Your Questions About Teenage Weight Loss Tips For Girls

by Maricela on May 10, 2013

Carol asks…

Are you serious!? Since when don’t teenage boys like big boobs?

I’ve recently read an article where a girl said that girls with big boobs look bad and guys don’t like that?
My question is, since when!?!
I mean, I’m 15 years old, 5’4″, 165lbs –overweight, yeahh I know.
But my boobs have always been one of my best qualities.
Hm. News to me.
So does anyone have any weight loss tips for me?
I’ve recently stopped drinking soda and I’m working on staying away from fried foods.
I sleep all day and stay up all night so I need excercise tips!!
Do Acai Berry Pills do anything?
Id like to be down to at least 130 pounds….
Before school starts
On August 25th
Help please (:

Maricela answers:

Why do u sleep all day and are awake all night?????


exercise is the only way to go, no acai berry will not work don’t waste ur money.
Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and veg before meal.. Will help u eat less

and u have to get up and move if u wanna lose weight..

Above all do it for urself..

George asks…

i’m 15 and weigh 253 pounds i want to lose 110 lbs (fat not water) in 4-5 months?

As I said above, I want to lose 110 lbs in 4-5 months, and fat weight not water weight. i think my goal seems resonable and i dont want to become a diabetic. please offer any fast weight loss tips, i already know the basics like: cut porportions in half, walk half hour in morning. i am serious about this, i havent had pop or chips or candy in two weeks and i lost 5-7 lbs. im also hoping that a certain family member will see my progress and decide to lose weight also, she/he kinda gave up and im doing this both for my self and to inspire this certain family member. so please help me!! 🙁 plus i start school in like a month, is it possible to lose like 20-30 pounds by then? i dont always want to be the “fat girl” in highschool, that just adds more stress to my teenage life 🙁

Maricela answers:

Its not that hard to lose weight, and YES it is POSSIBLE to lose all that weight in such a short period of time.

First of you must eat correctly, eat 6 times a day but very small portions. Your body needs food to burn fat, so eating small portions over the day will give your body the energy to do so. Second of all do some research on Meal Plans and what you should eat when. The information is out there, all you must do is find it.

Only drink water, do not drink any other kind of beverage.

It is also very important to drink allot of water, If you drink too little water your body will store the little water that u drink as fat. So drink around 2-2.5Litres of water throughout the day. Like this your body will be getting plenty of water and it won’t need to store it.

Now what u Must do is exercise properly. I would suggest that you visit as they have allot of great exercise routine that you can follow to get the perfect body. They may seem hard at first but it is important that you push yourself through this and you will see results.

Last but not least, you should get enough rest. Make sure you have a healthy sleep routine and try to get those 8-10 hours of sleep a day. The recommended sleep time can vary between individuals.

Any other questions, PM me

Lisa asks…

Weight loss tips for teenage girls?

Hi everyone. I’m certainly not overweight, but I would like to slim down. I calculated my BMI and it’s good for my age. I’m starting dance on September the 12th, and I would really like to be thinner by then, as I have to wear tight clothing. I’ve heard so many different things about what exercises work and what ones don’t. I’ve also heard that ab exercises can build the muscle underneath and make your stomach look bigger. Apparently cardio (running, jogging, etc) is great, but then I read somewhere running can make your thighs look bigger (because you’re building muscle). Of course I know the basics, cut out soda’s, chips and sweets, but is there anything else that works? I heard lemon juice and some water is good for getting rid if fat, but I need more tips.

Maricela answers:

Check the tips… Http://

Good luck!

Thomas asks…

Teenage girl gym work out?

Hi, so I’m new to the whole gym thing, and I want to start going regulary.
I’m fifteen, and a girl.
My goals at the gym are to lose weight on my stomach and legs, as well as tone them.
I don’t know what I should be doing exactly at the gym, so i’m looking for tips on what machines to use, or even push ups, sit ups, yoga, etc.
All will be done with a healthy diet as well.

Maricela answers:

You don’t need a gym, so just stay home.

It is not possible to lose fat only from a specific part of your body of your choosing. Where your body stores and removes fat is determined by your genetics and there is nothing you can do to change that short of radical procedures such as liposuction. And, in general, where it stores fat first is where it will lose it last and visa versa. The world of health and fitness has an unfortunate abundance of myths and spot reduction is one of them. There is no exercise, no pill, no supplements, no spa treatment, and no natural way to spot reduce. Your only choice is to create a caloric deficit with diet, burn fat, and wait for it to leave the desired body parts.


The key to losing fat is diet, not exercise. For more information, read my answer about why exercise is not the key to fat loss —>;_ylt=AlTDB0OPAGPzNFiPDNJ4QZXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20111013033752AA48FJG

You are probably already toned under the fat because because your abs are working for you all day with lifting, sneezing, straining, climbing stairs, coughing, walking, dancing, etc. And, of course, you need your legs to walk, run, climb stairs, etc.

So, eat right, lose fat, and you’re done with your goals. No gym needed.

You have the same problem most noobs do and that’s why the majority of people with gym memberships drop out after three months. You need realistic and achievable goals which require a gym. Without that you have no way of measuring success and success is the best motivator. You also have no way of building a routine. So, rethink your goals. Here’s are some good ones.

• Stronger bones and body
• More robust organ and systemic fitness
• Higher metabolism
• Increased energy and efficiency
• More stamina and endurance
• Healthier immune system
• Easier fat loss
• Improved physical appearance
• Improved poise, posture, and comportment
• Better sleep
• Better athletic performance

There is only one way to achieve all of these goals and that is to add muscle to your body. So, if these are your goals, you’ll want to start learning about strength training. It’s important to remember that your body can only follow your brain. It’s also important to know that most trainers suck! So, you’ll need to feed your brain a healthy diet of good information. Here’s how to begin.

Watch all of Scooby’s 180+ videos here –>

Next, read everything here so you can learn a little anatomy and kinesiology as well as how to perform exercise in good form –>

Finally, buy this book and study it (you can skip over the heavy science stuff) –>

If you establish different goals and need help with how to achieve them, email me. And don’t let anyone tell you you’re too young or muscle building is for guys only.

Good luck and good health!!

PS: Here are some good websites you may find useful.

Laura asks…

Are there any weight loss tips for teenage girls?

I’m 14,I’m 5″4 and weigh 145 lbs. I want to lose weight but also cut my cravings for snacks.

My family won’t limit me on what I eat, and I eat because I’m hungry, not because I’m bored. Are there any ways to improve my weight that aren’t obvious? I recently quit swimming and I now swim once a week for 1 1/2 hours, and help in the pool for another 1 1/2.

I understand I need to exercise, but running seems so boring and even with music or other people I get bored easily. I’d like to be able to exercise at home, if possible.
I know anorexia is a bad idea, and I’d appreciate not going on some ‘miracle berry’ or a website that isn’t trustworthy.

Maricela answers:

YES! You can lose weight the right way and feel good about yourself!
Fitness is my job, so let me give you some links to check out. All of these are DVD workout programs that you do at home.

Here are some cardio options:
TurboJam- It’s fun, upbeat and has great music! Http://
Or Hip Hop Abs –

If you want something with weight lifting and cardio – try ChaLean Extreme
This program transformed my body! I’m 5’2”, 28 years old and I look better now than when I was in High School.

The best way for you to lose weight is to do a mix of cardio & weights. As a girl you will not get bulky b/c you don’t have the correct hormones for that.
All of these programs come with a nutritional guide as well.
If you have questions, email me at

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