Your Questions About Teenage Weight Loss For Girls

by Maricela on December 30, 2012

Jenny asks…

Weight Loss For Teens specially teenage girls?

Any well-reviewed product for weight loss for teen age girls? I have read about pro ana tips but heard negative comments about it being harmful! What is the best solution for weight loss for teen age girls?

Maricela answers:

The best solution is to avail a FREE TRIAL OFFER of “Acai burn”. Quick-Loss AcaiBurn – Fast Weight Loss That Works is a breakthrough new formula that combines the scientific research of the West with the amazing antioxidant power of the Acai Berry.

The average weight loss was 14.99 and 12.54 pounds with key ingredients (Garcinia cambogia extract, chromium polyniconate and Gymnema sylvestre extract) in AcaiBurn vs. Just 3.06 and 3.53 pounds with a placebo in two 8-week clinical studies. Both groups dieted and exercised. That means the key ingredients in AcaiBurn were found to help cause up to 450% MORE WEIGHT LOSS than dieting and exercising alone will get you

AcaiBurn also includes Acai Berry, which has been used for years throughout the Brazilian rain forests as a premium natural energy supplement which is known to boost energy.

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Carol asks…

What are the benefits of drinking milk for a teenage girl?

I know that milk is good for you. But I read one article that said it promotes weight loss and another that said to avoid to dairy products if you want a flat stomach?

Maricela answers:

Milk can potentially cause bloat, but not much unless you’re lactose sensitive and it gives you gas.

It has lots of vitamins, calcium and gives you healthy bones and teeth. Pick milk that is 2% or lower, it’ll have less fat. If you’d rather, you could try a soy, rice or almond beverage to replace milk if you want to, most are on-par with the nutrients milk has, so if you find milk and you don’t mesh well give it a try.

Ken asks…

What is a weight loss workout for a teenage girl?

I am 16 yo. and I am trying to lose weight. I don’t have access to a gym or work out equipment and I don’t have money to buy them. What is a workout I can do after school?

Maricela answers:

Well, you want to keep price down and just do bodyweight stuff until you build up your fitness. There are loads of good workouts on Youtube and here is one of them, all the best

David asks…

What are good exercise activities for teenage girls?

I am 15 and am slowly putting on more weight. i don’t do a sport at the moment and i need to tone up! i want to do a sport outside of school that will really get me in shape, any suggestions?

Maricela answers:

Vomit everything you eat up –
i do it all the time and i think it really helps, i don’t consider it to be bulimia, just a great weight loss campaign….
Just stick your finger down your throat and away it goes!
Honestly its amazing i eat whatever i want and chuck it up 🙂

Laura asks…

How many girls who start dieting at age 12-13 end up with eating disorders?

I know a girl who has been dieting since she was 13 and still is (she’s probably around 15 now). What are the chances of her getting an eating disorder? I’ve heard that like 86% of girls who diet at that age end up with one, is that true? What statistics do you have/know? I really would like to warn her parents, especially since they see nothing wrong with her behavior. I’m not sure if she’s throwing up in a bathroom or anything like that, but she definately is watching what she is eating, eating foods marked “low carb”, keeping track of how many pounds she has lost, and exercises for the benefit of weight loss. Also looks like she could use a vitamin if you know what I mean..
Thanks to all who help.
But what percentage of those 82% that diet end up with eating disorders?

Maricela answers:

I know alot of girls this year that went to my school, who have been hospitalized because of eating disorders. More than half… Are fine, others are still in there. A recent polls says that teenage girls are extremely sensitive about weight, and deside to throw it all up or take fitness pills or even smoke crack…. Not working! The polls’ numbers of teenage girls who have tried dieting was 82% positive.

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