Your Questions About Teenage Weight Loss Tips For Girls

by Maricela on April 7, 2013

Donna asks…

fourteen-years old, 5’3″, 130-136lbs. weight loss tips?

i’m fourteen-years-old, 5’3″, and 130-136 pounds.
i’m called fat constantly, however, my body is very muscular.
i play school and junior olympic volleyball, softball, cheerleading, and track.
therefore, i’m very busy.
i need easy weight loss tips, that won’t cause me to lose my muscle.

Maricela answers:

A fact that seems to be hard for women to accept is that weight loss isn’t the most important thing. Fat loss is. It sounds to me like you are a very healthy, active teenage girl. The best thing for you to do is continue eating a healthy well-balanced diet and stay active in your sports. I know that at your age, what others think of and say about you seems so important, but some day you will realize that it’s really not. Don’t base how you feel about yourself on the opinions of others. Be yourself! ♥

Sandra asks…

Tips on how to be bulimic?

This is a project me and my friend are doing. We’ve been researching eating disorders and we are having trouble finding specifics on
1. beginning signs
2. Throwing up (process wise, what to eat, ect)
3. after math (effects)

We know the general idea of course, and have done some research. if anybody who has struggled with it, and is open to share, we are grateful and commend you.

before this happens, we aren’t two teenage girls attempting to lose weight, this is a serious thing.

any input could help, thank you so much!

Maricela answers:

Okay. This is a touchy subject for me but since you want a first hand account, I’ll give it to you. I warn you what I have to say maybe nasty.

In 7th grade at the age of 12, I was first bulimic then anorexic.
It all started when I went to a family reunion/ Thanksgiving in Florida. My family is very controlling and have very low views of obesity.
I think I’ll just get to the point because it’s a long and painful story.
1. Someone told me to never get fat.
2. I developed low self esteem.
3. My life spiraled out of control.

I went back home and for the next month or so, I began binging and purging. My mom found out and watched how much I ate. It was easier to be anorexic because I didn’t have to eat that much and it hurt when I vomited.

Binging and continuously going to the bathroom after meals.
Sudden weight loss
Obsession with body weight
Strict dieting (like carbs to stay full so that when you throw some of it up you won’t be hungry)
An unnecessary use of laxatives
Disappearance of food
Something called “chipmunk cheeks”: it’s what a person gets after repeated vomiting
tooth decay

It’s been a while and I have better body image. I am however obsessed with exercise.
For more info, I think you should check out some websites. I don’t think I’ve covered enough.

Hope this helps.Good luck and Happy Holidays.

Nancy asks…

For all teenage Boys and girls please answer this question?

for boys : Wat attracts u the most to girls?

for girls:any tips for weight loss
i am havin’ a weight problem i have tried everything sports,exercice,diet nothin’ works
i have also tried aerobics

Maricela answers:

I’m a boy:

Girls that has good personality and good appearance really attract me

Ruth asks…

I need to loose 20-40 pounds, help!?

I am a teenage girl and I need to lose 20-40 pounds. I am about 180lbs and I’m 5’8″ 1/2. Any tips on teenage weight loss would be helpful or regimen examples, anything would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

Maricela answers:

You can see tips in a web search for “weight loss success secrets”.

Lizzie asks…

I need to lose 50 pounds in six months?

I’m in my brothers wedding, as a bridesmaid. I’ve always been wanting to lose weight and have exercised but can’t seem to be motivated enough. Now that I am, what do I do? Best forms of exercise? What food to stay away from? I want to keep this off for life, any tips? Random things that helped you?

I’m a teenage girl | 160 lbs | 5’2″

Maricela answers:

50 lbs? You don’t need to lose that much! 110 lbs would probably make you very underweight, and losing almost a third of your body mass will probably not be too healthy either! Aim for a loss of 20-30 lbs, because you aren’t that fat, and that much weight loss will probably make an impact on your assets… And as a guy, I would hate that to happen! But seriously, don’t go overboard, don’t starve yourself, just cut 500 calories from your current diet, and the maths say you will lose a pound a week. 26 weeks, and you hit the middle of my suggested safe target. Good, eh?

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