth shampoo&conditner”Or best -Herbal essesences “hello hydration” smells beautiful and works beautiful. Dont get to hung up on looks natrually do your body favors,put good food in it,and it will return the favor. See as i told you i overcame a serious disorder and i put nothing in my body.So in all favor my body showed me “nothing”. Im slowly gaining health back but im keeping ultimatly positive,and you should as well.Best of wishes!

Robert asks…

Do you think I have HIV?

Okay, so I have had it one time with a girl, I WASNT THINKING OF THE RISK… I’m 13 years old, only 4’11, 73 pounds (don’t have trouble eating) I have a mild skin disorder called Seborrheic Dermatitis … 80% of people infected with HIV have it. I get head aches a lot, and here are the symptoms of HIV.
_________________Symptoms found on a website below__________
Later infection
You may remain symptom-free for eight or nine years or more. But as the virus continues to multiply and destroy immune cells, you may develop mild infections or chronic symptoms such as:

Swollen lymph nodes — often one of the first signs of HIV infection
Weight loss
Cough and shortness of breath

Symptoms of HIV in children
Children who are HIV-positive may experience:

Difficulty gaining weight
Difficulty growing normally
Problems walking
Delayed mental development
Severe forms of common childhood illnesses such as ear infections (otitis media), pneumonia and tonsillitis

I also have a mild walking problem… and I will get tested, I just want to hear what you people think

I have a afro… and when I shave it, most of the dry skin by my ear goes away. My hair is also very thick, does that mean I still have the skin disorder?

Summary: The Only Symptoms I have are: Flaky Skin, mild walking disorder (Now gone and I had it ever since I was born) head aches, but the only time I have headaches is when I wake up because bad night of sleep, bad smell, blinding light, or annoying sounds. I DO NOT have a eating problem… My parents were 15 and 17 when they had me and I havnt gone through grow-spurt yet. I am not very skinny… just the weight sounds extremely low. And that is all the symptoms I have, please tell me yes or no in your answer in what you think also.

And also, I drink about 2-4 Cokes a day and when I was young I would eat my mom’s powdered coffee that she had in tin can.

Sorry, I meant to say 16 years old.

Maricela answers:

From what I can determine, the primary things wrong are that your parents were too young when you were born, your dermatitis hasn’t been properly addressed and you drink too much soda. Babies born to teenage mothers have more health problems at birth and later.

!!! You like caffeine, don’t you? It can cause rebound headaches. Cut out all sources of caffeine – sodas, chocolate and run a search for all other sources. Do this for 2 weeks and see if the headaches go away. You sound small for your age but I don’t know how tall your parents are. I’m thinking your nutrition could be improved.

Seborrheic dermatitis is very common condition. Did you read that too? Parkinson’s, strokes and brain injuries are also associated with seborrheic dermatitis. Do you have those too?

Sweetie, you don’t have HIV. I mean, did you have sex at the age of 6?? So you corrected your age and you’re now 16. Still, did you have sex at age 9? You’ve looked for symptoms but you haven’t looked at information about the virus itself. Check out risk factors and stop worrying.

Jenny asks…

How many calories would you estimate is this?

If you cant guess…does it at least sound like a fine amount. I think it was too much???

breakfast-two fried eggs (no butter) a nectarine and whole wheat bagel. (100 cal.)
snack- a granola bar (130 cal.)
lunch-9 mini sweet peppers, 1 4 oz greek yogurt (100 cal.) 1 applesauce container (45-50 cal.) and a slice of bread with pat of butter and two slices of lunch meat (turkey)
snack: 1 apple.
dinner: salad (romaine lettuce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil) 12 croutons with salad. 5-6 oz of lean beef. and one apple.
I also had: 2 peices of gum and two peices of sugar free candy.

Does this sound like a good amount? I think it was. I am a teenage girl trying to mantain weight.
ALSO; was that a good amount of certain vitamins (example, enough veggies. enough dairy, enough fruit etc.)

ALSOASLO; I take multi-vitamins. 1 centrum and 1 B-100 vitamin each morning…how do they actually work? DO they work?

