Your Questions About Teenage Weight Loss Plan For Girls

by Maricela on March 13, 2013

Lizzie asks…

is this enough to lose weight?

if i walk for 5 hours straight every single day for the next 3 weeks (before i go back to school on the 5th september) will it be enough to tone my legs and stomach and lose a bit of weight? I am giving up unhealthy foods starting tomorrow.

i also really want to clear my skin up so any tips would help im a 14 year old teenage girl 🙂

thanks in advance

Maricela answers:

That should help tremendously. That is a lot of walking. For weight loss it might actually be better to break it into two walks a day, but no matter how you do it, it will help. Unfortuantely, there really is no magic answer to weight loss. There is no well kept secret, and no mystery solution, but there are simple things you can do that will help tremendously. Eat a healthy diet of about 1500 calories a day – you do need to learn to count calories and there are tons of sites that will help you with that, as well as the labels on foods. Start keeping a record everyday of what you eat, because we all usually tend to consume more calories than we think we do. Eliminate ALL junk food, sodas, pop, sweets, fried foods, fast foods, fruit juices, and processed foods. Everyday eat fruit, veggies, a few nuts, lean meat and fish, whole grain breads and cereals, low fat dairy products. The many meal replacement products on the market can be a good tool to help you get started on a better eating plan. Use them in the first week or two if you like to replace one meal a day. Make sure you get one that has a good protein content. Special K makes a protein shake and the Glucerna shakes have higher protein content. Go for a brisk 45 minute walk twice a day if you can, everyday. Climb lots of stairs. Drink plenty of water. If at all possible start a weight lifting/strength training program at a gym and get some instruction from the gym trainer. It will work. Here are a few sites that may help.


Thomas asks…

Weight Loss – Safely and Effectively for teens!?

I am a teenage girl and i really want to lose weight i am 15 about 5’10 and weigh about 185. I eat pretty healthy and dont pig out – I just need some ideas other than starving myself! I am willing to work for it and am prepared to make a lifestyle change sometimes its hard tho especially when your family isnt trying to make a change

Maricela answers:

Here are a few tips:

1. You MUST exercise if you want to lose weight and keep it off, so do something every day, even if it’s just a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood. Don’t say you don’t have time for exercise; you have to MAKE time. Yes, it takes time and effort, but you’re worth it, right?

2. Walk as much as you want, but don’t do cardio for more than 40 minutes at a time. If you do, you risk burning muscle instead of fat.

3. If you do strength training, use light weights and do lots of repetitions. That’ll really help you “tone up.”

4. Your diet will make you or break you. You have probably learned bad eating habits over time (most people do). That’s not your fault, but now you have to deal with it. Make a commitment to yourself to unlearn those bad habits and re-learn better habits.

5. Eat breakfast every day within an hour of getting up. People who don’t are 450% more likely to be overweight.

6. Eat six small meals or snacks per day instead of three squares per day or one big meal per day. Your body expends energy digesting your food, so eating smaller portions more often keeps your metabolism running high because you’re constantly digesting food.

7. Avoid these as much as possible:

— Trans fat (any type of partially or fully hydrogenated oil)
— High fructose corn syrup (soft drinks are LOADED with it)
— Fast food
— Junk food
— White sugar, white flour, white rice, white potatoes
— The deadly C’s (cookies, cakes, candy, chips, cola)

8. Build your diet around these trim-body-friendly foods:

— Nuts, any kind (almonds are best)
— Beans/Legumes
— Fresh vegetables (green is GREAT!!!)
— Dairy products (as long as they’re low-fat or non-fat)
— Eggs
— Lean meats (fish and poultry top the list)
— Olive oil
— Whole grain breads/cereals/pasta
— Fresh fruits (anything that ends in “berry” is a winner)
— Tea (green tea or black pekoe tea)
— Cold water or ice water (your body has to expend extra calories to heat it up)

9. Desserts and treats are the exception, not the rule. Having said that, however, (1) you can have a couple of pieces of chocolate every day – just don’t overdo, and (2) Allow yourself one “cheat meal” every week where you eat and drink whatever you want as long as you don’t gorge yourself. That’ll help keep you from feeling deprived and it’ll make it easier to stick with your new healthy eating plan.

