Your Questions About Losing Weight In The City

by Maricela on January 27, 2013

Paul asks…

In a sixth season episode of south park butters gets fat, what does he eat?

I know that they strike a deal with city wok to make it seem like he loses weight on a city wok diet, but I can’t remember how butters gains the weight in the first place. I kind of remember it being something funny. This is driving me nuts, help would be greatly appreciated.

Maricela answers:

Dildo juice

Richard asks…

My cat is losing weight and and is losing hair, could someone help me know why?

I have a 2 yr old cat that received all his first shots, fixed and is a indoor cat, but I have noticed that he is starting to lose weight and I noticed a bald spot by his tail. He still has a hearty appetite, and is very playful also, the only difference is the weight and bald spot. Could someone please lend me some advice? Thank you in advance for your help!

Maricela answers:

Weight loss in a cat is generally a symptom of a medical problem. There are a number of diseases which cause weight loss – among them are hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and CRF (Chronic Renal Failure – kidney failure).

No one here can diagnose your cat remotely. Even a vet reading your question could not determine the cause of the problem without examining your cat and it is highly unlikely that there are any vets here and anyone saying they are a vet is likely lying.

Any “diagnosis” you get here will be no better than a guess.

Your cat needs to be examined by a vet.

A basic vet office visit exam should cost between $35 and $55 dollars. That is not much for the type of exam it will buy you.

The vet should do a full exam of the cat, nose to tail, and look at any specific problems.

You can tell the vet not do anything that will add to the bill without your prior approval.

Do a Google search on :
“low cost” vet cats city state

Put the words low cost in double quotes as I show them and replace city and state with your city and state.

You may find some low cost vets in your area.

Check with the Humane Society, the ASPCA (RSPCA if you are in the UK), and the APA (Animal Protective Association) and see what they charge for a basic exam.

There is a charitable vet service in the UK called PDSA, here is their eligibility page

Thomas asks…

How do I find people to lose weight with – website?

I want to find people in my town/ city that I can lose weight with. How do I do that? Is there a website someone can recommend? I know there are a lot of people wanting to lose weight, there must me someone near by I can sign up to the gym with etc.

Maricela answers:


you do not have to buy anything or to pay, it’s free. Register with
your details, and create your own customised diet plan, workout, food
diary, post on forums, join groups, find local groups in your area and
meet same-minded people in real life.

For teens, it’s

Chris asks…

How can you lose weight safely and improve overall health?

I am doing a school assignment and it has to be reasonably detailed the question is:
Explain ways in which people can lose weight safely and give some examples of things they can do to improve their health.

Maricela answers:

Stay away from red meat(beef). Loaded with fat and additives. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, the colored ones are loaded with antioxidents. Don’t drink soda and alcohol. Soda takes away vitimins and gives you fat alcohol dehydrates you and dammages your liver. Drink plenty of Clean water. Many city’s water have a slight toxic effect. The most important thing is to exsocize twice daily.

Sandy asks…

How far would city pollution affect my lungs while exercising?

I decided to practice running so that I can lose weight and gain some body fitness, but I live in Cairo, the most polluted city in the world, and when I run a track in my street I, naturally, breath faster and faster, hence I inhale into my lungs a good bunch of air pollution, factory smokes and car exhausts, and I can’t afford to travel outside Cairo just for running. So would it be harmful if I practice running in my city? Should I stop?

Maricela answers:

Try to find a place that’s 3-6 mile away from the most polluted area or go to the beach And run there

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