Maricela answers:

What you’re doing is perfect and yes you’re getting most the vitamins and nutrients you need in a day. It wasn’t too much. Too many people try “starving themselves” or eating 3 meals a day, or 2, perhaps 1. That doesn’t work at all. No matter how healthy the food intake is it’s slowing down your metabolism. The multi vitamins are good. I take them also. You won’t really see the effect as much as your body will appreciate it. Basically gives your body the nutrients that you haven’t consumed. In the long run, you’ll be glad you took them. Keep eating like you did today, several small meals and the number one key to weight loss (if you’re looking for it) is MOVE more then you EAT. Which, seems like a bunch. Good luck.

Lisa asks…

Teenage Girl Weight Loss?

I’m going into my sophmore year of highschool in mid-August and really want to turn my life around.
I’m taking summer school and have high grades.
I’ve reversed my depression.
I also found out i had natural talent for guitar, so im taking lessons now.
So high grades, musical talent, feeling happy, my whole life is turning around and i feel great.
But the one thing I have yet to transform, is my body.
I’m 5’5.5 and 205 LBs.
But its not like I look obese.
If this makes sense, in the mirror i can see that i HAVE a waistline, like there’s an outline to it, its just covered up.
I wear a 16 in pants and a L or XL in tops.
So what would be a good diet and exercise plan to start me off?
I would like to loose 20 LBs before school starts August 13th if thats possible.
Also, I don’t eat any seafood excpet tuna, steak, brocolli,asparagaus,or cauliflower.
I like eggs and chicken a lot, so if you could include that
and i would mostly like exercise on the treadmill.
thanks 🙂
Please don’t just copy and paste something from wikipedia,
I want your actual oppinion.
thanks 🙂

Maricela answers:

Find a good work out gym in your area. And go three times a week. Do not try to fast or skip meals, just change how you eat. By the way congratulations on what you have done so far. Eat Breakfast, like an egg, toast, milk, a cup of oatmeal, skipping breakfast only makes you hungry, and you eat more at lunch. East lots of fruit and vegetables, and broil your fish, instead of frying it. Walk places instead of riding in a car.
Have you had a recent check up at the doctors, if you have not this would be a good idea, to rule out under active thyroid, which can cause you to put on weight. Stay away from soda pop, sugar free too. Carry water with you, so you will not be tempted by soda’s. Good Luck, and do not pin your expectations on losing all 20 pounds. You can still take it off, after you go back to school, and be aware you will lose more in the beginning and then reach a place where you just do not lose any more weight for a long time, but keep on, you will pass this place and start to lose again. Try eating the broccoli, cauliflower without butter on them, hard at first, but you will learn to love the natural taste.
My daughter says you need to reward yourself with some sugar free ice cream, every now and then, because if you do not you will become resent full and pig out. Also a good snack is popcorn, with artificial butter.

Nancy asks…

For Ms. Chick, I need your help!!!!?

Hi! First of all, I wanna say thank u for ur answer on my question before (about opera singers’ earning).

Second, I wanna ask again about opera music. Now, my next questions may sound stupid/silly/strange to you, but the fact is I really don’t know & I want to know, so if u can, please help me.

Does the opera have some sort of body height requirements for the singers, esp for females? If a female opera singer is taller than the other singers, will she never become a lead, despite how good she is?

Oh and one more thing, do you have to be “big” or “heavy” to become a good opera singer? Can’t a skinny/slender man/woman sing opera well? Are there also any weight/size requirements for opera singers? I know it is thought that Maria Callas “lost” her voice due to her massive weight loss.

Again, I’m so sorry if my questions have been asked before. And oh, anybody else are also free to answer if they want to.

Thank u for all ur answers…

Maricela answers:

There is no such thing as a stupid or silly question to me (unless it is sarcastic in nature. LOL). Actually you AGAIN ask a good question. Most people don’t know the answer to the question unless they know alot about the inner work of today’s opera. As far as I’ve seen, I have yet to answer a question like this. AND I am more than happy to answer it.

Let’s answer your first question. This can be complicated. Casting has changed over the years. 30 years ago, most female opera singers that were casted were Caucasian and slightly healthy (meaning meaty. Not so much fat, but maybe fat by today’s standards). You could look like someone’s great grandma and play Cheribino (who’s character is a 15 year old boy). As long as you could sing it well, you could “sort of” get away with it in an opera house with some make-up and a wig. Marilyn Horne was an excellent Rosina and was known for the role (a teenage love sick girl), but she definitely didn’t look like a Rosina, even in her 30’s! They had more issues with casting minorities in the US. Size and stature played a slight tole, but not like it does now. I believe they were a whole lot more interested in the talent and the voice itself. How well you could sing and entertain the audience was more coveted then as far as casting. Yes, politics were involved at times, but not like it is now.