Good luck!

Laura asks…

question from a teenage girl. Please answer?

No, I’m not pregnant.
I am a 15 year old girl, I am 5 foot 6, and either middle or large boned. I weigh 165 and want to weigh 130. . I am jogging twice around the block 2 times a day ( at morning and at night), plus 50 sit-ups in the morning, and 35 at night. and also 10 push ups in the morning. i’ve been drinking a lot of water because i’ve heard that helps, and softball anf dance practices are coming up soon. eating wise, i limit meals to 3 a day, and try to limit portions without going back for seconds. will this work? or do i need to do more? any other suggestions that could help me? thanks..

Maricela answers:

I am 5’6″ and I was 165 pounds when I got married, I thought I was huge then. Now after 4 1/2 years and three pregnancies I weigh 185 and that’s after a 20 pound weight loss, I think 165 wasn’t too bad now. But my goal is to get down to 150 first and then maybe more later, I want to be a size 8. Right now I’m nursing so weight loss is harder and can’t be extreme. But when I’m done nursing my main game plan will be following the 6 week body makeover by Michael Thurmond. You eat 6 times a day, 3 meals and 3 snacks. The point is eating more of the right foods more often, to up your metabolism. Your main food choices are lean meats like chicken and turkey and fish, carbs like rice and potatoes, and then fruits and vegetables, and drinking water. Walking or biking 30 to 60 minutes every day is best, jogging is okay too. Also if you learn to do targeted stregth training for your problem areas twice a week, to only build muscles in those areas you need them. Sounds like you are doing pretty good, but limiting your meals could be hurting your progress instead of helping. Because if your body thinks it is starving it will hold on tighter to the fat and make it harder to burn.

Ruth asks…

Teenage girl trying to lose 50 pounds?!!!!!!?

I’m 5’9 and 245 pounds! i would like to lose 50 pounds so that i can become healthier and then move on to farther weight loss. please help me i need a exercise and diet plan but i don’t’ have money to go to a gym and my parents buy food. Thanks! i need help!

Maricela answers:

Start of with walking, and jog for short intervals. No gym needed for that! And its always so nice to walk in nature, especially now that the leaves will be changing soon! If you live somewhere you can go hiking, do that. Eat 5 or 6 small healthy meals a day, don’t starve yourself. Try to stay around 1500 calories a day. Keep a food journal so you become more conscious of your eating habits. And talk to your parents and tell them you want to be healthier (don’t really bring up the weight loss thing, unless they support you in it, I know sometimes parents give you the whole “you’re fine the way you are” speech) ask them not to buy junk food and processed crap. Tell them you’d appreciate it if they bought lots of fruits and veggies, lean protien like white meat chicken and turkey, and wild caught fish like salmon. Ask them to buy whole grain or at least wheat bread. Ask them to buy low fat dairy products and soy milk. Tell them you don’t want to be tempted to snack on bad foods, so if they must buy them ask them if they could please keep the bags of chips and cookies in their room somewhere you cant easily access them. But don’t restrict yourself too much from the foods you like… If you have a terrible ice cream craving, try some fat free sherbert or frozen yogurt (just a scoop, not the whole container) and if you like chocolate like me, splurge on high quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage (like 60%+) and when you really need some, break of a square or two and suck on them to make them last longer. Don’t use food as a reward. And try to stay away from obsessively weighing yourself, your body weight changes daily from food, drink, stress, your period, etc. Make sure to drink plenty of water and buy some really nice green tea (its a metabolism booster) and don’t put any sugar in it.

Good luck!

Mark asks…

A question about eating habits?

Hello, if a young teenage girl ate just some dinner, how long would it take for her to lose weight and how much would she lose in this time?-and don’t worry i’m not planning to do this it’s for my diet and nutrition class 🙂 Thanks x

Maricela answers:

During the first week, she would lose a lot of weight. After that it would stabilize and plateau and there would not be noticeable weight loss beyond that point. You have to eat more than 1200 calories a day or your body will go into starvation mode.

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