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by Maricela on April 13, 2013

Michael asks…

What illnesses can cause weight loss and how do you obtain them?

Research for my med-bio class…
What illnesses cause weight loss and how each illness is obtained.
Anything helps…just don’t say something stupid like aids or rubbing a dirty hobo on a person, because no one would rub themselves on a dirty hobo.
Thank you for your time!

Maricela answers:

Cancer, Stroke, Mental incompetence… -All of These can cause serious Weight Loss ( And WILL- if You’re unlucky enough to come down with Them).

Mark asks…

What is the best weight loss tea product?

Hi, I want to know what is the best weight loss tea for losing my belly fat!? I exercise five times a week and eat healthy but I want a little more help 🙂 So I want to know what is the best product from people with experience.

Maricela answers:

I have always enjoyed green tea as part of my healthy lifestyle, and would recommend it. I would also recommend a product called tava tea, which I have been using since March. It is the strongest weight loss green tea available, tastes great, but the packs are more expensive than regular green tea. Lasts awhile though. Even longer if you reuse the teabags :p

George asks…

What is more important for weight loss – diet or exercise?

I know the combination is important. But for weight loss – if you don’t change your eating habits at all, but start exercising, the speed of the weight loss is much slower then when you’re dieting, but not exercising at all. This leads me o believe that diet is more important…What do you think?

Maricela answers:

Diet is much more important.

Running for half an hour will burn about 300 calories- that’s a mars bar, why not just not eat the mars bar?

The best combination is a diet with lots of exercise, for weight loss and overall fitness.

Donna asks…

What are some ways to speed up metabolism and weight loss?

I’m trying to lose weight but the weight loss is slowing down now how can I speed it up?

Maricela answers:

Remember one important thing…it is far more important WHAT you eat..than how much! You should completely avoid any processed foods, sugary drinks or foods, fried foods..and junk foods.

Rice, Grains, Vegetables & Fruits = ENERGY
& are Very Healthy (eat all you want,but probably will not need to do that since they contain so much energy)…”Fried foods”, “Sweets” & just general “Junk Food” = Fat..Fat Fat..and very unhealthy (you never will lose weight eating such things)

Changing your diet to only healthy foods is the best thing to do. Steaming vegetables is the healthiest and best way to cook vegetables..There are 4 different inexpensive cooking tools/items you can use to do this….1. An electric “crock pot” or “slow cooker”, 2. An electric ” food steamer “, 3. An electric ” rice cooker with vegetable tray” or 4. A “Dutch oven”/or regular iron skillet with a pot lid using a regular oven ..Steaming is the healthiest way as it retains much of the vitamins and nutrients….Also, despite what the latest “health news” is..dont believe what they say about “carbs”..Eat plenty of rice. And make sure the rice is the real rice. You can find this at most super markets. Indian Basmati rice or Thai Jasmine rice are the two main types of rice eaten in the Asian parts of the world.

Drink plenty of water and try drinking “Green Tea”…but make sure to get the REAL kind of Green a small oriental market etc. It speeds up your metabolism and helps you to burn fat. Also very healthy for you. Drink juice and milk also,,but exclude cokes, sweets and junk food from your diet. (very important)

also just do some type of work in the garden each day or walk somehwere nice and peaceful for 1-3 hours per day..and you will see easily 10 lbs of weight loss per month.

Joseph asks…

How do I break through a weight loss plateau?

I’m having some issues with a plateau I’ve hit. I can’t seam to break through it. My weight loss was going great but now I’m stuck. I’ve already lost about 20 lbs but the last 10 are just stubborn. Any tips?

Maricela answers:

This is a problem that many people come across when they’re trying to lose weight. Whenever you hit a weight loss plateau, this is a sign that your body has acclimated to your diet and/or exercise routine.

This is a problem that many people come across with dieting and weight loss. Whenever you start to plateau it’s a sign that your body has acclimated to your diet and exercise routine.

Essentially your body is burning calories more efficiently. In order to break through a weight loss plateau you need to change things up. An example would be try increasing your intensity levels when you workout. For your diet you could try going on a low carb diet for 2 weeks then go back to your regular diet.

Anyone who is trying to lose weight will eventually hit a weight loss plateau if they aren’t changing up the things they are doing.

I’ll leave you some ehow links below that talk about weight loss plateaus and how you can speed up your metabolism.

Hope that helps and good luck.

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