Your Questions About Weight Loss Blogs

by Maricela on January 25, 2013

Sharon asks…

should I start a weight loss blog on youtube?

i was thinking of doing this bc I know so much about weight loss, have lost 50lbs and have 90 to go and I was thinking of doing a blog just to help others, get support from otherts and reach others to talk about weight loss.

But Im embarrassed of how much I weigh so thats why im hesitant and people can be really mean with their comments.

Any advice?

Maricela answers:

It really is a cool idea. I’d join to be honest. You can turn the option off for comments, but then you couldn’t get positive comments from people, either. Maybe a Facebook page for comments. That way negative assholes could be blocked/banned and only positive reinforcements could comment.

Lizzie asks…

can anyone tell me some weight loss blogs that you DONT have to pay for ANYTHING?

i dont want to pay for anything but i just want a weight loss blog that says what to eat at certain times.

Maricela answers:

Mark asks…

What motivates you when you are on a diet/workout?

I usually read weight loss blogs to motivate me because those donuts in the kitchen are really looking pretty good right now lol. Does anyone else use anything to help keep them on track? 🙂

Maricela answers:

I get into and look at all of the women’s success stories that had a starting weight similar to mine. When I am feeling discouraged I look at their stories and remember that they had to struggle just like I am to get to where they are now.

Robert asks…

How do I advertise my weight loss blog?

It’s at
I would love to help people out with their weight loss and achieve their goals this year. But how do I get people to view my blog? Help!

Maricela answers:

Paid ways: Google Adwords

Free ways:
1. Join weight loss forums and add your blog into your signature, so every time you post everyone sees your blog

2. – create lens about your weight loss experience and add blog link to it.

3 EzineArticles – write and article with a link to your blog and submit it

4. Twitter, Facebook and other social networks

Betty asks…

How do I find yesterday’s yahoo featured news stories?

I’m looking for an article that was on yahoo! featured news about weight loss blogs with before and after pictures but it is gone. Anyone know how I can find it?

Maricela answers:

I think you can search for it. Do you remember the name of the article ?

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