Your Questions About Teenage Weight Loss For Girls

by Maricela on February 23, 2013

Robert asks…

what are some rapid weight loss plans for teenage girls?

it may seem ridiculous but i am very serious about this, i would like to lose as much weight as possible for september. i am 15 years old, moderately active and im sort of healthy. i need workout tips and plans, healthy food choices and plans, and lastly… anything what will boost my metabolism. i am not looking to just “get healthy” i am looking to lose weight because it is needed. thanks!

please no rude comments, it’s just a waste of time!

Maricela answers:

I am just like you !
I’m 13 tho.

You can eat really healthy cause that way you won’t put weight on.
Do you have a trampoline ? If so jump 300 times on it, it’s really fun!
If not, go walking 3 times a week and than jogging.
Even climbing the stairs makes a difference, it’s better than nothing.
Also when watching television try and jog for at least 5 minutes.

Mark asks…

How much weight would be a healthy lose?

I’m 15 , 5 foot 5 inch, and weight 143 pounds. I’m a little over weight and want to lose some. What would be a healthy weight for me?

Maricela answers:

Hmm are you serious?
Then best idea consultation a doctor
or u can surf these

Thomas asks…

What is a healthy way to lose weight for a teenager?

I want to lose some weight, I know I am not unhealthily big but I am overweight and I want to lose weight sensibly. I don’t want to stunt my growth or put my health in danger. I have tried crash dieting before and I definitely do not want to do it again. I really want to do it sensibly, so please no abuse.

Maricela answers:

1. Drink a lot of water

This seems an easy tip but you should pay much attention to drink at least 15 glasses of water each day. This amount is equivalent to 2 liters of water that each person should absorb into his or her body. If you do this in a strict and scientific manner, its results will surprise you. When you drink water with small amount each time, you will feel full earlier. Your body doesn’t suffer from water loss so abundant oxidation parts are ruled out of the body. When you are hungry, you can eat fruits instead. However, remember that you shouldn’t eat too many fruits with high-sugar level like mango, banana.etc.

2. Take exercise regularly

You can easily do this yourself even when you don’t have much leisure time. At home, instead of sitting in the room and watching TV, spend your time on helping your parents do some housework such as: cleaning the floor, tidying your bedroom.etc.

Make advantage of the staircase because it’s a good tool to do exercise. Thanks to it, you can have better health and better form.
Instead of being taken to school by parents on motorbike, you should choose a substitute such as: bus, bike or on foot. Choose the means of transport that suits you most to lose weight!

If you can arrange your time well, apply on a class of swimming, aerobic or belly dance.
Doing exercise regularly will help teenage girls refresh their minds to study well and pass exams.

3. Say goodbye to fast foods

Nowadays, fast food stalls appear everywhere in the cities. Teenage girls often gather at these places after school. You should not eat them too often! Even though it is convenient and time-saving, you should stop this eating habit if you want to lose weight. Stopping this eating habit doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat anything. That’s a wrong thought. You should only avoid eating these fast foods, but instead you should have proper regimen with vegetables, fruits in a smaller amount.

4. Take part in every activity

Instead of sitting still at your seat at school, besides gymnastics class, you should actively take part in other activities. When there is a break, walk around aisles or play volleyball, soccer.etc. At the school yard.

Join outside activities that your class and your school introduce: singing, dancing, hip-hop or volunteering. Some weekly offline meetings may make you excited and reduce calories.

Jenny asks…

How can I build upper body muscles?

I’m a teenage girl, I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, and I’m a vegetarian. I want to get stronger arms, shoulders, and stomach muscles. Any ideas on how?
I was a vegetarian since I was a kid. I don’t like eating animals.

Maricela answers:

Go to the gym. They have a large variety of machines and exercise equipment there and I am sure that one of the trainers would be more then willing to give you some good advice on targeting specific areas.

Why are you vegetarian ? Is it because you don’t like eating animals, or is it an attempt at weight-loss ? If it is purely for the weight-loss benefits then I advise you to scrap that idea and eat meat. Meat is good for building up your muscles, particularly if you are working out.

Mandy asks…

Any free online diets and exercise programs for teenage girls?

I reallyyy wanna lose weight. &&im a teenager so preferably i want something thats tailored to teenage girls. Thanks so much if you have any reccomendations!

Maricela answers:

Sure, I’ll give you one right now. Eat high protein, high healthy fat (saturated not trans, avoid synthetic oils), fairly low carb, low sugar. Now, for an adult female I’d recommend around 100 g of carbs a day. But since you’re a teen and are still developing, go ahead and amp that up to 150-200 g a day. Try and get as many of those carbs as you can from fruits and veggies; avoid large portions of refined carbs. But do cut out as much added sugars as possible. And definitely eat lots of protein and whole fat dairy. For an adult female, I’d recommend a 1500 calorie a day diet. But like I said, you’re developing, so go ahead and start that out at 2000 a day. You can cut back to 1500 if you don’t see any results, in say 3 weeks to a month.

As for your work out, try and do 60 minutes of moderate to high intensity work outs 4-6 days a week. Don’t worry if you can’t right away. It’ll be hard at first, but do what you can now and amp it up as your fitness increases. Do cardio and weight training. But on separate days. Exercise bikes are excellent at burning calories. There’s not much else at the gym that can give you such a high calorie burn is as little time. But you do have to push yourself. Treadmills are fine too, don’t try to run at first. Do a brisk walk, at an incline if you can.

Other options if you don’t have access to gym equipment. Long walks at a brisk pace, actual biking (not only is it good exercise, it can be loads of fun too), swimming, and aerobics (check out the library, often they have exercise DVDs you can check out). If you can get a hold of this particular DVD, Tie Boe is both really fun, and an intense work out. As for strength training outside of the gym, push ups (on your knees or on the wall at first), crunches, squats, you could even use soup cans or milk jugs filled with water for weights. Although, if you want to buy a couple free weights, they’re only around $5-$7 a piece for the 5 pounders.

And most importantly, keep it fun! That’s the best way to keep up your motivation; have fun with your work out. And allow yourself to feel good about any weight loss, even if you’re not at your goal yet.

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