Your Questions About Weight Loss Camps For Teens

by Maricela on March 7, 2013

Joseph asks…

Are their any weight loss camps for teens located in Mississippi?

Maricela answers:

There is only one that i know of. The link is in the source box

Carol asks…

Are weight loss camps effective?

Do you believe weight loss camps are effective for teens? I know that teens lose weight at the camp itself but regain it once back at home. Is it worth the 5,000 dollars to put my teen through weight loss camp and then regain everything back??? I am afraid that my son will feel worse after regaining the weight that he lost at the weight loss camp.

Maricela answers:

Actually the reason these kids gain the weight back is because they DO NOT have effective parents at home,, parents who themselves eat poorly and there for sabotage any success the teen has maintain what your son has achieved you need to look at your self’s and ask are you feeding him the right foods,, you are the ones who do the groceries and the cooking,,, encouraging at home helps to stave off any “oops’s” when he leaves the house…

George asks…

Is it possible that after eating healthly 4 along time thn eating junk food 4 a day that you body rejects it?

because i feel really sick .. thought this could be the corse

Maricela answers:

Yes it is absolutely possible.

I used to see it a lot when I worked at wilderness camp with troubled teens. They would spend a month with us, eating relatively healthy trail food, and then parents or escort would pick them up and take them out for fast food, or bring them chips and sodas and stuff…and the kid would write back that they got really sick from it.

I had the same thing happen with weight loss, but now I’m back where I started…so I guess if you want to know if you can get readjusted to junk food diet, the answer is (sigh) YEP.

I think it’s ironic that we don’t recognize how bad something is until we are away from it. Junk food is deceptively delicious…and also addictive.

Susan asks…

teen weight loss camp?

hey im looking for an affordable teen weight loss camp for boys and girls. somewhere around indiana or anywhere on the right side of the US. i have been looking forever. i’ve got a ride and money (not much, notice the “affordable”) all i need is a place. strictly for weight loss. please i really want this more than anything else in the world right now. i would really appericate your help. please please please, i’ll do anything.


Maricela answers:

Try these two web sites. I couldn’t find anything in your area. I know that Camp Shane was shown on ? The Today show and has been highly recommended. Good luck.

Steven asks…

please dont make fun of me but i want to go to Fat Camp?

i live in fellsmere fl and i want to go to a fun and good fat camp but i dont know where one is.So please tell me where i can find one. Please tell me how much it cost, the name of the place,etc. Please and thank u i really want this.

Maricela answers:

I think it awsome that you want to go to weight loss camp. Getting in an environment where you are held accountable, with others like you, and that does not have the temptations of the “real world” can really do wonders. As far as a camp it depends on your age, sex, etc. There are camps for adults, kids, teens, males only, females only, etc. I would search google for a camp either local to you or if you don’t mind anywhere in the USA. The first one that came up when I searched for it was: Good luck in finding a camp and hope all goes well!

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