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by Maricela on December 26, 2012

Maria asks…

If you use a detox/cleansing drink and you do this each month would it help with weight loss and digestions?

If you use a detox/cleansing drink and you do this each month would it help with weight loss and digestion?
what are some good detox drinks to take?

Maricela answers:

I do a one week master cleanse every 6 months

during master cleanse you only drink maple syrup + lemon juice + cayenne pepper. It is great for detox and weight loss. I feel really fresh everything i do it

John asks…

How exactly does Master Cleanse work and help weight loss?

I am currently 182lbs 5″2. I am thinking about doing the master cleanse to give my body a full flush before i start my journey of properly shedding weight, I’m having some problems in finding the maple syrup is there an alternative? Also, how much weight will be lost in this cleanse? Is the weight loss distributed all round? I need answers fast. and don’t hate, appreciate 🙂

Maricela answers:

Though maple syrups tend to have the same nutritional value you have to use maple syrup grade B since there`s less sugar content. This does matter. A few years back I did the cleanse for 10 days using honey and normal syrup I get from the grocery store and realized that I wasn`t losing as much weight as I expected. Follow the Master Cleanse rules and stick with the grade B maple syrup, as you might also know that this is your only source of nutrition during the cleanse.

I cannot answer the question of how much weight you will be losing. But from my trials of cleansing for the past 3 years here`s a result I remember : Weighed 125 lbs, standing 5’1″, 30 days of Master Cleanse… Lost 20 lbs. Your numbers could be higher since you weigh more than I did. That also depends on how you follow through the cleanse. Is the weight loss distributed all round? That also depends on each person. However mine was, from my face down to the ankles.

Helen asks…

What is the best colon cleanse supplement for weight loss?

I always hear of new colon cleansers everywhere I turn, and I want to know where I a could order a free smaple of a colon cleanser online without wasting my time. Also, how are you supposed to use colon cleanser as a weight loss supplement?

Maricela answers:

Hi Megan,

Personally, I’ve had a lot of success with the product Colon Clean (you can get more details on my website if you like – they do offer a good free trial).

Colon cleanse products are designed to help clear out the gunk that accumulates in the intestines over years of eating meat and junk food. Think about it – the human body isn’t designed to process all the artificial chemicals we add to food, so it’s natural for some bits and pieces to get trapped in the colon. These left over bits can lead to some serious health consequences over time if they aren’t addressed.

Using a colon cleanse product removes the left over gunk, so users do see some initial weight loss as the colon is cleaned out. In addition, cleaning the colon enables it to digest foods better, so you won’t have as much buildup in the future. People who use colon cleanse products often report having higher energy levels and feeling healthier overall than ever before – both of which can make it easier to stick with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

The most important thing to remember is to look for a colon cleanse product that’s gentle and includes a pro-biotic supplement. While you’re cleaning the intestine, you’ll be wiping out some of the beneficial bacteria that live there. It’s important to choose a product that replaces them, since low bacteria levels can give you lots of trouble digesting foods in the future.

Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me – I’d be happy to discuss the program I used with you!


Michael asks…

What is the best most effective colon cleanse weight loss supplement ?

I always hear of new colon cleansers everywhere I turn, and I want to know where I a could order a free smaple of a colon cleanser online without wasting my time. Also, how are you supposed to use colon cleanser as a weight loss supplement?

Maricela answers:

You will definitely lose weight. But it is only the weight of undigested food and waste, not any stored body fat. And it will just be replaced.
Gastroenterologists repeatedly state this “mucoid plague” promoted by non medical practitioners does not exist. They have yet to find any during a colonoscopy.
The best way to cleanse and detox is to stop eating and drinking processed and refined foods.
Get hold of a liver. Oh, you have one? Great.
Now just stand there and let it detoxify your body. Partner it with some kidneys and you’ve got the most efficient body cleanse and detox system known to man.
There is no build up of bad plaque, toxins, or sludge in a normal, reasonably healthy system.
If this was the case we would have people dying left and right from malnutrition since their small intestines couldn’t absorb nutrients. The majority of the water from food and what we drink is reabsorbed through the colon, if our colons were clogged we would all be walking around looking like sponges right?
Detoxing is ridding the system – liver, kidneys, and intestines of toxins both internal and environmental. Our liver and kidneys aren’t clogged with toxins. Otherwise we would be dead. The liver does in fact get layered with fat if we become overweight.
We “cleanse and detox” naturally 24 hours a day through respiration, sweat, liver, kidneys, urine, and feces.
We can help by eating a healthy diet with minimal processed and refined foods. They are loaded with additives, concentrates, and preservatives mostly in added sugars and salts.
Lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain foods, lean meat cuts, fresh fish, beans, peas, brown rice, raw nuts, and barley keep a system as healthy and as clean as it can be.
Minimal alcohol, caffeine, soda.
Read food labels. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t put it in your body.
A healthy high fiber diet of whole fresh foods works every time. Increases the speed and efficiency of the digestive system and helps the body rid itself of both normal internal and environmental toxins.
Cleanses actually flush out the beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the digestive system.
Search “gut flora” to learn about the beneficial bacteria we need in our colon.
We have more beneficial bacteria in our digestive systems than all the cells in our bodies!
The digestive system is one of the largest contributors to our immune system health.
Spend your money in the produce department to speed your cleanse.
Good luck and good health.

Jenny asks…

How to do a cleanse? I want to clean out my system, jump-start my weight loss, and have more energy.?

spammers will be reported.

I just want to know some cleanses I can do at home to clean out my system, give me more energy, and jump start my weight loss.

Thank you for all of your help 🙂

Maricela answers:

Cleansers and other weight loss products are at best a waste of money and at worst could damage your health. There is no substitute for proper diet and exercise no matter what the marketing gurus would have you believe. If you are really serious about losing weight you need to commit to a lifestyle change and follow a basic exercise and diet program.

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