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by Maricela on January 7, 2013

Sandra asks…

What is the best way to judge a weight loss competition?

I am starting a weight loss competition between friends and need to know the best way to decide the winner since all of us have a different amount of weight we wish to lose.

Maricela answers:

There are different ways you can judge this competition.
For instance, you can all give an amount of weight you need to lose (your goal weight) it could be 10lbs, 20LBS, 30lbs, in a certain period of time.
Whoever loses the more % of weight and is able to reach the desired goal (or pass it) is the winner.

Another way is, since all of you guys are going for weight loss, you can check the body fat % lost and decide the winner according to who lost the most body fat %.

You can also have 2 prices according to the two guidelines stated above.

Happy competition!
Have fun!

David asks…

How long after major weight loss should you give your skin to firm up before resorting to plastic surgery?

If I had some loos skin on tummy and arms after an 80 pound weight loss, how long should I give it to firm up? Im young, 23 years old, but will the skin tighten with exercise or stay flabby?

Maricela answers:

The thing with a large weight loss is that the weight is generally lost too fast, which doesn’t give the skin enough time to go back to what it was.
After reaching your target weight, I would wait a few months, doing regular light exercise and eating healthily, and then see how your skin is. If you are still unhappy you could look into plastic surgery.

Try this website though, it has some advice about excess skin after weight loss, and non surgical methods. Http://

Good luck. X

Helen asks…

What is good weight loss plan for a pescetarian?

I am a pescetarian, meaning that i am a “vegitarian” who eats fish. I am looking for a weight loss plan that will help me lose some weight while still not eating any meat other than fish. If anyone has any yummy healthy low-carb recepies that would be great too!

Maricela answers:

Great.i was a pescetarian myself some years ago..take steamed fish with oatmeal for dinner(you may season it with pepper and a drizzle of sesame oil, and do add eggplants and carrots by the side)…do stick to your regular dose of veggies n fruit…do keep a limit on soy products because too much soy raises estrogen in your blood and that will be enough to limit your body from burning excess fat..if you are a woman trying to get pregnant or simply a person who appreciates high metabolism,please take my advice seriously. Progesterone is a female hormone that exists in men too, but the testicles can convert it to testosterone.High testosterone/Progesterone levels improve metabolism and also improve the alertness of the brain..estrogen isnt like is dangerous if it is in high density in your blood..and the bad news is that the strength of estrogen raises when there is too much sugar in the blood OR TOO MUCH FAT IN THE BODY. Estrogen dominance is the root of all weight loss problems…there are no foods on earth to induce progesterone, so the only way to cut down estrogen in the blood is via regular exercise. Even 20 minutes , 3 times a week of cardio workout will work wonders. If you hate sweat, then try something more internal like yoga and pilates.Sweat is external excretion. Yoga/Pilates helps the body excrete from within,so you dont sweat much,but it works!try to take home made replacements like fresh fruit juice mixed with non-fat yoghurt or muesli occasionally so you still get a good balance of amino acids.Trust me friend- There is no short cut to a better and healthier body, but hard work will pay off!

William asks…

What is the best weight loss supplement?

I want a weight loss supplement that doesn’t make me so called ‘ill’, i.e. making me poo a lot if you know what I mean. Something that genuinely aids me when I go to the gym to burn more calories etc. And hopefully something that is natural too. Please give me some personal experiences too?

Maricela answers:

The best supplements for weight loss and specifically fat loss are thermogenics. I have had the most sucess with anything containing caffeine and green tea extract.
Another thing I can suggest that works (this sounds crazy but it does I swear) is cold showers or more effectively Ice baths after a workout.

Ice baths provide a quick recovery and they stimulate fat burning, but they are not recommended if you have a heart condition the initial shock is pretty wicked.

I hope this helps, check out my blog at

Steven asks…

What kind of drugs/weight loss pills do a really nice job or suppressing appetite?

I’m trying to lose weight, and I’m wondering what kind of legal drugs or weight loss pills really work. Please don’t tell me to just eat well and exercise, I already do this.

Maricela answers:

Proactol is one of the top 10 fat/weight loss pills because it helps your body in so manys ways. It is a clinically proven supplement that can help you shed those extra pounds. Taken orally, it aids in weight loss by binding your calorie and fat intake as well as suppressing your appetite so you don’t tend to eat more.
Proactol is made from 100% natural ingredients and has no known side effects. It’s free from allergens, artificial colouring, flavours, salt, gluten, and preservatives. Is clinically proven to bind approximately up to 30% of fats, as clinical studies showed. It is one of the few weight loss supplements that have had it’s claims scientifically proven in trials. The product is also medically endorsed by some leading physicians as well as having a medical device (MDD 93/42/EEC) certification which is upheld by the strictest regulations. It is endorsed world wide by respected doctors, herbalists, nutritionists and health and fitness experts who carefully choose clinically proven products. It is the first weight loss product to be approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and it bears the CE stamp of approval.
It is also proven to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol and improves the rate of “good cholesterol” (HDL cholesterol).
Proactol is undoubtedly one of the best diet pills supplement on the market today. If you use it properly, you can achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, keep your appetite under control and lower your cholesterol, allowing you to live a happier life.
Let proactol work on your fat while you spend more time to focus on other aspects of life, than solely dieting, all you have to lose is your weight!

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