Your Questions About Losing Weight Without Trying

by Maricela on December 26, 2012

Lisa asks…

How do i lose weight without building muscle under the fat?

I need to know how to lose weight without building muscle under the fat. I know that cardio is good…but what are some good cardio excercises? im 13 and i dont want anyone to know im trying to lose weight because its embarrassing for me…it just is. so i cant go out and buy special stuff cuz my dad s gonna want an explanation. anyways….my diet….i dont care if its healthy. i need to lose weight in lik e a week…so i know i might gain the weight back by not eating healthy…but i dont care i just need this for an occasion. i reall wanna lose weight on my stomach and my thighs. how do i do this without building muscle under my stomach?


Maricela answers:

Ok look,
the answer is very obvious- don’t eat too much!!
Think about it- the countries where people don’t stuff themselves with food, such as asia, the people are slim, and in perfect health

today, the society is all about food
we’re eating because the food tastes good, not because we’re hungry!
You see food ads on tv, magazines, everywhere!
Food is everywhere, you cannot go anywhere without being offered food!
You need to learn to resist the temptations.

Back in the older days, you didn’t eat everyday! You ate when you hunted and caught food!

You would be perfectly fine not eating for a day, it’s actually good for you because it cleanses out your body!! All that getting a minumum of at least 1500 calories a day is BS!! You can survive perfectly fine on just 500 calories consumed from HEALTHY food. Sure, you’ll have an uncontrollable desire to eat, but trust me, you’ll LIVE.

And all this diet crap is aimed at overweight consumers. The media suggests that anorexia is bad, all these models are dying blablahblah..that’s all just to make the normal obese american feel better!! I mean, how often do they show people dying from being overweight???

There’s really no need to eat junk food either. It’s a waste of money, and all it does is make you fat!! Think about it. Twinkies and soda and chips don’t fill you up, they just taste good, which makes you want to eat more!

Look at the skinny people nowadays. They don’t constantly crave for icecream or stuff themselves with food whenever they see it.

Helen asks…

is it true that people with fast metabolism lose weight without trying?

i heard some people say that they have such a fast metabolism that they lose weight without exercising or trying at all. is this really true? or are they just exaggerating it?
but since they are already skinny and dont have fat and still lose weight wont they lose muscle mass?

Maricela answers:

I knew a girl who was so thin she looked sickly. She was trying to gain weight, but couldn’t.

Sharon asks…

I am losing weight without exercising or diet?

Before,I used to be overweight and gained weight quickly. I had lost over 40 pounds just by exercising/eating well. I am now at my ideal weight and I am pretty thin. Problem is that now I am losing weight without trying. I’m eating more and im not exercising anymore…

Has my metabolism simply just changed? Will my weight keep dropping?
I do not smoke, and I am pretty healthy. I don’t eat junk, but i do eat a lot. I am constantly eating.

Maricela answers:

It may be your metabolism but just in case you should see a doctor just make sure its not something serious like tapeworm

answer mine please (:;_ylt=Au0VP9DeBxVDq0IGbw7gfywazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20110619075052AASR9iz

Linda asks…

How can I lose weight without drastically changing my diet?

I have no choice but to eat what I’m fed. I tried to get my mother to buy healthy foods before. She does so every once and a while, but she says they are too expensive, so I’m usually stuck eating unhealthy foods.
I’m not allowed to go outside often because I live in an awful neighborhood. So that cuts out running food off.

So how do I lose weight without changing the above things.
What exercises can I do inside?

Maricela answers:

Diet: u can eliminate white processed sugar. I quit adding white sugar and i lost 5 pounds in 7 days.

Fitness: u can do sit-ups and push-ups. To lose weight, sit-ups are probably better because they crunch the abdominal area.

Groceries: keep encouraging your mom to buy healthy things. Eat fiber-enriched food. Fiber is very important for your body.

Ruth asks…

How do I lose weight without anybody knowing I’m Trying to lose weight? HELP ME PLEASE?

I’m 5’6 or 5’7 I’m 190-200 pounds
I’m 14 and i have a Concert coming up in 85 days That’s all i have too lose weight without people knowing i’m trying to Help me please?

Maricela answers:

Don’t take diet pill all the time dude, or other stuff that the same as energy drink it can cause brain tumour or cancer.
Try to eat just twice a day , eat real food , don’t eat until you are full just eat until you feel not hungry any more.
Don’t sleep to much , if you like to siesta, just nap for 30 minutes.
Sleep on time maximal sleep 10 hours.
Do at least 15-50 sits up or more but dont force your self.
Exercise,such as jogging in the morning thats why sleep on time and wake up on time one of the most important aspect.

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