Your Questions About Weight Loss Cleanse

by Maricela on February 27, 2013

Richard asks…

What is the best detox to jump start weight loss?

I want something that’s going to clean out my system and kick my weight loss into gear.

Maricela answers:

Hi Ashley,

Colon cleansing is a manner of completely washing away toxins and accumulated fecal matters out from your intestines. These toxins and fecal matters are the ones that have not been removed through a regular bowel movement; and have accumulated around the lining of your large intestines over the years.

With such manner, you are highly susceptible of developing colon-related diseases. Such diseases would bring you much discomforts from its symptoms such as indigestion, constipation, excessive flatulence, bad breathe, and bloating. You may even develop the worse kind of disease famously known as the colon cancer.

That is why you need to undergo colon cleansing for at least once or twice each year. It is highly beneficial to your entire well-being. Mind you it could literally make your life even worth-living for. Now I will provide you some of the benefits that colon cleansing brings.

1. Improves Digestion. A healthier colon improves digestion as a whole. It would give your digestive system an easier manner of breaking down food molecules providing you a smoother healthier regular bowel movement. Such manner would also maximize your absorption of nutrients.

2. Aids in Weight Loss. How? Well, fecal matters that have not been removed through bowel movement accumulate around the lining of your large intestines. Such manner would contribute several pounds of your weight. But with the total cleansing process of your colon, these fecal matters are completely flushed away out from your intestines. As a result, you lose a few more pounds of excess body weight.

3. Increases Your Energy Level. It gives you a healthier colon. Thus, it would increase your metabolism. As a result, your energy level is increased making you more energetic all day.

4. Improves Your Immune System. Having an unhealthy colon would be caused by human parasites living inside your intestines that feed from your fecal wastes and nutrients you are supposed to absorb. Such manner would weaken your immune system instantly making you highly susceptible from several health problems. But with colon cleansing, these parasites will be totally washed away. Your absorption of nutrients will be at full force. Thus, making your immune system stronger.

5. Makes Your Risk-Free From Colon Cancer. Yes! Having your colon cleansed can save your life. It takes away your risk of developing colon cancer in the future. It will make your life stress-free.

Now that you know some of the benefits of colon cleansing, you may consider of having it at least once a year. Make your life healthier and energetic by availing a colon cleansing program and doing some colon cleansing measures that can be easily done straight from your own home.

Susan asks…

What are some detox diets that aid in weight loss?

I am considering going on the famous master (“lemonade diet) cleanse, but am nervous because i am a type one diabetic. Are there foods/fruits I can eat in conjuction that won’t mess up the entire process? Weight loss is key here…

Maricela answers:

Hi cassei…


Want to lose weight? You can follow nutritionist Jay Robb’s ( Fruit Flush for a healthy three-day detox for diabetics. Throughout day one of the plan, consume a protein shake every two hours (from 8 am until 4 pm) using whey protein. At 6 pm, consume a healthy dinner consisting of chicken breasts (around four ounces), three to six cups of vegetable salad, and a tablespoon of olive oil. On days two and three of the plan, consume fresh fruit every two hours (again, from 8 am to 4 pm) with a healthy dinner consisting of a protein shake, half of an avocado (for healthy fats), and vegetable salad at 6 pm. This plan comports with the principles of diabetic dieting by relegating your overall nutritional intake to healthy, slow-digesting carbs like fruits and vegetables while providing plenty of added nutrition in the form of protein, lean meat and healthy fats. At the end of the three days you will have likely lost a few pounds without diverging too far from your original diabetic diet.

Sharon asks…

What are some of the best weight loss diet plans?

Like everyone else, the new year has made me want to lose weight again lol, soooo I was just wondering what recommendations you’d all have for the best weight loss diet plans?

Maricela answers:

If you are really looking for the best weight loss diet,
I suggest doing what this mom did and combining the Acai diet with a cleansing program for the best result

Paul asks…

I want to go on a Candida diet and cleanse , please recommend?


I’ve been feeling awful lately, tired, bloated just not my self and it’s getting worse. I was looking at healthy ways of losing weight when i came across Kevin Trudeau’s The Weight Loss Cure which mentioned candida cleanse and colon cleanse. Can some one please recommend good cleanses and the diets i should follow ?

Maricela answers:

The best avenue to follow is to improve your digestion. Cleaning up the intestine is not just doing a cleanse. It is true that when you do a colon cleanse, you will lose some weight associated with the removal of toxic waste. If you keep putting toxins into your intestines, cleaning it up will not help you in the long run and you will experience some very frustrating things.

Trudeau is not the end all expert on cleansing and in fact gives some bad advice. It is important to prepare your elimination organs before doing any cleansing and to make sure the cellular energy of each of your body’s cells is high or the cleanse can actually cause more problems than it is supposed to help.

The diet you should follow is one you should adopt for life, not just to do a little body cleaning. There is a huge amount of misinformation being promoted everywhere and it is not easy to become truly educated on what is good and bad to eat. Most Americans are eating themselves into all kinds of diseases and a short life span. To listen to the medical people, you would think Americans are living longer than ever and if not for medicine, we would be dying at earlier ages.

The best way to approach this issue is to get advice from a certified nutritional therapist that can advise you, test you, and determine the best course for you specifically based on your specific issues. If you can’t do that, you can start your education process by reading a book called “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon & Mary G. Enig, Ph.D.

Good luck to you

Thomas asks…

Is apple cider vinegar good for assisting in weight loss?

I’ve been reading around, and I’ve noticed that along with eating healthy, and not to mention daily exercise, that drinking a table spoon of apple cider vinegar with every meal, or at least once in the morning, is mentioned to be good for cleansing your system, and thus assisting in weight loss. Is this true?

Maricela answers:

It’s simple if your dedicated. Just don’t eat as much and run. Running about 3-4 miles a day will make you lose wieght for sure. It also sometimes decreases your appetite.

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