Your Questions About Teenage Diets For Weight Loss For Girls

by Maricela on April 10, 2013

George asks…

I’m a teenage girl and my hair is falling out?

I’m in my early teens and for the past few weeks, my hair has been falling out and thinning at an alarming rate.

When I wake up it’s all over my pillow and I’m terrified I have alopecia, like my mum did.
Can anyone help?

Maricela answers:

Teenage hair loss is becoming more and more common. There are many possible causes including recent vaccination, infection, extreme diet/weight loss, birth control, illness, etc. Excessive shedding is usually temporary and reversible. Essential oil scalp massage treatments are very helpful but it is still important to try to determine and treat the underlying cause. The links below have information on female hair loss, teenage hair loss and using essential oils for hair loss.

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know where I can get the Size Zero Pill?

I really need your help on this. Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my question.

Maricela answers:

The size zero pill
Updated: 2006-10-09 16:55

Introduced a decade ago as a prescription drug for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, its major side effect is weight loss because it suppresses the appetite for up to nine hours.

“For the jet- setting, hardpartying, over-extended girl, who naturally is concerned with her figure, it’s become the miracle pill – one, however, with potentially dangerous consequences,” reported W magazine recently. Even when taken as instructed, Adderall can cause psychotic episodes, depression and even serious heart problems.

“Last year, someone gave my cousin this doctor’s number for weight loss,” one woman told a reporter.

“He gave her loads of pills: a mixture of prescription and supplements. My brother had a party and you would not believe the state she got herself in – she soiled herself and was vomiting because of all those pills. The doctor never told her not to drink.”

She was recounting this sorry tale in the changing room of her gym when someone overheard and asked: “Have you got his number?” Despite the fact that 20 deaths have been associated with the drug, women are willing to overlook the potential health risks in pursuit of a size double zero body.

“It isn’t hard to get or illegal. Plus it’s more chic to discreetly take an Aderall with a cocktail than to snort a line of coke,” says one user.

Greta Angert, a Beverly Hills psychotherapist and eating disorder specialist, says Adderall doesn’t carry a stigma because it is a prescribed drug. “But when someone is using it to lose weight, they should be treated for an eating disorder,” she says.

In the U.S., with women only having to tell their doctor they are having trouble focusing to get a prescription for Aderall, and some physicians prescribing it to students to help them get through their exams, this drug is extending beyond Hollywood.

One New York pyschopharmacologist reported a trend in teenage girls selling their prescriptions to fellow students for e2 a pill. Victoria Beckham features prominently in the ‘Thinspirational’ galleries of proanorexia websites, where girls write in to coo about her ‘beautiful protruding bones’ and gaunt face, berating the fact they struggle to slim down to her size.

“Among my patients, Victoria Beckham is one of the top icons. As far as they can see, she gets invited everywhere, she’s got plenty of money and a handsome husband,” says Dr Dee Dawson of London’s Rhodes Farm Clinic for Eating Disorders.

“It’s not surprising that they associate her body shape with glamour and success.” A report in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine said body image drugs were being bought by children as young as just 14.

“We’ve heard of steroid-like substances being sold at the school gates,’ says Pat Lenehan, spokesperson for the Drugs and Sport Information Service.

The extent of the damaging effects on still developing bodies is not known. “If famous women are rumoured to take drugs, such as clenbuterol, ordinary people will be tempted to do the same,” says Linda Wells, editor of beauty bible Allure magazine.

And at less than e30 for 30 tablets bought over the internet, these dangerous diet aids are barely more expensive than supplements and vitamins.

So where will it end, and who’s really to blame? At the recent fashion shows, with activists calling for models to at least maintain a healthy BMI, the focus seems to be on designers.

But the lines between the runway and red carpet continue to blur as actresses become clothes horses for leading fashion houses.

At London Fashion week, the godfather of fashion Giorgio Armani went on record. “I never wanted to use girls who are too skinny. Unfortunately, though, the stylists and the media have interfered and the trend is for models who are incredibly thin,” he says.

