Your Questions About Losing Weight In The City

by Maricela on April 20, 2013

David asks…

How do you lose muscles without gaining weight?

I’ve been trying to lose weight for quite some time now, and nothing seemed to work, but now that it’s holidays i’ve been doing a lot of active stuff just for fun, and it actually worked… except that now I have those showing abs. I live in a seaside city, so hiding them is not too easy. Any help?

Maricela answers:

Muscles weigh more than fat does. Only becoming anorexic will you be able to loose muscle. The last source of proteins for your body. (food, fat, muscle in that order).

Jenny asks…

How to lose weight through dieting?

It’s getting cold and I live in an apartment, I can’t run outside because of the city and I can’t use my old treadmill. Is dieting a good way to lose weight? What should I eat? How many times a day?
I’m going food shopping soon, so list food if you want to, that would be helpful. Thanks.

I’ll pick best answer.

Maricela answers:

Yes you can lose weight from just dieting but you wont lose as much as quickly as you would with exercise as well. Recently I just started dieting and exercising and I’ve lost a ton of weight! I eat about 1300 calories a day and It’s not even that hard. The biggest thing I had to get over was munching when I wasnt even hungry!! I buy fat free yogurt which is like 90 calories. Its filling and it has protein in it too. I eat lots of fruits and veggies. I recently started incorporating beans into my diet. (ie. Kidney beans) because they are high in fiber and protein and low in fat/calories. Also I cut out ALL other drinks except water and crystal light. SODA is baddd..even diet soda is bad. So no soda! I buy the reduced fat cheese-its for a snack and i mix them with pretzels because pretzels have less calories. So I proportion it in a small baggie so when its gone I dont reach for more! Also I try to eat slower because when I’m done eating I feel fuller without going for seconds 🙂 This is getting long so I hope this helped!

William asks…

How to lose weight in about 10 days?

I’m going to ocean city with my friends soon and right after I come back from there I am going to Virginia beach with my aunt. My stomach and legs are looking a little flabby… And ideas on how to lose some weight or at least tone up a little before I go on vacation in 10 days?

Maricela answers:

In 10 days, you might only get some temporary results. However, be weary because losing weight like that in a short amount of time could be dangerous for some people. There are great ways to lose weight and keep it off, just look in the health section of the site below.

Charles asks…

How much weight can I lose on the treadmill?

Okay, so I’m trying to lose weight before my school goes to Soak City in June. I’m 14, 5’3, and 130 lbs. I have a lot of “extra fat on my body I would like to eliminate. So I’ve been walking/speed Walking on the treadmill everyday for 30-45 min. Can I lose weight fast in about 2 months if I continue to do this?

Maricela answers:

You need water for your body to burn fat. Without water, your kidneys can not do their job properly and your liver must pitch in to help. While it’s helping the kidneys, your liver can’t burn as much fat, so some of the fat that would normally be used as fuel gets stored in your body instead. Drinking more water lets the liver get back to its own job of turning fat into fuel.Your body needs water-it’s sixty percent water. But if you don’t drink enough, your body thinks it’s in danger and tries to hold onto all the water it can get. The water is stored between the cells and shows up as extra weight. Your feet, legs and hands may even swell up. When your body gets enough water, the stored water is released.

The more water you drink, the less you’ll eat. Water is nature’s own appetite suppressant. A glass of water before eating will help you feel full and eat less. You’ll also get rid of extra salt by drinking water (salt can also cause the body to hold onto water).

Drink at least 8, eight-ounce glasses of water every day. If you’re overweight, drink an additional glass for every Twenty-five pounds of excess weight. Now ,make sure you eat well each foods like fruit,veggies ,baked and boiled meats,no fried foods, no eating before bed , no junk food, no sugar ,no butter, no mayo,and eat fat free cheese drink milk it will help take off pounds around the belly and sides,no hot dogs or lunch less bread,i like to make big meals like bake extra chicken with veggies ,then you can snack on leftovers,i hope i helped,
you can lose about 15 lb.s ,in a few months

Betty asks…

How do I lose weight in 2 months?

I would like to lose 20-30 pounds and keep it off. The thing is every time I try a diet I gain weight. Every time I work out I start to have issues with my breathing (asthma). If anyone can tell me a healthy easy way that’ll not only help lose weight and keep it off but a way to become more active and healthy it would be greatly appreciated.

Maricela answers:

A very easy way is to join a sports rec team
now i know people always say i cant do that im to big or i dont have time but its an excuse
the city i am currently living in has an adult coed soccer league
it is for people 18+ and there is rec and competitive
so look around in the community and find something you like

try it out and dont let the asthma wear you down
go see a doc if you are concerned or tell ur team and you could sit out when you start having issues

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