Your Questions About Weight Loss Camps For Teens

by Maricela on December 28, 2012

Mary asks…

Is losing 20 lbs in 6 months a healthy weight loss goal?

I’m 18 years old, 5’10” and weigh 206 pounds. My problem is mostly belly fat. I do weight training about 4 months out of the year for shot put and discus but it doesn’t seem to help cut the fat. I would like to be in the 180 lb range by June, is this a reasonable goal? if so how should i go about doing it?

Maricela answers:

It is more than healthy. I lost almost 30lbs in three weeks at a weight loss camp, and I always wished I could have gone the full six week session b/c god knows how much I could have lost. It’s totally healthy. I went to one called Camp Shining Stars and I loved it. If you want to know anything about it you can contact me, I went there every summer since I was like 15 as a teen, even after I lost all my weight. It became something I looked forward to every summer, it was so fun.

Susan asks…

Obese Teen needs to find energy and support to fight this challenge?

I am 17 5’2 and I weigh 273 pounds
I have been on this and taken that and I just don’t stick to anything because I am just too tired and angry at myself. I wish there was a fat hospital just like a mental hospital, unfortunately anything I could go to, insurance doesn’t cover and spending any extra money on anything is not an option for my family right now.
Please, help me.

Maricela answers:

You’re right, insurance companies won’t cover hospital or clinic stays for obesity the way they do for drug & alcohol rehab programs. It doesn’t make sense, but until overeating is recognized as a disease, that’s the way it is.

However, summer camps often do have “scholarship” programs for kids whose parents can’t afford to send them. Weight loss camps are a different breed of summer camp, but search the Internet and some should offer scholarships.

It helps just to not do it alone. If you can find a weight loss group in your area, especially one for teens, that would help. Online, the very best place to connect with others is , which has message boards along with all their other content.

There’s also a Biggest Loser program online that you could join. It costs a small amount of money, but you’d be dieting with a group. Http://…

You might also look into a Curves membership. It’s more affordable than most gyms and is for females only. It works completely differently than other gyms, much easier for people with no fitness at all to start. You can try them for a week or two for free.

Just don’t blame yourself. It really isn’t a failing on your part. Your appetite is the problem; if you can get that under control, it becomes easy to eat right. There are prescription drugs to suppress appetite, but most health insurance plans won’t pay for them, alas. Here are some things that can help:
1. Eat your vegetables! (and fruits) Even if you’re not dieting, get in those 5-9 government-recommended servings of vegs/fruits, because all that fiber fills you up. Not to mention that they’re good for you. Eggplant is a very heavy veg, so eggplant dishes can be very filling. Try those boxes of broccoli and cheese sauce, which aren’t many calories and are very good. Have one for lunch, and it’ll help with cravings for junk food.
2. Expand the fiber by getting plenty of water. I personally think 8 cups a day is far too much. If you’re in the bathroom peeing it out all day, that’s too much, but do get enough.
3. Green tea is supposed to be an appetite suppressant, and it’s all the rage right now.
4. One folk remedy that does work, if you’re willing to do it is apple cider vinegar. Put 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into enough warm water to make one cup, and drink it down. Do it 3-4 times a day. Give it a few days to take effect, and then you will notice your appetite is down, and with it, those cravings for junk foods.
5. Even if you can’t push yourself to stick to a diet, get out and walk for half an hour a day. Start with a shorter time and work up to 30 minutes if you need to. Walking will speed up your metabolism and firm you up, not to mention burn calories. It can even reduce appetite. Once you can manage 30 minutes, try running some of it. Use your high school track to measure distance. Try running one lap (1/4 mile), walking when you need to. Once you can jog the whole lap (pace yourself, no full out runs), work on a second lap and so on until you make it up to a mile or two. You can do this whether or not you’re dieting. Often people who start working out find they naturally turn to eating less and eating right.

Helen asks…

How do i become a site model?

I just want to. I’m not searching to be famous or make money, i’m just on a whim.

Maricela answers:

Ever looked at those pictures of gorgeous site models and thought, “I wish I could be a site model too”? Want to learn how to do so and stay safe on the internet? Then continue reading this article to learn how to become a safe, ideal site model!