New York designer Michael Kors agrees that the culpability lies with the LA super stylists and says he is sending them more and more size zero samples. Recently, he’s been getting requests for negative zero and even a negative zero size 2.

But while women are willing to overlook the potential health risks associated with popping a pill-sized slimming aid, new evidence is coming to light that this trend has a sting in the tail. While clenbuterol and Adderall create the desired sylph-like effect in the shortterm, long-term users are reporting sudden and uncontrollable weight gain.

Having messed with an user’s natural metabolism, the drugs seem to lose their efficacy almost as quickly as they helped shift excess pounds. Jackie Warner has seen the body backlash first-hand. “A friend on clen lost weight, but after a while the drug stopped working,” she says. “She was just eating tuna and told me: “If I eat anything, I just blow up.’ ”

It’s an ironic twist that the threat of weight gain, rather than the risk of serious illness or even death, may hold more sway over young women’s decision to dabble with Hollywood’s most dangerous diet.

**OR maybe you mean this one….****
NewsChannel 4’s Lance West shows us the dangerous diet trend called the “Size Zero Pill.”

There is an undeniable social pressure to be thin! For some, it’s the never-ending journey to shape up!

“I always try to stay physically fit,” says one exerciser.

“People don’t want to get off the couch. They don’t want to diet and excercise. They want a quick fix and that’s how society has become,” says fitness enthusiast, Jill Amos.

This is the latest weight loss trend; from fitness enthusiasts to professional body builders. It’s called Clenbuterol. It’s a drug used to treat horses for respiratory disease.

“Anyone looking to cut corners will start using it,” says Body Builder, J.T. ALBRIGHT.

“I wouldn’t consider it. I work at a vet’s office, so I see the side effects on the animals,” says Dr. Patrick Young, DVM. “It’s the short way out. In the long run, it could be harmful for you.”

Despite the potential danger, experts say Clenbuterol is gaining popularity as a miracle medicine to melt away fat and increase muscle.

“I have accidentally put some in my mouth and noticed an increased heart rate,” Dr. Young says.

The risks include heart attack, stroke, and mental problems.

****************************The FDA banned it due to adverse reactions in people who consumed Clenbuterol. Unless you’re a horse with bad lungs, this drug is illegal.*******************

Critics also point out that the weight loss is fast, but only temporary. Within a few months, Clenbuterol users typically gain all the weight back.

Richard asks…

How much should I run to lose 30 pounds?

I really want to lose weight by the end of this year, preferably 20 to 30 pounds starting the first of August. I’m doing your basic “drink only water” “eat good portions” and “no junk food” because honestly, I don’t believe in diets. Im 15, i weigh 151 lbs. and I’m 5’5″. How many times and for how long should I run to lose the weight in 5 months?

Maricela answers:

I’m guessing your a girl, a teenage one about 13-18ish in age.
I say 5 times for 45-60minutes 3 times, and 20-30 2 times and on these days do a toning video like Zumba. I say you might wanna ease into this it seems pretty hard. Good luck, Im trying to loose weight too. Happy weight loss:)

Linda asks…

Could you please design a weight loss plan?

This is a plan for a teenage girl I know, height: 5 ‘7 weight 185

please design meals and exercise. thanks for helping her!

Maricela answers:


After reading your question I thought I would give you some pointers I have learned the hard way from my own bad ‘uninformed’ choices.

Keeping to any plan that fights against addictive habits is tough but being fit and strong versus being fat and sickly is all about how many calories you eat versus how many you burn and IF the calories are mostly the BEST QUALITY PROTEINS or mostly junk sugar-carbs.

Many years ago I found that the Atkins Diet Plan made me healthier compared to my old high carb diet since it put my diabetes symptoms into remission, but PLEASE consider my experiences when I used the Atkins high cholesterol and fat philosophy for my long term nutrition.

