Your Questions About Weight Loss For Teenage Girls Fast

by Maricela on January 29, 2013

Mary asks…

im a teenage girl my age is 19 and weigh 90kg with height 162 to lose weigh fast?

my name is samira

Maricela answers:


I have been doing a diet I found on the internet. It had many success stories of large amounts of weight loss in a short time. It is a very difficult diet but it does give quick results with minimal exercise.

It is called the “Juice Diet”. All you do is drink fruit and vegetable juices and water, all day long. NO FOOD. The diet calls for juicing of fresh fruit and veggies but I have been just buying store juices and watching the nutrition labels. I get diet, low calorie and sugar or no sugar fruit juices and low sodium V-8 Juice. The diet calls for 8oz each 3 times a day. So you will be having a total of 6 glasses of juices per day. 3 fruit and 3 veggie plus plenty of water daily. You will be getting the nutrients that your body needs from theses juices but I also take a daily vitamin. The diet says it is possible for larger dieters to loose up to 40 pounds per month.

I have been doing the diet a few weeks and have had surprising results, fast! I couldn’t believe it! I am a bit heavy but far from big. I lost 10 pounds in the first 4 days, a total of 12 pounds by day 8 and the second week a total of 17 pounds. That was 17 pounds in the first 2 weeks! I will admit, the diet is awful and all you do is think about a meal BUT it is very much worth the sacrifice.

Good luck and take care!

Mama Bear

Linda asks…

Diet drops/pills that work best?

Yes I know I should just have a good diet and exercise but that really doesn’t work for me. I struggle big time since Im a teenage girl who’s metabolism is slowing down. I heard Raspberry Key-tone products work well. After using any good drops or pills that work I will start working out and having a better diet. Does anybody have any good products that has slimmed them down? If so how much weight did you lose a week?

Maricela answers:

The success rate of synthetic diet pills is very low but perhaps natural diet pills may be a bit better.

Perhaps you could try Demograss as in

Demograss is a dietary supplement to help you lose weight and reduce sizes. Made of 100% natural ingredients, it works as a fat burner; even helps to eliminate that fat accumulated since childhood that diets and exercise can’t.

Losing 10 lbs a month is a good and safe target. Any faster weight loss is likely to be temporary only and in most cases you regain it all.

Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, push ups, sit ups, squats, brisk walking and power walking all help for weight loss but dieting helps more.

You can always eat negative calorie foods for weight loss and below is a list of negative calorie foods that will boost your metabolism.

Negative Calorie Fruits:

Negative Calorie Vegetables:
cabbage (green)
Chile peppers (hot)
garden cress
green beans

These foods don’t actually have negative calories but when you eat these foods raw or slightly cooked your body burns more calories digesting and processing them than what is in the food itself.

For a healthy weight loss add some of these foods to your diet each day. Most of them are full of healthy nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants and enzymes as well as vitamins and minerals.

Web search for “list of negative calorie foods”

Betty asks…

ways to get toned fast?

I need to tone my tummy fat, i mean im not fat or anything, just a teenage girl whos slim but i needa tone my tummy within the next 2 to 2 1/2 weeks? any advice? thanks (:

Maricela answers:

Do sit-up everyday, as many as you can handle.
Also try this, as these are repsonsible for my tummy tone – static exercises such as “The Plank’, these are GREAT for core muscle tone. Here is a site to help you
Cardio is also great for losing that extra layer of fat, skipping is awesome for weight loss. Give skipping and jogging a go, you’ll see results pretty fast.

Ruth asks…

Im a teen, I have had a head ache all week?

I have had a heachache in on and off all week, it feels like its on my forehead, eyes, back of the bottom on my head, and by my temples. It feels like the way you get when you have a brain freeze.
Im a teenage girl, and ive been EXTREMLEY busy all week, could that be the cause?
Is this something bad? help?

Maricela answers:


You may want to check your settings on all your digital items that you are using. Each device you use has a warning that MANY COMPLETELY IGNORE. Go under your settings for your screen settings on your computer, laptops, televisions, monitors, digital games, etc. AND LOWER THE BRIGHTNESS ON THE SCREEN.

Also, don’t forget that all these items are a heat source and depending on how close you are to the item you are using, you are affecting your personal body sources. (ie. Flickering lights affect the eyes, laptops on laps affect fluids. Etc.)

You may be completely dehydrated if you aren’t drinking adequates amounts of water daily. Here’s a guide to help you figure out how much water you require daily for your weight.

? Your Weight Times (.5) Equals Divided By 8oz (or 1 Cup) Equals # Cups of Water/Day

• 150lbs x .5 = 75/8 = 9 Cups of Water/day
• 175lbs x .5 = /8 = 11 Cups of Water/day
• 200lbs x .5 = 100/8 = 12.5 Cups Water/day

I find taking my medication (excederin tension headache works better than excederin migraine) with a Monster drink or red bull with the extra caffeine, but NOT the whole can…just enough to swallow the pill and wash it down with a few extra gulps only. It works fast (20 minutes).

