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by Maricela on April 30, 2013

Donald asks…

What is the difference between weight loss and fat loss? Which of the two is recommended more than the other?

I was under the impression that fat loss leads to weight loss or vice versa but it seems both are different. Can anyone explain the difference??
and I want to get any advise/tips for fat/weight loss… thank you

Maricela answers:

Weight loss could be fat loss + muscle loss + water loss. This sets you up for rebound weight gain. The water loss will come back. The loss muscle will be replaced with fat when the weight comes back. Weight loss alone that is not ALL fat loss is not sustainable. Weight loss can be achieved via dieting but fat loss can only be achieved via a sensible diet and exercise. Fat loss is sustainable on the long term as you will most likely build on your muscle reserves while you lose fat. Fat loss is correct weight loss.

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Steven asks…

Know of any good weight loss memoirs that tell how the author lost weight?

I’ve read quite a few weight loss memoirs and none of them explain HOW they lost the weight. (Ex. What did they eat? what kind of program where they on?) None of them explain it. Thanks any suggestions.

Maricela answers:

Jimmy Moore wrote a great book about his weight loss:

Michael asks…

Is eating a little less than 1200 calories a day bad for weight loss?

I’ve recently started eating a lot healthier and planning my meals different (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner) and I find myself feeling all around better. Food is the last thing on my mind and I have barely any cravings! Although my goal is around 1200 calories, I always find myself coming in just under around 1100 or so. I googled it and people were saying that’s really bad and puts your body in starvation mode, but my body doesn’t feel like it’s in starvation mode at all! And I really don’t want to be eating when I’m not hungry, but I definitely don’t want to slow down my metabolism and progress.

So is 1100 too little for my body and will overall be bad for my weight loss? Also, I’m 5’6 and 180lbs and I burn around 300 calories a day from exercise!

Maricela answers:

When you are only eating and/or drinking 1100 calories it can hurt you more than help you. You need to increase your calories to more like 1500 and keep up with burning the calories you are burning. Cardio can help greatly with the weight process, but make sure you are taking a multi vitamin to help with vital nutrients you may be missing.

Good luck with your journey

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Linda asks…

Poll: Do you ever read friends/strangers/relatives blogs?

I’ve been seeing more blogs that are like personal diaries. Examples: weight loss blogs, blogs about personal relationships, personal lifestyle choices, parenting etc. Do you read those things? Whose do you read?

Maricela answers:

Yeppp I read my friends. They follow me and read mine. I follow nd read theres

Sharon asks…

what is the best weight loss shakes to drink for weight loss diet?

o.k. been searching the web for awhile and i wanted to know what is the best weight lost shake and exercise. If you have accurate answers please share. Really need the help to help and find weight loss options for the people I motivating to lose weight.

Maricela answers:

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