Your Questions About Weight Loss Foods

by Maricela on January 11, 2013

Ken asks…

What are good foods that help in weight loss?

Weight loss foods???

Maricela answers:

Speeding up your metabolism with lemon juice would help.

Daniel asks…

What an easy and healthy way to lose weight fast?

I gained a lot of weight over the summer and I want to lose it. Any tasty weight loss foods or exercise routines I should know about?

Maricela answers:

Have you tried the lil Jack workout? Http://

James asks…

How can I lose weight with working all the time?

I work from 9-5.30 by that time I’m knackered, I wouldn’t say I’m really big but I want to change my look. And with today’s prices for weight loss foods is really pricey, I get one day off a week and I know that will not help, I’m one of those people who think that it is not working and give up. Any ideas, thanks.

Maricela answers:

In the morning stretch when you get home take a walk around your neighborhood or jog eat HEALTHY!!

Mark asks…

What is best for weight loss and no food worries Hoodia or Enfedadrin?

What is best for weight loss and no food worries Hoodia or Enfedrin?
HI, i know that Efedrin is a dangerous thing but it’s not that i want to know, sorry.

what is the best thing to use to loose weight and not obse about food as much??

Thank you

Maricela answers:

Ephedrine but they took it off the market I believe. Adipex/phentermine is also good. U can order online or get a dr prescription.

Sandy asks…

Tips on Weight Loss and Getting In Shape?

I am a female. I am looking for tips on losing weight and keeping my metabolism boosted. I want to lose about 30 pounds. I want dieting tips, foods that promote weight loss, and foods to avoid. I also want excercises to get my stomach flat, get toned thighs, and get less flabby arms.. Thank you for those who answer my questions.

Maricela answers:

First off, my qualifications for talking here are that I have lost over 50 pounds of fat and have more importantly, kept the weight off for nine years.

In my experience, try not to do fad diets, as they will only end in failure. Yes, they work for some people, but the majority of people who try these plans end in miserable failure. Instead, adopt a diet plan I like to call “90/10”. That means eat a strict diet everyday, low on carbohydrates (i.e. Rice, bread, cereal, and pasta) and fat, but allow yourself one indulgence each day. That does not mean meal, so no more fast food for the time being. But one small thing, like a cookie or a non-diet soda. Will it slow the progress somewhat? Yes. But it will keep you from going crazy. Most diet plans fail to allow some leeway and you end up hating them for it.

So, in my experience, a good diet is the most important thing. If you do not exercise but keep your self on a balanced diet, you will probably lose weight faster (weight: muscle>fat), meaning if you choose to do muscle exercises the weight will drop slower, but it will be easier to maintain, due to increased metabolism. Also, if you can’t dramatically change what you eat, due to cost or whatever, you can cut everything you eat in half. Smaller portions can do a lot of good.

In terms of exercise, try doing small things to shift your lifestyle. I always park really far away from my destination, so I have to walk more. I also walk very fast when I have to walk. You want to do mainly aerobic exercise. That means exercise that is strenuous enough so that you cannot have a conversation during the exercise. Running or biking is good, but can be hard if you are very big. I recommend starting off with swimming because it is low impact and fun. Since you probably can’t swim very fast now, you will have to go for duration, I would recommend something like an hour at first, and once you can get going fast, try less time, but more intense, or just keep pushing yourself.

Weight training should ideally be done with a coach that can show you the proper techniques, so I would rather you try pilates-style resistance exercises and calisthenics. There is a bevy of technique videos on YouTube. I have had success with a YouTuber called “CharlieJames1975”, but her stuff can be really intense. But you do not need a gym. Also, you can never go wrong with the Burpee. Its basically the best single workout for your entire body. The burpee can been a part of military training for as long as I can remember. Be careful, as they can kick your butt quite easily.

Just remember, you are adopting a new lifestyle here. This is for the long haul.

Good luck on your journey.

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