Your Questions About Losing Weight Without Trying

by Maricela on March 31, 2013

Mandy asks…

How come I keep losing weight, but not fat?

I lost over 40 lbs, but I still have plenty of fat all over, especially the gut.

How come I can lose that much weight without trying, but I still keep the fat?

Does this mean that if I lose 40 lbs and still keep the fat, then can’t I lose the fat and keep the weight?

It doesn’t make sense to me.
By the way, I don’t like being lightweight, but I’ve lost plenty of weight in time without hardly even trying, yet I keep the fat.

Maricela answers:

When you lose weight, you’re not losing pure fat. It’s possible that you have a condition that makes you lose weight from water and possibly even muscle loss. You should consult your doctor.

Nancy asks…

How should i lose weight without my mother knowing?

I am twelve years old, 5 feet tall, and weigh from 98 to 102 pounds (it changes everyday) . Compared to all the girls in my grade, I am one fo the tallest and biggest. Do you think I’m fat, and if so, how should I lose weight without my mum knowing— if she knew I was trying to lose weight, she would kill me.

Maricela answers:

According to my books, you should weigh 96-110, depending on your frame. So you do not need to lose weight!
Your Mum knows what she’s talking about.
Btw, be proud of being tall! It’s a GOOD thing!! Stand tall and proud! 🙂

Steven asks…

Can the progression of scoliosis in teens make you lose weight fast?

I am asking this because over the summer I lost a drastic amount of weight without trying too hard to. Also, I have been worried I ha e scoliosis. Also, do you know of any signs as to how to see if I have scoliosis? Please help. I am very worried.

Maricela answers:

No curvature of the spine has nothing to do with metabolism or weight loss or gain for that matter.

Scoliosis is not uncommon.

What is more likely is that you , being a teen, developing in many ways still,.. Had an alteration in metabolic process and this explains the weight loss.

As long as you feel ‘ok’ physically and are still within a healthy weight for your height you shouldn’t worry.

As for the scoliosis itself — it is a progressive disorder of the spine. Some have intense progression where the spine curves intensely over the developing years.. Others have very minor cases that can actually normalize as they get older.

The biggest signs I would keep an eye on would be the obvious curvature of your spine. Which can be easily examined by bending over, holding your palms together — even — and having someone behind you run their finger down your spine from top to bottom. They can get a good idea of how curved it is from this basic test. I would recommend a family member, etc (someone who can do it regularly over time ) — so they can make objective determinations whether the curve is accelerating or staying about the same as the years progress.

Generally as the spine curves, the structural integrity of the back is compromised to some degree. Thus it is very common for muscles to being tight and spasm in the back to make up for the loss of structural integrity.

So again, physical examination of the back is best here.

Some pain is not uncommon with scoliosis.. Due to .. Usually.. The muscles cramping, spasming, and tensing on a somewhat chronic basis. If you experience this — some physical therapy — strengthening exercises and even basic massage of the these areas will help greatly.

Obviously the best thing you need to do is to visit your doctor regularly to keep a close charted eye/report on your scoliosis condition.

I have seen many cases of a few degrees, up to 10-12 degree’s of lateral curvature completely normalize as the patient reached 18-24yrs of age.

This isn’t to raise false hopes.. But it can happen.

Further, some small degree’s of permanent scoliosis don’t necessarily have to cause issues throughout your life. If properly managed it is usually not a big problem.

Try not to worry —

Sharon asks…

What is the best way to lose weight without losing your breasts?

Hi. Is there anyway you can lose weight without losing your breasts or losing weight but getting the size of your breasts bigger?

Maricela answers:

That’s the first thing to go on me too! Try working your pectoral muscles underneath your breasts. That won’t make them bigger but working the muscles will make them perkier.

Robert asks…

How to Lose Weight with Better Nutrition?

How can I effectively lose weight without compromising my nutrition? Some people try losing weight with dietary changes, but end up depriving themselves of proper nutrition and gain the weight back fast because their body becomes malnourished in the process. So, how can I lose weight effectively and optimize my nutrition in the process?