After the Atkins plan promoted many diseases, what now works best in order for me to keep my pruritus-urticaria in remission, after my gallbladder-biliary-liver and heart disease problems, is a VEGAN diet that is low-carb low-fat and HIGH-PROTEIN. Because of my gallbladder-biliary-liver disease I no longer can eat nuts or olive oil or dressings or other fats or any cholesterol because it causes immediate pruritus since my liver’s biliary system is plugged with cholesterol and calcium sludge, and I can not eat too many carbs because of yeast infections that break out after one, two, or three high carb meals.

What I now do is what they teach most students in high school nutrition classes – which is to add up the vitamins and minerals from my ‘digestible’ foods and calculating the RDA’s [Recommended Dietary Allowances] or DV’s [Daily Reference Values] for each day to see if I am more than 100% for Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Thiamine-VitB1, Riboflavin-VitB2, Niacin-VitB3, VitB6-Pyridoxine, and Folate-VitB9. Things like bran are not digestible and not added since it is like a work horse or work oxen eating straw instead of digestible grass or alfalfa leaves.

Also, after I accidentally poisoned myself with supplements, I leaned that supplements like iron and magnesium and colloidal silver etc are super toxic since they are ‘metallic’ minerals and oftentimes raw fertilizers with a 1000 fold markup. These ‘metallic’ mineral supplements have not yet been converted into a non-toxic food when during photosynthesis the electrons in a fertilizer are stripped away making it the more positively charged ‘non-metallic’ and non-toxic mineral element within the plant. Also, the highly profitable synthetic vitamin supplements I used to purchase have no unambiguous research backing them, and there is some obviously valid research concluding that they are more toxic than beneficial to any animal that has ever consumed them.

What now keeps my diseases in remission is mostly a diet of cooked lentils then mixed with tomato sauce and boiled celery to make a quick microwave super high protein veg-chili. I boil all my foods since my digestive system is in such poor shape and I need as many nutrients as I can get out of the semi-expensive foods I buy.

I used to eat much more meat when I was an Atkins dieter, before my pruritus attacks became so obvious that the cholesterol and fats in the meat or eggs and the calcium in the homemade yogurt I was eating was the root cause to the problem. FYI – IF you know of people getting colon cancer, it was during my Atkins period I learned to always eat enough vegetables to be a minimum of 2 x the weight of the meat that I ate – in order to not have any constipation or worse. I used to have reddish stools since I was likely on my way to getting colon cancer myself from eating much more meat protein than I could ever digest properly in my stomach and colon.

After the Atkins Diet allowed my present health issues, I replaced the crock potted round steak or beef heart or chicken and sometimes river trout in my chili with lentils, because I learned that the nutritional content of lentils ranks high alongside, and comparable to, very lean meat or lean fish if it is grown in well fertilized soil. [Note: e.g. The labels on store bought spinach sometimes have a 4 fold difference in nutrition based upon the fertility of the soils and the growing methods for the farms it is grown on.]

I also eat a-lot of boiled frozen broccoli and boiled organic or re-washed and re-boiled canned spinach with a vinaigrette of organic sugar with glass_bottled_cider_vinegar. The glassware is because of some friends that got lupus from eating too much plastic stuff, or inhaling it since they were house painters who used vinyl paints.

The nutritional DV numbers that I now eat are three times what most others in my family are eating every day. I keep at about 100% and they are about 25 to 33%, but they are all morbidly obese diabetics. Even though I was once morbidly obese myself and had a heart attack from too many carbs for too long, (which I think gave me all the symptoms of beriberi, scurvy and pellagra, along with the beginnings of my gallbladder-biliary-liver disease,) I am now more fit in comparison to most

Lisa asks…

Why are the majority of questions in ‘Diet & Fitness’ asked by teenage girls?

What is the obsession with weight loss?

Maricela answers:

Because girls want to look “thin” or perfect. And this is why anorexia is becoming more of a problem during this day of age.Up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder) in the U.S.3. Many girls are unhappy with their appearance based of other girls such as celaberties and models and begin to forcefully try to change their personal imagine to define what they see as “thin” which begins to change overtime. Exercising turns into diet pills, diet pills turns into purposely starving themselves or refusing to consume any nutrients vital to the body. Its a horrible thing, girls should realize that theyre beautiful no matter what shape or size.

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