Make sure you have a Facebook account that is just for site modeling (never use your real account). Then upload photos to those sites! If you don’t have/want any of those sites, upload pictures to Photobucket.
Take quality pictures. You won’t attract people if your picture is blurry or if there’s bad lighting. Make sure your pictures are clear; the brightness and contrast must be right and don’t make all your pictures black and white. Have different effects!
Make sure you have an editing program. Photoshop is the best, if you know how to use it. Also, gimp works, but you need to know how to use that as well, but its like a free Photoshop. If not, then download Paintshop Pro and find some tutorials on the net which can help you edit your pictures. If not, download Photofiltre. Don’t use Picnik, unless you have the premium. However, don’t edit your pictures too much. Remember, the less the better.
Create a folder on your PC of your favorite pictures of site models (make sure you tell them you’re taking the picture first). You may want to keep that handy. If you’re in the mood for taking pictures but don’t know what pose/angle etc to use, just try to copy some details in the pictures! Some site models you might want to Google/find on MySpace: Abby Tulo, Betty Macpherson, Jenny Greenwood, Ashleigh DeMara, Lauren De Camp, Taylor Parks, Brookelle Bones, and Zoe Kimball.
Don’t add many of the same photos. If you took around 10 pictures of you doing the same pose and wearing the same clothes, just add ONE of them, not all of them. It might confuse people and it’s annoying.
Add people. It’s the only way you can get more friends. Once you have many people, stop adding people and you’re most likely going to get more and more friend requests. It gets you known more. Plus, add site model agencies.
Make sure your make-up looks good. Foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and lip-gloss and essential. Remember, the less the better.
Think of an original name. If you’re thinking of becoming a scene site-model, think of a word that begins with the first letter of your name like Brookelle Bones. If you want to be just a pretty site-model, just use both your first name and last name(if you don’t want your last name to be known, make one up). If you have a famous name like Lauren/Taylor.. Use a different last name to make you known.
Always make sure you’re looking pretty. Why? Because if you want to be a site model, your camera will go everywhere with you and you will need to upload pictures often! Moreover, sites want pretty site models to represent their site.
Your weight? No, you don’t have to be super skinny. Plus size models are always in demand for weight loss websites and also for plus size clothing brands. Try to be presentable as possible but your weight should not be considered a totally eliminating factor.
Become friends with editors. If you become really nice to them, they might like you and you will ask them if they would like to use some of your pictures.
Be friendly. Yes, you have to have a good attitude but you can’t be mean to your fans. You’ll give yourself a bad reputation and you don’t want that.
Site models can be of any age as a site model is used to represent any number of genres or market segments. Teens models for teen related advertising and older models for good and services that appeal to that demographic. Ideally a site model will have some following on the internet to establish she or he is acceptable to the targeted market.
Be yourself. Yeah yeah, everybody keeps saying that. But you don’t want to copy other site models, you won’t be anything special that way. Have your own style by your hair, clothes and way you edit your pictures.
Organize your photos. Separate them to make them easier to find. You don’t want editors to give up on you! Also, make a folder on your PC of all your pictures. If anything happens and they get lost, you’ll regret not making a folder.
Ask your parents to go take pictures with a photographer. You’ll get pretty professional ones and have more + better photos.
Take pictures in front of your mirror. They are very easy to use and fun to edit. Also, use your mirrors to practice making faces! If you’re outside with friends, you don’t want to waste time taking 100 photos.

William asks…

what are some cheap teen/kid weight loss camps?

i really need help. i desperatly need to lose weight. im just a teen. plez, i just really need to know about some good weight loss camps

Maricela answers:

I would look it up on Google. Search for ones in your area. Or go to your local recreation center and they might have classes you can take or something like that. Good luck 🙂

Laura asks…

does anyone know of any cheap summer weight loss camps for teens any suggestions?please?

i really need to find a cheap weight loss camp for kids that is affordable i really am trying to loose weight this summer any suggestions please?

Maricela answers:

Going into ur backyard swimming pool or the neighborhood one for thirty minutes of vigorous exercise everyday could make you lose a lot of weight

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