Maricela answers:

After reading a lot of weight loss tips, I’ve caught myself saying “I’m not going to be able to do that!” I’m sure that we all have. A good weight loss tip is going to have to be something that you’d actually do, obviously. Keeping that mind, I hope that you’ll find the following weight loss tips helpful to you. Over the years they have helped me maintain my current weight, and they’ve also helped me lose weight as well. These are some of the easiest and most effective weight loss tips I’ve found.

At first, when I started trying to lose weight, I went along with the traditional attitude that eating snacks in-between meals was counter-productive to an effective weight loss program. I cut out snacks from my diet altogether as a result of that belief. I found that the problem was that by the time I sat down to start eating my meal, I was so hungry that I couldn’t control my portion sizes efficiently.

I found that I can keep my blood sugar at a decent level (and keep my appetite satisfied too) by eating more healthy and sensible snacks in between smaller meals. In fact, over the more recent years, research has shown that you can keep your body’s metabolic rate productive and steady by eating smaller meals spaced out throughout the day rather than the traditional “3 square meals” ideology. You can mix your carbs and proteins when selecting your snacks. Low-fat cheese on some wheat crackers and some grapes would be a great example of a healthy snack.

Portion control can be better managed, and if not, it will become a large stumbling block. You can purchase smaller, single serving foods, and use plastic bags to enforce portion sizes. You can always use regular sized foods, but use small plastic bags to separate out smaller portions in case buying single-sized foods turns out to be too much of a strain on your budget. That’s a great weight loss tip, since sometimes eating straight from the original packaging will cause you to eat more than you should.

The calories in the food will count just as much, even if the food is advertised as either low-fat or reduced in fat. Be sure to double-check your serving size by reading the food’s nutrition label. After measuring out the appropriate serving sizes, you can then store them in your plastic bags.

Another one of the greatest weight loss tips is ice water! Place a small bottle of water in your freezer. This is a great idea to keep your water cold, and most weight loss programs recommend drinking water anyway. After some time, the water will form a small block of ice inside the bottle as it begins to freeze. That small block of ice will continue to keep the surrounding water very cold as it melts.

Sometimes it’s boring to just drink plain water. Just for the sake of variety, you can keep low-calorie flavored waters in the refrigerator as well. Request an ice water with extra lemon slices in it when you’re dining out. Then, just add some artificial sweeteners and you’ve made diet lemonade to enjoy!

Most of the time, the regular versions of foods that you’re used to taste a lot better than their reduced fat and low-fat equivalents. However don’t be discouraged, and continue to try the low-fat and non-fat alternatives of your favorite foods. You might be surprised to find a low-fat version of your favorite food, and there’s a chance that you’ll like it more than the original.

You also might want to consider that there could be some places in your home that you associate with eating. You might stop and look for a snack while lingering around the kitchen – instead, leave the kitchen after eating. You might be tempted into eating a dessert if you sit longer at the dinner table after you’ve finished your meal. Instead, as soon as you’re finished eating, try getting up and going for a walk. You’ll enjoy the extra exercise, plus it will help get your mind off of eating, food, and snacks. You might need to change where you do things to stay away from these “problem areas” if you have a hard time fighting the temptation of food.

You can help yourself lose weight by breaking the habit of using food as a comfort and as a stress-reliever. You could listen to music, read a book, go for a walk or jog, or just do some exercise. The point is that each different activity you select can be a viable alternative to eating when you need to relieve stress.

Schedules can become hectic and full very fast. Squeezing weight loss programs in your already busy life can be a very difficult task. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time in one place, but it’s recommended to try and get at least 30 minutes of good physical activity each day. You can try to break your 30 minute block of time into smaller 10 or 15 minute blocks. You’ll be able to get some much needed exercise by spreading the smaller blocks of time throughout your evening and day.

Exercise is cumulative, and keep in mind too that getting more and more physical activity can help you burn off calories

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