Your Questions About Teenage Diets For Weight Loss For Girls

by Maricela on April 25, 2013

William asks…

how to lose a lot of weight in 5 days? (specific diet and excersing)please help!!?

im a teenage girl and need to lose weight. i am not overly fat or any of that, just no where near being skinny. what type of excercises should i do daily and for how long. i would need a specific easy and healthy diet to help lose that weight. your help will be greatly appreciated!

Maricela answers:

Five days? Are you kidding?
Sure, it’s possible, but nowhere near healthy and the results won’t last. I suggest seeing a professional about healthy weight loss and dieting and exercise and all that. A few pointers I can give you are that the weight loss should be mostly off of the exercise, not the diet change. And you have to be sure you’re eating enough, too.
Please don’t be impatient with this. It’s never turned out pretty.

Lizzie asks…

What is a good weight for a thirteen year old girl?

I am around five feet four inches.

Maricela answers:

There are more diets than ever and more people dieting than ever and yet we have the fattest society ever. So a lot of these ideas about losing weight, make you fatter. Cutting calories, carbs and fats can cause you to have a weight problem for life.

It is better to eat differently. See site below and learn why meat and non-fat yogurt are so fattening. Also salt has no calories but makes you fat. Cure your weight problem and be thin for life. It also has the quickest weight loss possible. Eat good carbs not bad carbs. First see this page with advice for teenage girls, then click on the home page for best ways to lose weight.


Carol asks…

Is this diet (not weight loss attempt, but way of eating) ok for a teenage girl?

I eat about 1-2 fruits a day (usually like a banana and a peach or something. yay peach season!), handful of edamame/steamed baby carrots, and like half a whole wheat bagel with tofutti cream cheese (or a piece of really healthy vegan bread with tofurkey) and a handful of skittles every 1-2 weeks.

Oh and I also drink half a glass of soy or almond milk every morning.

Does that sound ok?

Maricela answers:

You need too eat a lot more than that. You need some vegetables and more fruits in your diet.

Richard asks…

How much weight should i expect to lose if I go on a 4 day liquid only diet??

Tomorrow I will start a liquid only diet and it will end on Tuesday (4 days) How much weight should I expect to lose during this time? If any? I am 155 pounds and a 16 year old girl. I will also be exercising at least 30 minutes a day. Thank you

Maricela answers:

Lets think in calories as thats the best way to estimate how many pounds u may lose. If u know how many calories u eat a day then u would multiple them by 4. Their are 3,500 calories in a pound and average recommendation for an average adult is 2000-2500 calories per day. Lets say u eat 2000 calories a day….thats 8000 calories u ahould expect to lose. Including a teenage metabolism id say u would lose 3-4 pounds minimum. With the workouts added you should lose around 6-8 but if u dont eat and u workout u could faint ir not be able to complete ur workout due tk lack of energy. So 8 pounds max loss

Chris asks…

What would happen if i ONLY eat fruits and veggies?

hi. im 14 and wanting to lose weight. i would eat more than usual and eat fruits and veggies and probably the vegan burger patties from Sam’s.
is this a good idea for weight loss?
also whole wheat bread maybe?

but generally fruits and veggies 🙂 🙂

Maricela answers:

Lots of bathroom trips…
Digestive problems.
Messing up your metabolism and stunting your growth if you don’t eat enough to cover your BMR and growth.
Being too weak to exercise properly, easily and efficiently.
Rotting your teeth (all the fructose) unless you brush your teeth each time you eat.
Missing very important nutrients (protein, fats, calcium…).
Not having a balanced diet so you’ll develop health problems due to some vitamins/minerals deficiencies.
Probably leading to some eating disorder. Teenage girls your age trying to lose weight by eating less are at high risk for an ED.

No, this is not a good idea for weight loss.
You do not eat less to lose weight. You eat what you need to cover your BMR and growth and then you become physically active.

In your activity page, you’re saying that you’re “kind of petite” so you might have a BDD.
You should gain 3 to 5 pounds while growing up (up to your 20s). If you’re overweight, you maintain your weight, losing body fat with physical activity and gaining weight with growth.

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