For some reasons, when the medication says TENSION HEADACHE it helps more. Others take ROBAXACET which is acetominophen with methocarbonal also comes with Codeine when asked.
If you use feverfew daily at bedtime. I also find it helpful to use something that I haven’t used before or for a long time in a different family of medications.

1. I used to use a combination of medications which included 400mg Ibuprofen 4x a day with food. This takes the swelling and inflammation down. DO NOT exceed1600mg in one day and you may need prilosec for stomach protection as ALL ANTI INFLAMMATORIES are difficult on the stomach. ***You can use Tylenol with Ibuprofen and Aspirin watch for daily maximums & don’t exceed.

2. Robaxacet is Tylenol (acetominophen) combined with methocarbonal (muscle relaxant)…this also comes with codeine on request from the pharmacist. This only relaxes any tight muscles around the pain and helps reduce some pain. You can use Robaxacet with Ibuprofen and Aspirin, BUT NOT Tylenol as it’s already an ingredient in this pill.

3. Robaxacyl is Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) combines with methocarbonal (muscle relaxant)…this has a blood thinning active ingredient and isn’t ideal for anyone under age 16 years or complications with blood pressure, ailments, etc. This both takes down the inflammation as well as treats the pain.You can use Robaxacyl with Ibuprofen and Tylenol, BUT NOT Aspirin as it’s already an ingredient in this pill.
4. Aleve is a Nonsteroidal Anti Inflammatory (Naproxen) which will helps reduce the inflammation, and as the inflammation decreases so does the pain; BUT you CANNOT mix this drug with any of the above mentioned safely.

5. Dynamint has been used on horses legs for years, but it does an amazing job on sore neck muscles. It’s ingredients are Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus Oil , Tea Tree Oil and Calendula Oil.

6. Deep Cold Gold is an alternative rub that works very well on tight aching tendons on your upper shoulders, neck and TMJ joints.

It sounds more like it would be a MIGRAINE or AURAS (flickering lights or spots in eyes) associated with MIGRAINES or TENSION HEADACHE. Many things can trigger a HEADACHES/MIGRAINES: using your arm in an awkward way (bowling) when you don’t normally do that, lack of food (skipping meals), head resting in a hairdressers sink, going to a concert with light show, video game screen with fast movements & flashing lights, staring in the light (sun) constantly on your eyes…etc.

If you experience a headache with ANY LOSS OF WEAKNESS, SLURRING, IMBALANCE or FEVER, then you need to seek medical attention immediately for a consult to make sure there isn’t something more serious going on.

The ears are either tension from stress or tension stress from your TM joint in your jaw. It can make you sickly with migraines if out of place even a smidge.

When I was 16 years old I had severe tension headaches that made the ligament behind my ear pop out like a big ole bump. The doctor prescribed a low dose of Elavil (amitryptaline) & it was gone within days. The Elavil in high doses is used for depression but they use it for car accidents because it relaxes the muscles from whiplash.

Jenny asks…

what are some great exercises to help lose weight fast (im a teen)?


Maricela answers:

Knowing how teenage girls are, you could be just 3 or 4 pounds overweight and are stressing about it. But if you are seriously over weight then Adrunn is pretty much right on.

I was 5’11”, 251lbs with a 50+ inch waist and I’m sure a 60 inch stomach. I now weigh 174lbs and have a 33 inch waist.

There is no quick weight loss program without excersice. The more you exercise, the more weight you will lose. The more you change your eating habits, the more you will lose. Muscle is heavier than fat. As you tone up, you will gain weight because the muscle you were not using is now being used. You will also build muscle as you lift weights and work out, so you will gain weight.

BUT!!! Don’t get discouraged!

Everybody normally gains weight before losing weight, because you are toning up your muscles. I gained 10 pounds before the weight and inches started coming off. Once your muscles are toned and ready, you will be surprised at how fast the weight will come off. After I toned up I lost as much as 6 pounds in one week.

There will be weeks where you will not lose any weight. This is why you don’t go by your weight loss. Go by your measurements. Measure yourself, then keep track of those measurements once a week. At first you will not notice anything, but keep at it. Then your body will take off some fat, then you will tone, then take off fat, then tone, etc….

I’ve even had weeks in a row where no weight came off, but I had to buy new clothes because the inches did.

Remember, there are some beautiful women who are athletes and look small, but you would be surprised at how much they weigh because of their muscle tone.

Now get started. Go to the sidewalk and start walking, but not around the block. Walk in a straight line for some blocks so you are forced to walk back. You go farther as you get healthier. You speed up as you get healthier. Speed is not important yet. THE LONGER YOU EXERCISE IS BETTER THAN THE FASTER YOU EXERCISE. If you are way over weight and anybody teases you about exerciseing, don’t get discouraged. You have to start somewhere, ignore them. The girls will be jealouse of the new competition for the boys and the boys will be asking you out.

As you exercise you will learn discipline to keep yourself healthy through the rest of your life.

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