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by Maricela on March 15, 2013

Sandy asks…

How to get pregnant after weight loss surgery?

I just had weight loss surgery 5 months ago and seem to be having problems becoming pregnant. Can anyone tell me what I could do to better my chances of becoming pregnant?

Maricela answers:


It’s not recommended to even TRY until 12-18 months when your weight has stabilized. Your surgeon would FLIP OUT if you told him that you are already trying!

Between your rapid weight loss, limited capacity, and still healing from MAJOR surgery, your body IS NOT READY for pregnancy.

I’m not trying to be rude, but didn’t they go over this in detail before surgery?!? I had to sign a form specifically detailing that this was discussed.

William asks…

How should I use the treadmill for optimal fat and weight loss?

How should I use the treadmill for optimal fat and weight loss? How many mph hour should I go and for how many minutes? Can I do this every day?
I am currently on a 1200 healthy diet. I watch what I need.
I am a female and about 5’9 tall. I need to lose about 15-20 lbs to be at my ideal body weight.
How long will it take me to achieve my goal with my diet, cardio, and some weights?

Maricela answers:

You might not believe this, but if you stick to a healthy dietary habits by eating small meals throughout the day like every 3 hours, protein shakes and copious amounts of water you will lose body fat and maintain size. Things like bread and pasta should be kept to a minimum, they are still needed and are good if you need that extra energy to get through a workout. Just don’t over do them! Losing muscle mass occurs when you are on a ‘diet’ that denies your body the nutrients needed to sustain strength. You can also take some of the supplements on this site to help speed up your weight loss. Http://

Joseph asks…

What is your opinion on weight loss shows?

I really don’t know where I stand with weight loss shows.
On the first hand weight loss shows are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by showing people who have weight issues, lose weight.
However, I think it has made people more insecure about body image, it some instances making people who do have a weight problem hate the way they look.
I think it is ironic how we encourage people to lose weight in this obesity epidemic whilst saying that we should have a more positive outlook on body image. What is your view?

Maricela answers:

Weight loss is A Business like any other ! They do it for the MONEY. It’s billion dollar industry ! But it only works @ 7-10 %. And that is a constant. ” The law of averages “. That’s sales BTW and doesn’t equate to success. Of that 7-10 % will succeed. So 7 out of 100 people divided by 7 = 4.9 people will succeed on any given program. If you HONESTLY want to loose weight ! Change eating habits and get active. Exercise is the key that turns the lock of succeeding. And opens the door of opportunities. Behind door #1, door #2, #3 and so ON.
Simple ! Not rocket science IS IT ! What your really paying for is… An ” EXCUSE ” to fail. Like drug addicts. So you become addicted to THE fitness Centre or Program, Personal trainer. To whip your ASSs into shape. Works for unmotivated persons !

Richard asks…

How does birth control affect weight loss?

I have been on a strict weight loss program. I eat generally healthy and go to the gym 5 to 6 times a week and about three times with a personal trainer.
However, soon I am planning on getting into birth control pills. I have been told that your hormones go crazy with the pills… Would this affect my weight loss? I know it reacts differently with each woman… but what are the possibilities?

Thanks in advance!

Maricela answers:

Hi Athena,

I can relate. I went on Depo Provera and I experienced weight loss which was cool because I didn’t want to have unnecessary weight gain while on my health regimen. I am sure it affects every woman differently though. Hope this helps :o)

Thomas asks…

What are the best fruits and vegetables for weight loss and good skin?

If you could separate weight loss, and skin that would be great.

Maricela answers:

You is looking for the best natural food that gives you the best results for weight loss and good healthy skin ,some people can think that is hard to achieve but it is very simple indeed there is many fruits and vegetables you can choose between to get that result and you do not have to read about or search about you can watch how it can be

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