Your Questions About Weight Loss Camps For Teens

by Maricela on February 5, 2013

Robert asks…

What is the best “weight-loss” camp for teens?

Maricela answers:

Personally I don’t know what is the best I’ve heard they all pretty good as it is intensive for a few weeks there are 2 that came up in a search engine but the wellspringcamp looks good.

Betty asks…

Which will help me lose weight quicker Jenny Craig or a Boot camp at a gym ?

So I would like to lose 30 pounds with diet and exercise in at least 3 months but which program would help me achieve my goal the quickest Jenny Craig and what is jenny like is it a gym ? or a 12 week program at the gym. If anyone has any advice let me know it please.

Maricela answers:


Our own metabolism system play a vital part in controlling the amount of body fat burned in the process of providing energy to the body. Knowledge about our own metabolism function is the mother to all weight loss programs. With the knowledge you not only reduce your weight but able to maintain an ideal weight and living a healthy life. Best of all you can eat what you most enjoyed without gaining any weight.

Your thyroid gland produced a hormone called Thyroxine that raises the metabolic rate of almost all the cells in your body. The increase in metabolism helps you to feel more energetic, burn more calories, and therefore allows you to lose weight faster. The activity of Thyroxine is controlled entirely by the type of food and the time you eat. Therefore, if you eat the correct foods at the correct times of day, you will subsequently “super-charge” your metabolism and lose weight! By manipulating this concept, your body has virtually no choice but to dissolve those immovable pockets of fat that you’ve been trying to rid yourself of for years.

When I was a teen, I was slim, I could wear whatever I want, my body looked good, even my face was slim. I’m 31 now, and I get disgusted and hate it everytime I look in the mirror. I was fat, my face looked like a watermelon. God knows how sad I was since all the good and nice clothes out there didn’t carry my size. Each and every time, I came home from shopping depressed, upset and I ended up hating myself even more. I’d tried low carb, low fat, extremely low calorie diets mixed with running but it never seemed to work. Whenever I would go back to eating a normal amount , I gained back the weight I had lost, and then a few pounds more. It was so discouraging!

I was searching through the Internet looking for fat loss programs when I came across a web site. After reading about the program, I felt some hope that I could get back into shape. I will admit that I am skeptical about weight loss programs but this program offered a money back guarantee, which gave me the chance to try this without fear of wasting my money. I tried it and I am so thrilled that I did. I have lost 58 pounds so far since 8 weeks ago, and feel great about continuing to lose the fat and reach my goals. I’m never hungry with this program. It seems that I eat more than ever before.

My advice is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to reach your goal, just like i do. If you really want to change then surf the link at the source below or else you will get ripped off from online weight loss scam.

Chris asks…

Are there any camps in the UK for teens with eating disorders or weight loss programs?

Maricela answers:

Hi There –

There is a community for teens on a healthy lifestyle and it has many helpful tools on there such as calorie counters, teen groups to join, exercises, workout programs, and weight loss experts. This site also has other people your age that are asking the same questions and facing the same challenges that you are experiencing.

Hope this helps!


John asks…

Are there any camps in the UK for teens with eating disorders or weight loss programs?

Maricela answers:

There is something called “The Priory” In England.

I am not sure exactly what it does or aims to achieve ( other then helping someone with an Eating Disorder to recover ) but I know it is a short term residential place that specializes in Eating Disorders.

My girlfriend has recently been referred there ( She is Anorexic. Although, I believe there are different units for specific disorders )

Lizzie asks…

Where is a good weight loss camp for teens?

ok im trying to find a good weight loss camp that is inexpensive. I live on maryland but im willing to travel to another state but not really far. Does anyone know a weight loss camp for teens that doesnt cost to much? Wellspring camps are good but they r to expensive. I would like the camp to be coed if possible but if not an all girls camp would be fine. I just really want some motivation to lose this weight and i believe the camp will help me so that i can have fun and interact with ppl that r going thru the same thing. Thank u for all of ur help.
i noe that the key to losing weight is to just start eating right and exercising but that is just easier said than done. Ive tried that but then i just lose motivation with everyone else around me eating and doing anything they want. A camp with many kids going through the same situation as me will help me to stay focused on what i need to do.

Maricela answers:

I totally agree with you that changing eating style and exercising habits are easier said than done, especially when everyone else does what they want. I, too, am looking for a weight loss camp for this summer. I have looked into Camp Shane and Camp La Jolla, but have found some reviews online about the facilities and the staff that made me think twice. Now I am looking into Wellspring, which has several different camps. If you find any more good information, please share.
(i think thats the address. Or just google wellspring weightloss camps)

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