Height comes to play when you are playing a couple. A man who is 5’2 probably wouldn’t be staged with a woman who was 6’0. LOL! Many operas have two casts. Perhaps if a really great female singer is casted, they will find at least one male that isn’t height challenged. You more than likely will not be casted as a young child if you are tall of course! But most roles for Sopranos, Mezzos, and Contraltos call for adult women. So that isn’t a huge ordeal, unless you are desperate to play a short person in nature on stage. LOL!

Now there is so much irony to the next question. The day of the “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings” is over. Sadly in this day, it is EXTREMELY hard to be casted in a role if you are an obese female. I can tell you of the MANY INCREDIBLE heavy sopranos I know who would sing most skinny sopranos under the table. They have an extremely hard time. It’s frustrating, because they know they have more skill, but they are often passed for the less skillful skinny soprano. I know people in the field are going to get mad at me for this comment, but they know it happens all the time! I am not saying there are not good slender sopranos out there, but a heavy soprano USUALLY vocally reigns. This is one reason why I go to the gym and watch what I eat. I refuse to be emaciated, but I know this business is fickle. It even shows itself in competitions. Now. If you don’t have a classic “look”, it is hard to break into good roles, particularly in the US. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some heavy sopranos who have broke the barrier. Deborah Voight and Jessye Norman are to name a few. These women had it harder because right when Maria Callas was breaking through (hence the reason she lost weight), size was really beginning to take its toll. I still think it was when Twiggy made it out of season to be chunky anymore. And this bled into all artforms, and it has only gotten worse over the years. Honestly, if they casted the way they USUALLY cast now, we wouldn’t have the likes of Beverly Sills, Leontyne, Anna Moffo to drool over in recordings. The only thing that overcomes this casting issue for the heavy singer is to continue to deal with the constant word NO, even when you KNOW you were top notch compared to everyone else. Most heavy singers DO make a decent living doing recitals. Jeysse got her feet wet doing this as well, since she had to battle her color and her weight. But if you look at the top female singers in the opera field of today, 95% of them are…although not emaciated (it is rare to find one of those because the opera voice doesn’t do well in a size 1 body. LOL), they are a size 10 or under, or where when they started out. They can get away with being meatier after they gain the fans! And in my opinion, some of them do nothing vocally for me. They are just “cute” and got the right connections. Most can’t touch the meaty sopranos of opera hay day. So sometimes you can be the most incredible opera singer, but weight will sometimes stunt the “success” one’s career.

This is why Callas lost weight. Callas didn’t become the phenomenal success until she lost weight. Then suddenly, people started to realize how so called “attractive” she was (she was pretty before in my opinion). And yes, she did give up some of her vocal quality (and I think she knew it) to have more of a successful career. It worked. It is funny. We are still talking about Maria years after her death. But her plus sized soprano competition by the name of Renata Tebaldi, who was NOTED for being vocally stronger than Callas, is hardly ever mentioned anymore. Not to say I don’t love Callas, because she is one of my favs. But we know it was more than her gift that catapulted her success. Unfortunately, looks do hold account in the business.

I always tell people if you want to be who you are and not subject yourself to pressure, feel free to do so. Just get ready to have a harder time, which is already hard as it is. Opera is changing into mainstream culture. And even though it isn’t as bad in Europe, they are getting more into image also. There is some woman named Katherine Jenkins who pretends to be a Mezzo-Soprano. She isn’t a real opera singer, but she is very pretty and small. Most critics think she is one of the worst wanna be opera singers ever, but the people who were behind her PUSHED her image over her talent. I hear she has signed one of the highest contracts in classical history. She really will not push herself to sing hard roles on stage, because she can’t hack it. But she doesn’t care. She is selling her image, not her talent. This knocks down the authenticity of opera against other genres. I encourage anyone who wants to be successful in opera to not sell themselves out first, and to know who you are. Because if you don’t you will find yourself doing things just to become successful, not to become good at what you do. I also suggest to get healthy. Not only for image purposes, but for health purposes. As for size requirements, you know society. BUT there is hope, because there are a few castings in operas that could care less about how tall or skinny the female singer is. They judge based on if you can do the role well, and if you can make the audience forget about your exterior because you are convincing. We need more operas like them!

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