Your Questions About Weight Loss Camps For Teens

by Maricela on February 20, 2013

Joseph asks…

how can i lose 25 lbs in a month?

football season starts in a month and im 5’8” and 170lbs and i needs to lose like 20lbs for football in a month. because im trying out for qb but i work out with my team every day i just need a healthy diet to lose weight, and im a teen and its hard to avoid food so can someone plaese help me.

Maricela answers:

You shouldn’t attempt it… The health risks would be huge…. 10-15 is possible with a very restricted diet and heavy exercise but that would be dangerous.

25 means not eating at all and exercising at a high rate…. It’s like concentration camp weight loss

it took Christian Bale FOUR months to lose 63 pounds for “The Machinist” (about 16 pounds a month) and he cut his diet to ONE APPLE a DAY, smoked cigarettes, and drank coffee… And he is a millionaire with unlimited medical assistance available. He ended up having serious health problems and spent months under medical care.

Forget about losing 25 in a month…. You could actually die from it.

Steven asks…

Where are some fat camps to work for in the summer?

I want to be a counselor at a weight loss camp of some sort to help with over weight teens. I am looking into some camps, and I was wondering if anyone had any good experiences with any specific camps.

Maricela answers:

I don’t know where you live but last summer I typed in weight loss camps for teens in (my state) into Google and found some ones in my area. I’ve had better experiences with local camps than with camps that have branches all across the US. Try to find one in your area.

Sandy asks…

Inexpensive teen weight loss camps in the US?

I’m thinking about going to a weight loss camp next summer. Honestly, they’re quite expensive and my family can’t afford $15,000 for two weeks. But who can nowadays? I was just wondering if there was anything less expensive that I could look into.

Maricela answers:

Yes yes yes… Look at this website. Its free… I swear to you… IT WORKS… Spend the money on a book, and the food you will need to make it pleasurable.. This works…..!!!!!!!!!!! It did for me… 55 pounds in 7 months so far!

Lizzie asks…

Free and/or cheap teen weight loss camps in new york?

I have a 17 year old daughter that wants to go to a weight loss camp this summer (2012)but we are a low income family and cant afford it is there any weight loss camps that are free or cheap (under $1000) in new york? Or any that have scholarships she could apply for please please please we need all the answer we can get
Thank you!

Maricela answers:

Dieting and weight loss is more about the mental toughness and discipline that a majority of people lack. The fact is you just have to go out there and get it done period!

Mary asks…

Is there a military style boot camp for disrespectful teens? What is this called?

What is it called where you send your kid for 2-3 weeks to a military style boot camp with a bunch of other disrespectful teens and they are taught respect and work ethic?

What companies do this?

Maricela answers:

The “George Forman Military Style Boot Camp for Disrespectful Teens”.

Also there is the “ACME Military Style Boot Camp for Disrespectful Teens & Weight Loss Center”

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